firm ideals and beliefs is a hard task-凯发k8天生赢家

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firm ideals and beliefs is a hard task

ideal and faith are the values of life and the goals that people believe, yearn for and pursue. ideal and faith is a unique spiritual phenomenon of human beings, which can't be seen or touched, but actually supports and guides people's behaviors, influences social atmosphere and constantly enriches the connotation of human culture. for communists, firm ideals and beliefs are not only a matter of personal outlook on life, but also a serious and important political issue. vacillation of ideal and belief is the most dangerous vacillation, and the landslide of ideal and belief is the most dangerous landslide. therefore, no matter to party member cadre character, still be to party organization will tell, firm ideal belief is the hard task that should catch up with fast.

general secretary xi jinping once figuratively likened the ideal and faith to the "calcium" in the spirit of communists. he stressed that to firmly uphold the ideal and belief, and to adhere to the spiritual pursuit of communists, has always been the fundamental to the well-being of communists. without ideal belief, ideal belief is not firm, the spirit will be "calcium", will get "rickets". whether the ideal belief of every communist party member is firm or not concerns the life and death of the party and the rise and fall of the country. therefore, we must adhere to the firm ideals and beliefs as a basic hard task to grasp, to step on the stone to leave a mark, grasp the iron traces of strength, take hard measures to achieve new practical results.

one is to improve the ideal faith education work responsibility system. we should firmly establish the concept that "cultivating and consolidating ideals and beliefs is our duty, failing to do so is dereliction of duty, and failing to do so is dereliction of duty." we should make sure that the education of ideals and beliefs is an important part of party building. at the same time, we should follow the principle of "who is in charge and who is responsible" as we follow the responsibility system for building a clean and honest government.

second, establish a scientific investigation and screening system. ideals and beliefs are spiritual, but they can always be directly reflected through a certain objective carrier. party organizations at all levels should, in light of the actual situation, establish scientific investigation and screening criteria for the ideals and beliefs of party members and cadres, specify and target seemingly flexible, vague and difficult to grasp, and form a "touchstone system" that points to a clear, interconnected and coordinated system. at the same time, the implementation of strict dynamic target assessment, the control of the target results and the control of the practical process of unity, strengthen supervision and management, tracking assessment, scientific use of the assessment results, mobilize party members and cadres to strengthen the enthusiasm and consciousness of ideals and beliefs.

third, create a positive social atmosphere. different social environments have different influences on people's values and codes of conduct. party organizations at all levels should adhere to the responsibility of guarding the soil and fulfill their duties. they should not only purify their own small environment, but also make full use of the internet, the "thought distribution center and public opinion amplifier" to actively release positive energy. we should understand the law of network communication in a scientific way, improve the level of internet governance, and make the internet, the largest variable, the largest increment in career development.

fourth, it is linked to the cultivation and use of cadres. firm ideals and faith are the first criterion for a good cadre. we should make good use of the effective grip and baton of cadre and personnel work on the basis of supervision and approval. cadres with firm ideals and beliefs and outstanding achievements should be used boldly, while cadres with strong professional ability but not firm ideals and beliefs should not be used at all. at the same time, we should make leading cadres' firm ideals and beliefs an important part of their democratic life, reporting on their work and fulfilling the responsibility system for party building. they should be included in the investigation and assessment of cadres, the implementation of party discipline supervision and inspection, and be fully reflected in the training and use of cadres.

source: study times