xin ming: reform and opening up and marxism in china-凯发k8天生赢家

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xin ming: reform and opening up and marxism in china

the historical process of marxism's sinicization in china for nearly a hundred years is, in essence, a course of mutual inspiration and mutual promotion between marxist theory innovation and social revolution practice innovation. the theoretical breakthrough of sinicization of marxism in china has brought up the great practice of chinese society, and the great achievements of the great practice of chinese social revolution have promoted the sinicization of marxism in china to achieve historical leaps and bounds again and again. this is true of the completed new democratic and socialist revolutions, as is true of the great new revolution under way in reform and opening up. in the past 40 years, marxism has profoundly changed china again, and china has been developing marxism creatively.

reform and opening up is a great practical achievement created by the localization of marxism in china

marxism is the theory of practice, and the sinicization of marxism is pointed to practice. as mao zedong emphasized in "transforming our learning", "to combine the theory of marxism-leninism with the actual movement of the chinese revolution is to find a standpoint, a viewpoint and a method from it to solve the theoretical and strategic problems of the chinese revolution." the sinicization of marxism, by combining the basic principles of marxism with china's concrete reality, and finding the right position, viewpoint and method, will bring about fruitful results in practice. china's reform and opening-up in the late 1970s, "the second revolution of china", is the result of the practice of sinicization of marxism.

to combine the basic principles of marxism with china's concrete reality, we should first figure out what is the biggest reality of chinese society and what is the most basic national conditions of chinese society. by emancipating the mind and re-establishing the ideological line of seeking truth from facts, the chinese communists have made scientific assertions that china is still in the primary stage of socialism and will remain so for a long time, and have taken them as the fundamental basis for formulating all policies and guidelines. the primary stage of socialism is "a specific stage that china must go through in building socialism under the conditions of backward productive forces and underdeveloped commodity economy". deng xiaoping put it more clearly: "from the socialist transformation of the private ownership of the means of production in the 1950s to the basic realization of socialist modernization, it will take at least a hundred years, all belonging to the primary stage of socialism." this theoretical breakthrough and innovation laid a solid theoretical foundation for reform and opening up. in the primary stage of socialism, the people's growing material and cultural needs and backward social production is the contradiction between the main contradiction, to solve the main contradiction, must be taking economic construction as the center, to develop the productive forces and gradually realize the modernization of socialism, and to reform the production relations and the superstructure of not adapt to the development of productivity, which requires reform and opening up. the primary stage of socialism is not only reflected in the low level of productive forces, but also in the immature and unshaped system construction. therefore, after the establishment of the basic socialist system, we will continue to adjust and change some of the systems and mechanisms that constrain the development of the productive forces. we will establish a vibrant and dynamic socialist economy, politics, culture, society and ecological civilization and other systems and corresponding operational mechanisms, so that the system will become more mature and more established. this is what reform and opening-up have been doing for 40 years.

with the deepening of sinicization of marxism, some rigid and conservative concepts that bound chinese society were constantly broken, and new understandings and new policies were constantly emerging. the party's 12th congress put forward the plan economy as the main, market regulation as the auxiliary; the third plenary session of the 12th central committee of the cpc put forward that socialist economy in china is a planned commodity economy based on public ownership. the thirteenth national party congress puts forward that the system of socialist planned commodity economy should be the system of internal unification between plan and market. after the fourth plenary session of the thirteenth central committee of the communist party of china (cpc), it is proposed to establish an economic system and operational mechanism that integrates planned economy and market regulation to adapt to the development of planned commodity economy. in the course of history, which is interwoven with the thought and practice, deng xiaoping put forward a series of incisive assertions: planned economy is not equal to socialism, and capitalism has a plan. market economy is not equal to capitalism, socialism also has market; both planning and markets are economic instruments; a little more planning or a little more market is not the essential difference between socialism and capitalism; and so on. this fundamentally broken the planned economy and market economy is regarded as belonging to the category of social basic system of thoughts, makes the chinese society in the understanding of the relationship between plan and market issues have new breakthrough, in the end to adhere to the basic socialist system combined with the development of market economy, from a highly centralized planned economic system is implemented to a vibrant socialist market economy system of the great historical turning point.

the judgment of the theme of the times has also undergone a significant change in observing the world with the broad vision of marxism. on the one hand, the progress of science and technology since the second world war has deepened the degree of economic internationalization and global integration, and the interdependence among countries has been greatly enhanced. no country can get out of the world war by relying solely on military power. on the other hand, we cannot succeed in building china behind closed doors by summing up historical experience. china cannot develop without the world. and, "china is a big market, many countries want to do some cooperation with us, do some business, we should make good use of". with "peace and development are two major problems in the modern world" to make a scientific judgment, starting from the late 1970 s, china's opening to the outside world as the basic state policy, opened its doors to build, to catch up with the times in big strides, from the special economic zones to the "three to fill a", from "rejoin the gatt" firm to success "wto", from passive to active into lead, from closed close partly to the great historical turning point of all-around opening up.

china has integrated adherence to independence and participation in economic globalization, which is the application and practice of marxist world history in contemporary china. as marxists, chinese communists are keenly aware that the power to promote the progress of human civilization can only really exist in the sense of world history, and that a better state of human social development can only be truly realized in the sense of world history. as a result, at a time when some developed western countries are starting to turn against globalization and even building walls to close themselves up, chinese society has become a pillar of support for the promotion of economic globalization. over the past five years since the concept of "community of shared future for mankind" was put forward, it has been increasingly recognized by the international community and become the global consensus for building a better world. over the past five years and more, more than 140 countries and regions and more than 80 international organizations have supported and participated in the "one belt and one road" initiative. china's reform and opening up has not only changed china profoundly, but also begun to shape the world in depth.

reform and opening-up have constantly pushed forward the sinicization of marxism

practice is an inexhaustible source of theoretical innovation. since the reform and opening up, profound changes have taken place in china. the chinese people who are in the midst of this historical change are more qualified and capable of revealing their historical experience and development rules, and making an original contribution to the development of marxism in china. we have such theoretical self-consciousness and more such theoretical self-confidence. the sinicization of marxism leads the reform and opening up from resplendence to resplendence.

on the basis of the new practice of reform and opening up, the chinese communists, mainly represented by comrade deng xiaoping, have realized that to uphold and develop socialism with chinese characteristics requires one's own path. recognizing that china is still in the primary stage of socialism and will remain so for a long time to come, this is a historical stage of at least a hundred years. recognizing that the essence of socialism is to free up and develop productive forces, eliminate exploitation and polarization, and ultimately achieve common prosperity, thus clarifying the fundamental task of socialism with chinese characteristics. recognizing that reform is also a revolution, as well as the liberation of productive forces, the only way for china to achieve modernization, and clarifying the driving force for the development of socialism with chinese characteristics, etc. this series of knowledge comes from practice deepening, preliminarily and systematically answered the development path of socialism with chinese characteristics, stage of development, fundamental task, development power, external conditions, the political guarantee, strategic steps, the leadership of the party and rely on a series of basic questions, such as strength and reunification of the motherland and answered "what is socialism and how to build socialism" this fundamental problem, increase the understanding of socialism to a new scientific level, the formation of deng xiaoping theory, implement the following mao zedong thought the second leap of marxist sinicization.

reform and opening-up have achieved unprecedented development of chinese society and brought new challenges to chinese society and the cpc. the historical orientation of the communist party of china has undergone significant changes, and china's development presents a series of new stage characteristics. how can the communist party of china maintain the party's advanced nature and purity in the "" four tests" "and improve the party's ruling ability and ability to control the market economy? how to effectively avoid the problem of "one leg long and one leg short" of economic and social development while taking economic construction as the center, how to realize the sustainable development at the same time of rapid economic growth, etc. practice test questions and answer questions in theory. through what kind of construction of "and" how to build the party "to realize what kind of development, how to develop" profound answer system, such as major issues in the deepening of communist rule, socialist construction rule based on the knowledge of law, the human society development, the understanding of the law of socialism with chinese characteristics to a new level, to implement the major theoretical innovation of marxism.

reform does not stop, opening up does not stop, theoretical creation should keep pace with the times. since the eighteenth congress, chinese society has made historic achievements, historic changes have taken place in, let the chinese nation came from rich up to strong up, stand up the great leap forward, make scientific socialism in the 21st century china, coruscate gives powerful vitality brought chinese society increasingly close world centre stage, constantly make greater contributions to human beings. what is more important is to promote the overall layout of the "five-in-one", the strategic layout of the "four comprehensives" and the practice of the "four greats". this is the most extensive and profound social change in the history of china, and also the largest and unique practical innovation in the history of mankind. great practice gives birth to great ideas. on such a solid foundation of practice, xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era emerged as the latest achievement in adapting marxism to chinese conditions. xi jinping, the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics to grand strategic vision to draw the outline of the 21st century china and the fate of socialism in the 21st century, with its deep summary of historical experience, to reveal the historical laws, in-depth analysis of the realistic problems, deep thinking of the future development, has realized the sinicization of marxism once again leap, constantly explore the 21st century new ambit of marxism and marxism of contemporary china.

the political determination and theoretical self-consciousness of marxism in china in the past 40 years since reform and opening up

comb through reform and opening up and the relationship between sinicization of marxism, carefully summarize the precious experience of marxism, think deeply about the inherent logic of marxism, actively explore the law of development of marxism, clear in 40 years desertification in china, marxism is the reform and opening up to the realistic need, and constantly open up the objective requirement of the new state of marxism.

the core of chinese marxism is marxism. the sinicization of marxism is to stick to the position of marxism on the basis of grasping the essence of marxism and develop marxism on the premise of adhering to the guidance of marxism. to leave marxism to talk about china is water without source, wood without root, is a castle in the air, mirror water moon. general secretary xi jinping pointed out: "" if we deviate from or abandon marxism, our party will lose its soul and direction. on the fundamental issue of upholding the guiding position of marxism, we must be firm and resolute, and we must not waver at any time or under any circumstances.

the sinicization of marxism lies in "china". in order to truly flourish in china, marxism must be based on china's national conditions, highlight china's style, and provide theoretical support and ideological guarantee for opening up china's road and solving china's problems. it is meaningless to talk about marxism without the reality of china and without the practice of china. the sinicization of marxism is not to adorn the surface, but to be an arrow in the hand. a good arrow is used for shooting at a target. the sinicization of marxism is to take the "arrow" of marxism to shoot the "of" china.

at the same time, the sinicization of marxism must have chinese form, chinese style, chinese characteristics and chinese style. this chinese flavor is the chinese emotion, the chinese will, the chinese desire, the chinese thinking and so on that have accumulated in the life and blood of the chinese nation over thousands of years. it is impossible for us to leave the excellent culture and tradition of our country and nation for the work of sinicization of marxism. without the rich soil of chinese excellent culture, it is impossible to carry forward marxism with vitality.

the key to the sinicization of marxism lies in "localization", which should be translated into theory, faith, weapon and practice. mao zedong pointed out: "the communist party of any country, the thinking circle of any country, should create new theories, write new works and produce their own theorists." since the reform and opening up, we have "transformed" the theoretical system of socialism with chinese characteristics and xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. on this basis, it is also necessary to transform the armed theory into the firm faith of the communist party of china in unremitting efforts for the great cause, into the scientific method of observing and solving problems, and into the code of conduct that guides the transformation of the objective world and the subjective world. at the same time, the theoretical results of the sinicization of marxism should go out from books, documents and meetings, into the hot life of the masses and into the vigorous practice of china, and enable the masses to grasp and apply them with simple contents, popular forms, popular thinking and popular ways. only by letting the masses know, accept and practice can they become the ideological weapons of the masses and take them as their own material weapons.

the highest goal of theory is to guide practice, and the highest achievement of theory is to turn into practice. the development and practice of chinese society should follow the principle of sinicization of marxism, practice the requirement of sinicization of marxism, and pursue the goal of sinicization of marxism. what cannot be said is one, and what is done is another. if what is said in theory and what is done in practice are not only inconsistent but also fight with each other, it will damage the authority of the theory, and it will also make the practice wrong.

sinicization of marxism is creative marxism, not dogmatic marxism, not to mention the change of the banner of marxism. this is the basic conclusion of sinicization of marxism in the 40 years since reform and opening up, and also the fundamental requirement of sinicization of marxism in the process of reform and opening up.

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