leading cadres should have the courage to take on responsibilities-凯发k8天生赢家

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leading cadres should have the courage to take on responsibilities

each generation has its historical responsibility and each generation has its mission. it is the lofty demeanor and spiritual realm that chinese communists have been consistent in assuming their responsibilities. in today's world is from the big change in one hundred, our country is in the best development period since the modern times, in the new starting point for the new target, to carry out the new deployment, casts great, hand in a qualified answer to the people of history and mental state of party members and cadres, director-general, ability and style of work put forward new and higher requirements.

leading cadres should have the courage to take on responsibilities. responsibility is the basic quality that leading cadres must have. no matter what level of position they are in, every party member and cadre has their own responsibilities. what cannot be ignored is that in the face of new circumstances, new problems and new contradictions in the course of reform and development, some leading cadres have complained that it is not easy to be an official. failure to act for officials is essentially a matter of party spirit. failure to take responsibility for leading cadres is disloyalty to the party. as the ancients said, a man may lose his country with one heart, and a man may prosper with one heart, but only between the public and private. "it is not easy to be an official" complain, "not for the official" slack off, from the root, or lies in selfishness, miscellaneous thoughts. in the face of the cause of the party and the welfare of the people, party members and cadres must never "shake off their hands and become shopkeepers" and be content to be "peace officials" and "happy officials". a good cadre must have the conviction to serve the party and the country and the courage to take responsibility.

leading cadres should have the ability to take on responsibilities. "a mountain is too heavy to bear with the almighty." it is not enough for leading cadres to have the courage to take responsibility; they must have the ability to take responsibility. the 19th national congress of the communist party of china clearly put forward that leading cadres should have "eight skills", which pointed out the direction for leading cadres to comprehensively improve their ability and quality and overcome "skill panic" in the new era. to meet the requirements of the tasks of the situation, we must constantly improve our political capabilities, thoroughly study and implement xi jinping's thought of socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era, strengthen our ability to grasp the direction, the trend and the overall situation, and enhance our ability to maintain political stability and prevent political risks. we should constantly improve our professional ability, start from our own knowledge structure, adhere to the principle of "filling what is missing" and "learning what is needed", strengthen the study of professional knowledge in the fields of economy, politics, law, science and technology, culture and so on, so that our professional quality can keep up with the development of the times. we must strengthen practical training, take the vivid practice of reform, development and stability as the first class, persist in learning from practice, and worship the masses as teachers.

leading cadres should have the determination to take on responsibilities. "for the sacrifice of many ambitions, dare to teach the sun and the moon for a new day." bear will have to pay, will have to sacrifice. dare to take on, will not care about personal gains and losses. those who dare to take on responsibilities always bear in mind the cause of the people and the party. just as the older generation of revolutionaries said, "the revolutionary spirit of the communist party members should be to fully estimate the difficulties, and in the most difficult times, or stand up and move forward. every leading cadre should have such feelings of responsibility. we must view whether leading cadres are responsible from a high level of party loyalty and resolutely refrain from taking on cadres who do not act.

the brave are always new. on the new long march, every chinese is the leading role and has a responsibility. leading cadres should bear in mind their original intention and their mission, take honest and clean responsibility as the foundation and foundation for their political performance, strengthen political responsibility, historical responsibility and responsibility responsibility, demonstrate new actions with new responsibilities, and create glorious achievements worthy of the times and the people.

source: study times