try to do every ordinary job well-凯发k8天生赢家

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try to do every ordinary job well

general secretary xi jinping pointed out that every ordinary work is extraordinary. to learn and implement the spirit of important speeches of general secretary xi jinping, we must develop a strong sense of responsibility, rigorous work style, superb professional skills, the extraordinary spirit of heroism reflected in the daily work, and strive to make extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts.

doing ordinary work well requires developing a strong sense of responsibility. whether a communist party member is eligible, very important is to see have sense of responsibility, have bear the spirit. facing the severe situation of oil shortage at the beginning of the founding of new china, wang jinxi, an oil worker, with the strong sense of responsibility of "i offer oil for the motherland" and the heroic spirit of "prefer to live less than 20 years and try hard to win big oil fields", fought tenaciously for the development of china's oil industry. he led the drilling team to set the highest monthly drilling progress record in china, and led the team from yumen in gansu province to daqing in heilongjiang province to participate in the oil war, making outstanding contributions to the development of china's oil industry and socialist construction, leaving precious spiritual wealth. today, "iron man spirit" and "daqing spirit" have become a powerful spiritual force that inspires people of all ethnic groups to throw themselves into the cause of building socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. the new age is the age of strivers. this requires that we should always bear our mission in mind and our responsibilities on our shoulders, perform our duties diligently and conscientiously, and encourage the people to create a better and happier life through hard work.

doing ordinary work well requires developing a rigorous work style. the problem on working style is not trifle absolutely, solid working style is core competition ability. academician liang sili, one of the founders of china's space industry, devoted himself to the development of china's space industry and made important contributions. liang sili has always been meticulous, careful and meticulous in his life's work in the space industry. in 1980, liang sili led a nine-member precision team to do a lot of detailed precision analysis work in the design, technology, environment and reliability of the flight test of the long-range carrier rocket, making outstanding contributions to the successful launch of the long-range missile test into the pacific ocean. "spirit of space" has become a spiritual force inspiring generations of scientific and technological workers to make unremitting efforts, adding valuable spiritual wealth to the chinese nation. the new age is the age of the doer. this requires us to always keep in mind the prosperity of the ancient and modern is the reality, the world event will be done in detail, always maintain a rigorous work style, in the ordinary post to do every little thing well, do.

doing ordinary work well requires developing excellent professional skills. to do a good job, it is necessary to do a line, love a line, drilling a line, fine line. in order to cast extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions, the moment is also inseparable from superb professional skills. dou tiecheng, a senior technician in the electric power company of china railway first bureau, only had a junior high school education when he joined the work and became a senior technician and knowledge-based worker through hard study. when participating in the commissioning and construction of the equipment of the taizhou-jiangxi expressway, a switch on the equipment constantly appeared abnormal trip phenomenon. dou tiecheng, after repeated comparison and careful study, consulted a large number of technical data and boldly changed the small capacity switch into the large capacity switch. at the beginning, foreign experts invited by the owner were skeptical of the modification. after several tests, the technical indicators fully met the design requirements. foreign experts were deeply impressed by the exquisite professional skills of chinese workers. the new age is one in which everyone has a chance to shine. this requires us to take learning as a pursuit of life and as an attitude of life, deeply study xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, earnestly master professional knowledge and skills, and make unremitting efforts to realize the chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation at ordinary posts.

source: study times