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we will accelerate the establishment of a new pattern of high-quality development

xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era is fundamental to doing a good job in the economic work of the new era. guided by the spirit of the important speech delivered by general secretary xi jinping during his visit to sichuan, we will accelerate high-quality development and form a new pattern of development featuring optimization of industrial structure, vigorous innovation, coordinated regional layout, integration of urban and rural development, beautiful ecological environment and happy lives of the people.

on the eve of the spring festival this year, general secretary xi jinping pointed out during his visit to sichuan that high-quality development should be accelerated to form a new pattern of development featuring optimization of industrial structure, vigorous innovation, coordinated regional layout, integration of urban and rural development, beautiful ecological environment and happy life of the people. this is general secretary xi jinping's clear, comprehensive and precise orientation on the high-quality development of sichuan. it is the fundamental principle for us to do our economic work well in the new era. we need to fully understand and effectively implement, accelerate the building of a new pattern of high-quality development, and make tangible progress in promoting high-quality economic development.

first, deepen supply-side structural reform, make breakthroughs in promoting "three integration" and accelerate the establishment of a new pattern of "optimization of industrial structure". industrial structure is the basic aspect of economic structure, which has a direct impact on economic quality. marxist political economy holds that industry is a historical category that expands continuously with the development of productivity and the deepening of social division of labor. at the lower level of economic growth, the evolution of industrial structure is mainly reflected in the adjustment of industrial scale relations. with the development of socialized mass production, the influence of industrial combination on economy increases. the combination of modern economy, science and technology, finance, talent and other factors is deepened, and the interdependence between industries and industries, between various production departments within industries, and between production departments and factor departments is more complex, forming an industrial system and profoundly affecting the further development of the economy. in other words, if a region's industrial layout is to achieve good agglomeration efficiency, more attention must be paid to the combination of human, financial, material and technological issues. at present, china's economy has reached a large volume, but there are obvious structural problems. an important manifestation is the lack of high-end industries and industrial chain, as well as inadequate industrial integration supporting facilities and insufficient organic connection between industries. crack is the key to, respecting the rule of social production, and improve the total factor productivity, the industrial transformation and upgrading of industrial departments as the organic interactive integration promotion system engineering, according to the requirements of the construction of modern economic system, promoting tertiary industry with global coordination and linkage, the construction entity economy, science and technology innovation, modern financial industry system, the coordinated development of human resources. we will stick to optimize the industrial structure as the top priority, to promote the development of high quality in supply side structural reforms "broken" "" "down "to promote resources flow to the high productivity department, around the" three integration "to promote industry overall harmonious development comprehensively, namely: around 123 rural industry integration, optimize the agricultural industrial system, production system and management system; centering on the integration of informatization and industrialization, we should promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation of emerging industries, and accelerate the construction of advanced manufacturing provinces. focusing on the integration of the three industries, we will improve the supporting level of the service industry, boost the development of the primary and secondary industries, and open up new space for economic development.

second, we need to deepen reform and opening up in an all-round way, break through the "three channels" and accelerate the building of a new pattern featuring "vigorous innovation". to promote development, we must first solve the power problem, which determines the speed, efficiency and sustainability of development. modern economic theory holds that economic growth can be driven not only by input of factors such as labor and capital, but also by technological innovation. in recent years, china's working-age population has decreased, resource and environment constraints have become tighter, and economic growth has hit a "ceiling" by relying on input of low-cost labor and resources. at the same time, the world technological and industrial revolution has provided opportunities for the transformation of china's old and new driving forces. every time in the history of science and technology and industrial revolution, has profoundly changed the appearance and development of the world, and confirm the science and technology as a "multiplier" effect to the factors of production such as labor, land, capital and management, science and technology innovation "multiplier effect", the greater the contribution to economic development, the greater the development of the higher quality, innovation has become the first impetus to economic development. the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy and the promotion of the quality, efficiency and dynamic changes of economic development are the fundamental measures to turn china's economy from big to strong and break the "achilles heel". now that the society has entered an active stage of innovation, we need to follow the trend of the times and deepen reform. we need to work hard to remove malpractices and obstacles in the outdated system and mechanisms, and increase people's enthusiasm for innovation and creativity. we will press ahead with comprehensive innovation and reform, leverage key areas of reform with the government's own reform of "deregulation", and work together to open up "three channels" of civil-military integration, combination of science and technology with economy, and combination of science and technology with finance, reduce market operating costs and create a stable, fair, transparent and predictable business environment. at the same time, opening up will force reform and innovation, and take the initiative to integrate into one belt and one road construction, yangtze river economic belt development, a new round of western development, so as to create a three-dimensional and comprehensive new pattern of opening up in the four directions of southeast and northwest, and opening up to the whole region.

third, we need to raise the level of planning and coordination, make breakthroughs in the implementation of the "one stem, many branches" development strategy, and accelerate the building of a new pattern of "regional layout and coordination". coordinated development is the inherent requirement of solving the major social contradictions in the new era and is the endogenous characteristic of high-quality development. in the past 40 years since reform and opening up, china's regional development gap has generally gone through a process from expanding to narrowing. the development difference between different regions is mostly determined by geographical conditions, scientific, educational and cultural factors and industrial basis and formed in history. in a certain period, it is also related to structural and institutional factors such as the transformation of development momentum. different regions have different natural and historical endowments, so it is objectively inevitable for them to have unbalanced development. it can also be said that unbalanced development is a dynamic manifestation of development, but the large gap is not conducive to the formation of sustainable mutually beneficial relations. this development gap cannot simply be understood as a difference in economic aggregate, but should be based on indicators such as per capita regional gdp and basic public services. regional development layouts should emphasize "coordination" rather than "balance". coordination is the unity of balance and imbalance. regional coordination is not a process of progress. the key is to give full play to each other's comparative advantages and their potential. this requires improving the level of regional development coordination, especially giving play to the role of party committees and governments, strengthening the design of symbiotic co-prosperity path featuring differences, complementarity and collaboration, and following up measures and supervising implementation. we will give full consideration to historical conditions and regional characteristics, and play a good planning on leading system, policy guidance and regional coordinated development, continue to support chengdu do big do best and stronger, increase the driving force, the first city of the province radiation at the same time, in accordance with requirements of the different development, strive to build "for many, five area synergy" development pattern.

fourth, implement the rural revitalization strategy, break through the "five articles" and accelerate the construction of a new pattern of "integration of urban and rural development". unbalanced and inadequate development is a manifestation of the low quality of development. at present, china's most prominent development imbalance is the urban-rural development imbalance, and the most prominent development insufficiency is the agricultural and rural development insufficiency. development with other industrialized countries, our country experienced a long history of urban and rural segmentation and industry and agriculture and countryside stage, reach a certain degree of industrialization in recent years, urban and rural integration began speeding up, the industry nurture agriculture and cities support the countryside, urban and rural two-way flow elements, but the development gap between urban and rural areas and there is no fundamental change, urban siphon rural resources, agriculture as the foundation is still weak, the rural resident population age structure of knowledge, the rural community construction and rural governance problems are more prominent. at present, the main aspect of the integration of urban and rural development is rural revitalization. in the context of china's modernization process, the conditions of agriculture, rural areas and farmers determine the success of a well-off society in an all-round way and the quality of modernization. we will stick to the solution of problem of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" as a global priority, practical, in accordance with requirements of the "four priorities" the priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas, guide the urban modern elements such as capital, technology, talents flow to the agriculture and rural areas, deepen the structural reform of agricultural supply side, implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country, the symbol of industries, talent and cultural prosperity and ecological revitalization, and revitalization of the "five articles" of organization, polished signboard agricultural big province, accelerate to agricultural strong province.

fifth, we need to build an eco-economic system, make breakthroughs in the five key tasks, and accelerate the building of a new pattern featuring a beautiful ecological environment. the ecological environment is the basis of human survival and development. environmental problems have always accompanied human activities, especially after a country or region enters industrialization, the demand for natural resources increases exponentially, and environmental problems are intensified. after the industrial revolution, western developed countries have almost gone through the process of "pollution first, treatment later". china's industrialization is time-compressed, but decades of rapid growth cannot save the input of resources and environmental factors from the total amount. as a result, more serious problems such as environmental pollution, ecological degradation and resource exhaustion have been accumulated in a short time, which has become a bottleneck for development and a pain point for people's livelihood. china's national strength has been greatly improved and green and low-carbon technologies have been developing rapidly, making it possible for us to solve this problem. the appearance of environmental problems is that environmental losses exceed the capacity of regeneration, which is rooted in unreasonable development mode, economic structure and consumption mode. good environmental quality and good economic quality are consistent. the key to becoming a golden and silver mountain lies in setting up correct ideas, promoting green and low-carbon development, building an ecological economic system with industrial ecology and ecological industrialization as the main body, and reducing resource acquisition and factor dependence. we will firmly carry out the ecological civilization thought and xi xi general secretary of the important strategic thought about the development of the yangtze river economic belt, the vision and long-term security concept tree prison, fulfill the total catch big protection, don't make big development "of political responsibility, to carry out the ecological priority, green development, promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction, resource saving and comprehensive utilization, pollution control, afforestation and ecological construction" five priorities ", compose a beautiful china's construction of a new chapter.

sixth, we should focus on key issues concerning people's livelihood, make breakthroughs in the three areas of endeavor, and build a new pattern of "people's happiness in life" at a faster pace. economic development and improvement of people's livelihood go hand in hand. development lays the foundation for improvement of people's livelihood. in turn, improvement of people's livelihood can mobilize people's initiative in production, unleash their consumption potential and provide endogenous power for economic development. through long-term development, china has become a middle-income group with the largest population in the world. people's living standards continue to improve, major social conflicts change and the level of demand rises. at the same time, the basic national conditions of the primary stage of socialism have not changed. the gap between urban and rural development and between different regions and between residents' income distribution is still large. improving people's livelihood is the fundamental goal of all development. to promote high-quality development is to solve the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development and meet the people's ever-growing needs for a better life. to this end, we must ensure and improve people's livelihood in the course of development, seize the most direct and practical issues of interest of the people, and make new progress in providing children, education, employment, medical care, support for the elderly, housing and support for the weak. the party committee and government are mainly to keep the bottom line in place and promote fairness and sustainability. on the one hand, we should ensure the basic livelihood of the people. on the other hand, we should give top priority to development to better and more development outcomes to meet the diversified needs of people's livelihood. we will focus on the project to improve people's wellbeing and expand the coverage of basic public services. we will focus on solving structural problems affecting people's livelihood and solve major problems that hinder people's efforts to achieve a better life, including old-age care, urban management and housing security. we will focus on helping people's livelihood in practical matters, and in particular, we will work hard to "embroider" our work, strike a good target to lift people out of poverty, and ensure that no one will be left behind on the road to comprehensive prosperity.

source: study times