we will firmly grasp the direction of reform and opening up-凯发k8天生赢家

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we will firmly grasp the direction of reform and opening up

general secretary xi jinping pointed out at the congress to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up that "we are determined to change what should be changed and what can be changed, and we are determined not to change what should not be changed and what cannot be changed". this is a profound grasp of the logic of historical progress and the law of reform and opening up, and will surely guide the cause of reform and opening up in the new era to make steady and long-term progress in the right direction.

reform is to replace the old and unreasonable parts of things with new ones so that they can adapt to the constantly developing objective conditions. over the past 40 years, we have, through reform, constantly stimulated the development of the countryside, promoted the development of the countryside and promoted the development of rural areas. however, our reform is not a complete renovation. we cannot and will not change the theories, principles, principles and systems that have been proved correct by practice and are now full of strong vitality. for those who "should not change or cannot change", we must undoubtedly establish a sense of the bottom line, not be perplexed by temporary difficulties, not be disturbed by temporary twists and turns, not deviate from the direction, not be divorced from reality, and have a correct view of the reform situation and a correct grasp of the nature of the reform. at present, reform has long been the consensus of the whole party and the conscious action of hundreds of millions of people. in particular, leading officials at all levels and theoretical workers have not only passion for reform, but also ideas and tactics. in reality, we need to avoid any situation that could affect the overall deepening of reform. first, it is necessary to avoid that some people, in order to show off their reform drive, do not ask what society needs, and reform for the sake of reform, "if there is a date, there is no date", or even turn "reform" into a tool to gain personal political capital. second, we must avoid any individual who, under the banner of reform, lays the foundation for the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics and takes the evil path of changing his or her banner or banner.

reform is a history that will never end until it is carried out and when it is not completed. at present, china's reform is in deep waters and gongjianqi, this requires that we continue to open roads meeting the mountain and the water bridge side, with constant dropping wears away a stone, resilience constant hankering helps us to, on the way to conquer the mountain pass, whether to conform to the perfection and development of the socialist system with chinese characteristics, promoting the modernization of national management system and management ability of general objective for the reform of the basic criterion, will be "the change, can change to" unswervingly, consciously do look for the reform direction, eyeing the reform target, strengthen the confidence, don't get distracted, not daydreaming.

"resolute to change" and "resolute not to change" are like two sides of the same coin, a unity of contradiction and opposition. what we are determined to change is the unreasonable part of the old, while what we are determined not to change is the objective and practical part that has been adapted to the constant development. therefore, we must figure out the meaning of the identity of contradiction and struggle, as well as the relationship between situation, to choose, good at strategic thinking, historical thinking, dialectical thinking, innovative thinking, grasp the rule of law thinking, and the bottom line thinking "what change, how change the top of the design scheme, based on china's basic national conditions, careful, scientific, comprehensive, safely and effectively promote the development of the cause of reform.

source: study times