we will resolutely carry out political development throughout the whole process of organizational work-凯发k8天生赢家

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we will resolutely carry out political development throughout the whole process of organizational work

general secretary xi jinping stressed at the national organizational work conference that political construction of the party is the fundamental construction of the party and determines the direction and effect of party building. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china, it has been a major theoretical and practical achievement in party building and organizational work to give top priority to the party's political construction.

we must take a clear political orientation in our organizational work. political direction is the first issue of the party's survival and development. new era group work have to stick to the political direction, the most fundamental is to holding the great banner of socialism with chinese characteristics, conscientiously implement the party's basic theory, basic line, basic strategy, guide the party organizations at all levels and party members and cadres firm ideal faith, commitment towards the realization of "two one hundred" goal firmly go on. guiding ideology is the spirit of the flag, a party organization work to always to xi new era the ideas of socialism with chinese characteristics as the basic guide, armed mind, persistence with the party's innovation theory to guide practice and promote work, the cadres, in the construction of grassroots party construction, talent work, its own comprehensive implementation, to ensure that the organization has determined the correct political orientation. route of the party organization is to serve the political line, organizing is the specific organizational line, must be closely around the overall situation to scaling orientation, carry out the new era of party construction general requirements, earnestly implement the new era of the party organization, give full play to the advantage of the party organization, organization, function, organization, and provide strong organization guarantee for the implementation of the cpc central committee decision.

unwaveringly adhere to political leadership in organizational work. the criterion for testing the effectiveness of political construction in organizational work is to resolutely uphold the principle of "two safeguards". to "two maintenance" as the highest political principle, carry out to catch a team with team, grasp basic groundwork, the cadre personnel in all aspects, we should give full play to the ideological education infiltration function, with the guiding role, project assessment reversed transmission, and the roles of daily management constraints, promote the party member cadre tree prison "four consciousness", "four confidence", "two maintenance" resolutely do. strong and effective political leadership depends on a strong organizational system and a scientific and effective institutional mechanism. to establish a sound to uphold and strengthen the overall leadership of the party organization system, institutional system, working mechanism, strengthen the party organization in the leadership position in the organization, and at the same level and improve the implementation of party committees (party) the decision rules and working mechanism, strive to resolve such problems as some basic-level party organization weakening others marginalised, organizationally, in regulations and procedures to ensure the party's leadership in the various fields at the level of various aspects.

we will consolidate our political foundation through organizational work. the will of the people is the biggest political. in essence, organizational work is the work of the people. all our work should focus on better organizing party members, pooling our talents and mobilizing the masses. party members are the cells of the party's body, and only when they are organized can they have strength. we must establish and improve a sound organizational system, ensure that basic organizations, teams, activities, systems and guarantees are ensured, and ensure that the party covers all aspects of its organization and work. talent is a valuable resource for the party to govern and rejuvenate the country. we need to increase the number of people and win over the people. we need to strengthen political guidance and absorption of talented people. we need to attract talented people from all walks of life who are devoted to their country. the support of the people is the most reliable source of strength for our party. in organizing the work, we need to focus on winning the hearts and minds of the people and pooling their wisdom and strength. in the work of cadres, we need to implement the party's mass line.

take responsibility to nurture the political ecology in the organization. building a good political ecology is a long-term task, which must be the basic and regular work of party building. the political ecology is closely related to the selection and employment.

carefully carry out standard of good cadre in the new period, having both ability and political integrity, good for first, meritocracy, always put the political criterion first, build quality, governor, selection and appointment of knowledge, and strict management, positive incentive system of cadres, strive to cultivate high-caliber cadres clean on the loyal with the correct orientation of choose and employ persons to establish distinctive political orientation, ecological conservation of choose and employ persons of fresh air in the wind is picturesque scenery of politics. the political culture and the political ecology influence each other, what kind of political culture, what kind of political ecology. we should continue to break with the old guard and promote the new guard, vigorously promote the values of the communist party, and integrate the party's political culture into the party spirit, education, party organization activities and the daily work of party members and cadres, so as to nurture a good political ecology imperceptibly. grassroots political ecology is an important part of the political ecology within the party. we should promote the full and strict governance of the party to the grassroots level, continue to vigorously rectify weak and lax grassroots party organizations, strengthen party branch construction strictly and conscientiously, and cultivate good soil for political ecology.

strong muscles and strong bones enhance political ability in organizational work. improving political ability is an important requirement for party members and cadres in political construction. we should give high priority to building the political capacity of cadres, constantly improve their ability to grasp the direction, the general situation and the overall situation, and enhance their ability to distinguish between right and wrong, maintain political focus, handle political situations and guard against political risks. political ability is not innate and needs to be improved through political training and practice. outstanding education to cultivate the political nature, time, pertinence and effectiveness, and guide the cadres in a planned way in the implementation of the cpc central committee decision deployment, and emergency response to major struggle, and daunting task integrated by wind and rain, in the long, strong bones and muscles, talent, the outstanding young cadres also consciously in the crucial, rural poverty be a strain post such as the revitalization of the first line hone bang, pressurized cultivation and make them political experience in the test of practice, strengthen the political power. political competence is more important in the examination and assessment, and more difficult in the accurate examination. we should grasp the scientific connotation and standards, and explore more accurate methods and methods. we must thoroughly master and accurately judge the performance of cadres' moral integrity, effectively identify and block out those who are not loyal or honest to the party and those who are two-faced, and select and use cadres who have strong convictions, strong politics, strong responsibilities, strong abilities and strong work styles.

source: study times