we will continue to improve the quality of party building-凯发k8天生赢家

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we will continue to improve the quality of party building

the report of the 19th national congress of the communist party of china clearly stated in the general requirements of party building in the new era that "the quality of party building should be constantly improved". general secretary xi jinping elaborated on the issue of improving the quality of party building at the national organizational work conference. to carry out the party's organizational line in the new era, we must have a deep understanding and accurate grasp of the important proposition of constantly improving the quality of party building.

develop scientific ideas. as general secretary xi jinping has pointed out, "the concept of development is the forerunner of development actions. it is what governs the overall situation, the root, the direction and the long term. the concept is highly concise, strategic, programmatic and systematic, guiding specific actions and practices. since the eighteenth congress, in a series of new ideas in the party's construction and has been gradually established, is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, including comprehensive, strict, from solid, problem orientation, fall down small, unity, for a long time for work, vertical line change, under the above rate, jiyan in method, ji method separately, trust is no substitute for supervision, bat and the deep affection, incentive and restraint, and pay special attention to the party as the biggest achievement, to mobilize the thousand times as accountability, once, and so on. the reason why the comprehensive and strict governance of the party has achieved remarkable results is, first of all, the guidance of this series of party building concepts. to improve the quality of the party's construction and promote the development from strict party governance to depth, we need these scientific concepts as guidance and constantly form new scientific concepts in practice.

optimization method. train of thought decides outlet, thought method and working method say in a certain sense, have decisive effect to the result of the job. party members and cadres should be encouraged to learn xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, strive to master the positions, viewpoints and methods that run through it, strengthen strategic thinking, dialectical thinking, innovative thinking, law-based thinking and bottom-line thinking, and make "solving" problems more "optimal". cadres, for example, to build a source culture, tracking, fostering the quality of the system, the cultivation, the entire daily, classification of examination, the governor of close examination system, good for first, meritocracy and personnel selection and appointment system, pipe thoughts, pipe work, style of work, discipline, strictly management system, advocating pragmatic positive incentive system, drive the bear, pep talk, form the cultivation, selection, management, use of seamless, interlocking, organic unity of all cadres work chain, continuously improve the level of cadres systematic and scientific. in building grassroots organizations, we need to pay more attention to the building of the party's organizational system, focus on improving organizational strength, highlight political functions, adhere to overall planning and promotion, and strengthen classified guidance. in 1949, mao zedong in the "working methods of the party committee" in a profound point: "the leadership work not only to determine the policy, but also to formulate the correct working methods, with the correct policy, if in the working methods of negligence, or problems. in strengthening its own development, the party has created many successful experiences and methods, including seeking truth from facts, conducting investigations and studies, leading by standards, promoting integration, demonstrating experience, exploring the way on a trial basis, holding both ends in the middle and coordinating in an all-round way. since the eighteenth congress, in the practice of the comprehensive governing party fat, forming the system of the ideological construction and party unity, mission to lead and guide unifies, grasp the "key a few" and "the vast majority of" unity, bear the exercise of power and responsibility unified, strict management and care trust unifies, the party and the masses supervision unifies, and targeted therapy, process control, curing, compaction responsibility, catch fresh experience and methods, such as iron have a mark. to combine inheritance and innovation, to summarize their experience and draw lessons from the other party, according to the new situation faced by the party's construction new problem to innovation, be good at combining actual creatively promote work, is good at using the internet technology and information technology means to carry out the work, with "internet party" the party construction of "wisdom" and other new ideas new measures to solve the party building the new contradictions and new problems.

reform institutions and mechanisms. in reality, the party building work system is not smooth enough, the mechanism is not alive enough. the party builds strength to be equipped with insufficient, orgnization establishs adjustment to lag behind actual need; grasp the party construction review assessment is not scientific, one-sided emphasis on quantity; and so on. these problems have a serious impact on and restrict the quality of party building. we must make a systematic review, straighten out the system, improve the mechanism, put party leadership in place, and ensure that party building is carried out effectively. to constantly improve the quality of party building is to make it more systematic, predictable, creative and effective so that every task can be completed with high quality and efficiency. to further implement the opinion on deepening the reform of the system of talent development mechanism ", to choose and employ persons subject to delegate, loosen for talents, improve the personnel training mechanism, improve talent evaluation mechanism, innovating the mechanism of talent flow, perfect talent incentive mechanism, strive to turn to provide education, qualifications, papers such as deflection, break the household registration, identity, education, human relations, such as constraints, to reform the bonus release talent bonuses, with talent vitality stimulate innovation power. we will adhere to the party, party according to regulation, strive to strengthen top-level design, pay attention to strengthen the restriction of power operation and supervision, promote the building of inner-party laws and regulations, deepen the reform of the system of the party's construction, advancing with the times, we will "change waste release", to form the system complete the inner-party laws and regulations system, strengthen supervisory inspectors, efficiencies accountability, enhance the penetration and execution of system, make party regulations coordinate with national laws, the party according to regulation and the rule of law to promote each other. we should combine policies, systems, procedures and division of labor organically and work creatively in accordance with certain rules. we need to improve the specific implementation mechanism. we need to have a mission statement, a timetable and a roadmap for what we will do, how we will do it, who will do it and when we will complete it.

source: study times