forty years of reform and opening up and the revolutionary forging of the communist party of china-凯发k8天生赢家

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forty years of reform and opening up and the revolutionary forging of the communist party of china

over the past 40 years, the cpc has led the reform and opening up that have changed china's destiny. reform and opening up have also enabled the cpc to undergo revolutionary forging and achieve self-transcendence.

reform is a revolution. this revolution forged the party, and the party has also realized its own revolution in leading this profound social revolution. opening up is also a revolution. opening the door to the world, the chinese communists have forged a greater china and a greater chinese communist party with their firm faith in national rejuvenation and people's happiness, and with their firm confidence and tenacity.

after arduous exploration, our party has come to a clear understanding that poverty is not socialism and that without democracy and the rule of law there can be no socialism. but exactly what socialism is and how to build it are not entirely clear. in party building, we propose to rely on the system to govern the party, which is a great progress. however, in the period of peacebuilding, what kind of system will be able to keep the party in long-term control in the face of the test of governance, reform and opening up, market economy and external environment? only by scientifically answering and rationally resolving these major and arduous historical issues can we lead the people in carrying out reform and opening up.

history teaches us that ending the past does not necessarily open up the future. whether the party can adhere to the basic principles of marxism and keep pace with the times in the theory of socialism and marxist political parties is a touchstone to test whether the party has the ability of revolutionary forging. the third plenary session of the eleventh central committee of the communist party of china started the journey of reform and opening up. this is a self-revolution of the chinese nation, but also a self-revolution of the communist party of china.

emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, unite and look forward. the communist party of china is leading the chinese people to explore the road of socialism with chinese characteristics of the revolution itself, let practice as the sole criterion for testing truth, the people's satisfaction and not happy, happy happy promise not promise as the highest standards of evaluation and test all the work, led to the theory and practice of socialism with chinese characteristics a series of breakthroughs, opened the great cause of socialism with chinese characteristics, to explore in a the correct road to socialism with chinese characteristics, formed the system of theories of socialism with chinese characteristics, established the basic system of socialism with chinese characteristics, to cultivate the advanced culture of socialism with chinese characteristics, so that the flowers of marxist theory in china has borne fruitful results. in line with the historic breakthrough in the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics, the cpc has also achieved a series of major breakthroughs in theory and practice in its self-construction. in the arduous journey of exploring, improving and consolidating this new path of development and party governance, no matter how difficult and complex it may be, the communist party of china (cpc) has led the people in carrying out reform and opening up without turning back, and in exercising institutional governance without turning back. deng xiaoping's 1992 southern dialogue represented the aspiration of the whole party and the people that "failure to reform and open up can only lead to a dead end".

the cpc central committee, with comrade xi jinping at its core, has led the entire party and the entire people into a new era of socialism with chinese characteristics with their heads held high. without hesitation, our party has embarked on a new journey of self-revolution that continues to be forged in a revolutionary way. it has achieved the great cause of socialism with chinese characteristics and the all-round transcendence of the party in building itself. our party and people have formed a high degree of consensus on socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era, namely, "eight clear-cut principles" and "fourteen principles of adherence". general secretary xi jinping said with deep feeling that socialism with chinese characteristics did not fall from the sky. this sentence contains the chinese communist party and the chinese people's arduous struggle of the profound understanding. in the early years of reform and opening up, china's economic and social development was relatively backward. under such conditions, the cpc led the chinese people in exploring a path of socialist development suited to china's national conditions and made great achievements that attracted worldwide attention. this is a miracle in the history of human civilization, but also in the history of world political parties. the communist party of china (cpc) has carried out its own revolution in the course of leading the chinese social revolution in the new era. it has continuously enhanced its capacity for self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation and self-improvement, laying a solid institutional foundation and cultural support for the sustainable development and great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, the long-term governance of the cpc and the long-term stability of the country.

mao zedong said that people should have a little spirit. so does a political party. the most valuable spirit of our party is the spirit of self-revolution. because we are selfless, we are brave and fearless. with this spirit, we will not blow our own trumpet and be complacent in front of achievements, and we will always maintain a high level of sobriety and self-awareness of the awareness of hardship. in 1949, in the face of the great victory of the chinese revolution, mao zedong said that this was only the first step of the long march. general secretary xi jinping has pointed out that it is not easy to think of danger in times of prosperity and maintain the spirit of striving for governance in the early stage of entrepreneurship. it is not easy to be thrifty and restrained after taking power and respect the end as the beginning. he stressed that our party has made remarkable achievements, and now it is even more necessary to adopt an attitude of "growing bigger and more fearful, becoming stronger and more fearful". the more achievements we make, the more cautious we must be in treading on thin ice, and the more anxious we must be in times of danger. we must never make strategic or subversive mistakes. such a great mind and lofty state of mind demonstrate the great qualities of chinese communists that can only be created by the chinese nation, a heavy land.

the world no one party can like the communist party of china, in order to people's happiness and the national rejuvenation, dare to so stick to the blade inward, scraping the bone healing, tube on the spirit of self revolutionary party party, dare to in leading the people in the struggle for the great cause highly consciously take the initiative to accept revolutionary forging, finish in the self revolutionary beyond himself. we firmly believe that through the nearly hundred years of hardship and increasingly tough and confident of the communist party of china, after nearly 70 years of the republic of trials and hardships and increasingly mature, fighting capacity of the communist party of china, after 40 years of reform and opening up forging and battle-hardened revolutionary of the communist party of china, more and more with their own moral and ability to inspire the world of the communist party of china, to inspire the casting quality and ability to and good at self revolution of the communist party of china, for china and the world will continue to surprise and glory.

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