we will faithfully implement the party's organizational line in the new era-凯发k8天生赢家

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we will faithfully implement the party's organizational line in the new era

the important speech delivered by general secretary xi jinping at the national organization work conference on the enrichment and development of the marxist theory of party building, which provides fundamental compliance for advancing the new great project of party building. we should fully understand and faithfully practice the party's organizational line in the new era, take new ideas and approaches, and constantly improve the quality of party building and organizational work.

xi general secretary's important speech on national work conference on organization, profoundly expounds the new age to promote the party's construction and organization of a series of directional, overall and strategic issues, especially creatively put forward the new era of the party's organizational line, and clear its scientific connotation and practical requirements, this is to enrich and develop marxism party building theory, provides a fundamental ahead the new great project of party building to follow. we should understand and learn to resolutely implement the, understanding and faithful practice new age route of the party organization, earnestly to new concepts and ideas, constantly improve the quality of the party's construction and organization level, to implement the general secretary xi important requirement for the work of jiangxi province, a total of paint with new era full of jiangxi beautiful new picture and provide strong organization guarantee.

we should keep to the direction of our goals and better uphold and strengthen the party's overall leadership and uphold and develop socialism with chinese characteristics. general secretary xi jinping pointed out that "the leadership of the communist party of china is the most essential feature of socialism with chinese characteristics". the fundamental objective of advancing party building and organizational work in the new era is to uphold and strengthen the party's overall leadership and uphold and develop socialism with chinese characteristics. we it is necessary to strengthen the party for all the work of leadership, a consistent ahead the new great project of party building, closely around to carry out the party's basic theory, basic line, basic strategies, often to mark on the table, calibration deviation in time, to promote universal coverage, the full implementation of the guidance of the communist party, to ensure that the party has become the core of strong leadership for the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics. we have an accurate grasp of the fundamental nature of our party as a marxist political party, with a clear commitment to politics and loyalty, a firm commitment to the "four senses", a firm commitment to "four self-confidence" and a commitment to "two pillars of stability". we should vigorously carry forward the spirit of jinggangshan and the spirit of the soviet union, carry out the theme of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind" in accordance with the unified deployment of the central government.

xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era is fully implemented. xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era is the latest achievement in the localization of marxism in china, the ideological banner and action guide guiding socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, and the soul of the party's organizational line in the new era, as well as the fundamental adherence to the party's construction and organizational work. sticking to the armed mind of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era is the first link that must be grasped to implement the party's organizational line and strengthen party building and organizational work in the new era. we must always to piety, persistent attitude, continuous learning to understand do have a good grasp of reality, from the local actual conditions, the department engaged in learning, classification of strengthening cadre education and training, guide the party members and cadres to read the original, the original text, the realization principle, really deep enlightenment deeply, achieve mastery through a comprehensive, true learning, believe in benedict line, further promote the jinping new era the ideas of socialism with chinese characteristics is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, take root. we should conscientiously study and implement the important statements made by general secretary xi jinping on party building and organizational work. we should always take loyalty as the soul, the people as the mind, people as the priority, people as the foundation, people as the foundation, integrity as the primacy, and continue to build a sound political ecology that is clean and honest. around the implementation of the general secretary xi important requirement for the work of jiangxi province, grasp key, short, strong or weak, yang advantages, efforts to convert scientific theory into a new round of emancipation of thought, strong driving force for reform to set out, converted to overcome difficult, pioneering and innovative ideas, to promote high quality, development by leaps and vivid practice.

we will keep to key tasks and pay more attention to strengthening the party's organizational system. general secretary xi jinping pointed out that "" the party's strength comes from the organization" "and" "it is necessary to pay more attention to the construction of the party's organizational system and constantly strengthen the party's political leadership, ideological guidance, mass organization and social appeal" ". in the organizational system of the party, the party central committee is the brain and the center, which must have the authority to settle down to one and one hammer. local party committees at all levels (party groups) and grass-roots party organizations must take ensuring the implementation of the decision-making and deployment of the cpc central committee as the fundamental task and play a good role of core leadership and combat fortress in their local units. we must focus on improving our organizational capability, give prominence to political functions, position our functions, adhere to classified guidance, strengthen the building of the party's organizational system, and effectively forge party organizations at all levels to become stronger and stronger. we should follow the call and command of the cpc central committee in all actions, especially leading cadres at all levels should take the lead in strengthening the party's awareness and organizational concept. we should consciously identify with the organization in thinking, rely on it in politics, obey it in work and trust it emotionally. we should strengthen party building in townships (streets), rural areas, enterprises, government bodies, public institutions and communities in a coordinated manner, constantly expand the coverage of the party's organizations and work at the primary level, and set a clear direction for the work at the primary level. adhere to grasp the party promoting center, service center of the overall situation as the starting point and the foothold to strengthen the party's organization system construction, strengthen the work measures, compaction work responsibility, improve the service system, promote complete coverage of party members and cadres direct ties with the masses, intensify the anti-triad putting special struggle, mobilize the masses of party members and cadres in promoting reform, development and stability in the cutting edge exemplary role into full play, strengthening the people's feeling, happiness and security.

we should firmly grasp the key links and focus on building a contingent of cadres of high quality who are loyal, clean and responsible. general secretary xi jinping pointed out that "" implementing the party's organizational line in the new era and building a team of high-quality cadres who are loyal, clean and responsible is the key" ". he emphasized that five systems should be established: quality training, magisterial knowledge, selection and appointment, strict management and positive motivation. this is a scientific summary of the work of cadres since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china. it has endowed the work of party cadres with a new connotation in the new era. we must conscientiously implement the central committee's opinion on further stimulating the broad masses of cadres to take on new responsibilities in the new era, link up the various aspects of selecting and employing people accurately, coordinate and do a good job in the selection and breeding of cadres, and speed up the building of a contingent of high quality cadres who are loyal, clean and responsible. we should strengthen political quality, improve knowledge structure and enhance competence throughout the growth process of cadres, and strengthen the systematic, continuous and targeted training of cadres. we should focus on the accuracy of people, and make the assessment of cadres regular, institutionalized and all-covering. we should not only focus our efforts on the performance of cadres at ordinary times, but also pay attention to the performance of cadres at critical moments. we should focus on strict regulation, unify behavior management with thought management, link work circle management with social circle management, link management within eight hours with management outside eight hours, strengthen all-round management of cadres, and truly manage key people, key positions, key matters and key moments. love have a temperature, adhere to the mpc) combined with deep affection, enthusiastic care for cadres, establish a positive incentive and fault tolerance error correction mechanism, how to work in a line of cadres at the grass-roots level to understand and support, to dare to act as good as cadres have stage, admired, don't get as slow as false as cadres no seat, remove the beret, build the clerkstarts thick atmosphere.

we should keep a firm grip on our work strategy and gather all kinds of talents devoted to our country. xi jinping, general secretary of the deep, points out that "the century foundation, talents for this", "establishment of talent development strategy for the leading position, and strive to build a spirit of patriotic dedication, innovation to create excellent talent team", "a more positive, more open, more effective personnel policy", "gather the gas of the four seas, through the power of the eight party". these important statements expand the marxist theory of talent, which is an important guideline for promoting talent development in the new era. we must firmly implement the strategy of strengthening the province with higher standing, wider vision and more solid measures, and strive to make jiangxi a place for gathering, training, career development and value realization of first-class talents. looking to promote high quality development needs talents, around the enterprise bigger and stronger with talented person, with significant talent introduction projects for traction, perfect talent policy, especially the use of the sensitivity of the enterprise of talent, discrimination, roadmap, point-to-point recruit, one-on-one shice, efforts to achieve tongpingongzhen talent work and industry development. continue to deepen reform of system of talent development mechanism and improve the personnel training mechanism, improvement of talent evaluation mechanism, the innovation talent flow mechanism, perfect talent incentive mechanism, especially to speed up to establish guided by innovation, quality, contribution of talent evaluation system, to ensure all kinds of talents reasonable share earnings, innovative undertaking institutions, talent, market, funds fully active. break the unit heavily reward of path dependence, prominent political guidance, absorb, pay more attention to the policy and service is accurate, thorough development in underdeveloped "carry forward the patriotic struggle spirit, new era" activity, widely publicized for patriotic patriotic, outstanding contribution of talents, to provide high-end talent "one-on-one" nanny "service", constantly inspire patriotic dedication, innovative entrepreneurial zeal, endeavor to realize the organic unity of increasing number and popularity, enhance the agglomeration effect of talents.

we should firmly adhere to the principle of employing people, uphold integrity and competence, put morality first and appoint people on their merits. general secretary xi jinping has stressed that we should "adhere to the guidance of correct selection and selection of personnel", "uphold morality as the first priority, uphold meritocracy and meritocracy in all walks of life, uphold fairness in our work, and implement the standard of good cadres". in particular, the party has incorporated the principle of "having both ability and ability, putting morality first and appointing people on merit" into its organizational line in the new era. this is the profound revelation of the law of selecting and employing people in the new era, and it sets up the standard and clear direction of the times for us to select and use good people. we must hold firmly to the guidance of selecting and employing personnel, adhere to the principles and standards, keep our vision open, select and use the best and the best cadres, and constantly improve the accuracy and credibility of selecting and employing personnel. we will adhere to the standards for selecting and employing cadres, eliminate seniority based on seniority, and do not balance the work of caring for those in need, so that more outstanding cadres who are loyal, reliable, highly qualified, brave in fighting hard, and have outstanding achievements can stand out. for those who are keen to build antennae, seek relationships, create gossip, spread political rumors, do nothing practical, always figure out "personnel", make trouble, maliciously slander, disturb people and things, they dare to be punished seriously and seriously. through standardized and institutionalized measures, establish such a clear guide: as long as the quality is excellent, truly excellent, can certainly grow up; as long as you work hard and get results, you will get better use. we should enhance our strategic vision and sense of responsibility, attach great importance to the training and selection of outstanding young cadres, and make full use of those who are mature in all aspects and have real potential for development. at the same time, the correct treatment of training and selecting young cadres and with the relationship between the other ages cadres and strengthen the system thinking and science as a whole, adhere to bring together arrangement, prevent diminishing at age layer upon layer, fully arouse the enthusiasm of all ages the cadres, and make the whole cadres have enthusiasm, look forward and hope to work together caress endeavour the mighty force, one step at a time to map the blueprint of jinping general secretary become a reality.

source: study times