write a new chapter of reform and opening up in the new era as a striver-凯发k8天生赢家

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write a new chapter of reform and opening up in the new era as a striver

the year 2019 is an extremely important year in the development of the people's republic of china. we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china. 70 years of trials and hardships, 70 years of overcoming difficulties, 70 years of endeavor, 70 years of victory, the chinese nation stands tall in the east of the world. chinese president xi jinping has issued a new year's message in 2019 through the central radio and television headquarters and the internet, extending new year's greetings to those who have contributed wisdom and strength to china's reform and opening up and socialist modernization drive.

in the past year, "we have lived a full and firm life". in 2018, facing the complex international environment and task heavy domestic reform, development and stability, the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, overall layout, plan as a whole to promote "five one" coordination advances the strategy of "four comprehensive" layout, insist on maintaining stability work always tone, carry out new development concept, to carry out the high quality development, deepening structural reform, the supply side comprehensively deepen reform and opening up and profound changes, effectively cope with the external environment to keep a healthy economic and social development and social stability, the party and the state new strides all undertakings.

at the same time of harvest joy, we also must not forget this year's efforts, but also to recognize our difficulties and challenges. dangers and opportunities coexist in development, and challenges and opportunities coexist. as president xi jinping said in his new year's message, "in 2019, there will be both opportunities and challenges, and we all need to work together and strive together."

the new year, we need new era xi arm mind the ideas of socialism with chinese characteristics, closely combining new age practices, to implement this scientific theory to practical work earnestly, tree prison "four consciousness", "four confidence", resolutely do "two maintenance", consciously on the ideological political action with the party central committee with comrade xi for the core remain highly consistent.

the new year, we will in accordance with the decision deployment of the central economic work conference, the deepening understanding of do a good job under the new situation of economic regularity, grasp the "five" must ", insisting on supply side structural reform as the main line is not shaken, consolidate and enhance, improve and smooth traffic of eight guidelines, focus our seven key task, further steady employment, steady finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment, stabilizing expectations and strengthen the people the feeling, happiness and security.

in the new year, we should continue to forge ahead, actively adapt, and actively seek change. we will not only take the lead in the world and dare to make new breakthroughs and try new things, but also actively yet prudently, take swift steps to ensure stability and unify reform and development. we should show the tenacity of iron scratches and stone footprints, and ensure that all major reform measures are implemented with the spirit of nailing. we will keep to the same direction, take an unbiased path and make steady and long-term progress in reform and opening up in the new era.

in the new year, we will continue to put the people at the center of our work and realize their aspiration for a better life. the people are the solid foundation of the republic. over the past 70 years, the chinese people have worked hard for self-reliance and created the chinese miracle that has attracted worldwide attention. on this new journey, we will continue to rely on the people and push forward the great cause of no one before us, step by step, with rock-solid confidence, momentum and perseverance.

president xi jinping said, "the world has seen the acceleration of china's reform and opening up and china's determination to carry out reform and opening up to the end. the pace of reform will not stall, and the door of opening will only open wider. in the new year, we must maintain castle peak does not relax, rain or shine more forward, always stick to marxist faith, faith of socialism with chinese characteristics, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation the confidence of the chinese dream, gathering up the dropped more courageously again, the war as an unstoppable sweep back strength, courage and fight the best.

a new beginning, everything is new. we bear in mind the teachings of general secretary xi jinping: "happiness is created by struggle", "struggle itself is a kind of happiness" and "the new era is the era of strivers". in order to realize the chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, we have to work hard. we are always dreamers. let us unite more closely around the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core, work with one heart and one mind, rise to the challenge, write a new chapter of reform and opening up in the new era with an unflagging spirit and an indomitable attitude of struggle, and welcome the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china with new achievements in economic and social development.

source: study times