the confidence of the chinese communists-凯发k8天生赢家

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the confidence of the chinese communists

the confidence of the communist party of china is not blind, but confident. this confidence comes from the guidance of marxist theory, the inheritance of china's fine traditional culture and history, the great achievements in practice, the heartfelt support and support of the people, and the rising international influence. we are confident that we will not be complacent, and we must be more aware of the dangers we face, be prudent in our pursuit of the ultimate goal, and always work hard.

general secretary xi jinping stressed that "we will adhere to the socialist road with chinese characteristics with confidence, theoretical confidence, institutional confidence and cultural confidence, adhere to the party's basic line and unswervingly push forward the great cause of socialism with chinese characteristics." the confidence of the chinese communists comes from the guidance of marxist theory, the inheritance of china's fine traditional culture and history, the great achievements of practice, the heartfelt support and support of the people, and the continuous improvement of international influence. in general, the cpc's cultural confidence reflects the unification of history and reality, theory and practice, political parties and the people, nationalization and internationalization.

marxism: the theoretical basis of chinese communists' confidence

in his speech to mark the 200th anniversary of marx's birth, general secretary xi jinping pointed out that marx's thought theory originated from that era and went beyond that era, which is both the essence of the spirit of that era and the essence of the whole human spirit. all the achievements of china's revolution, construction and reform are attributable to the fact that the chinese communists have written marxism on their banner. it is under the guidance of marxism that the theoretical system of mao zedong thought and socialism with chinese characteristics has realized innovative combination and development in combination with china's specific reality. jinping new times the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics, in particular, is our party in the new era of marxism-leninism, mao zedong thought, deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" important thought, the inheritance and development of the scientific development concept, is an important component of the system of theories of socialism with chinese characteristics, is the latest achievements of sinicization of marxism, is the marxism of the 21st century. a series of theoretical achievements in the modernization of marxism in china have been consistent with each other and keep pace with the times. marxism provides the scientific guidance of truth, value and practice for the cpc to lead the chinese people to advance revolution, construction and reform. marxism is a scientific theory, which creatively reveals the law of human social development and points out the right direction for the cpc to lead the people in revolution, construction and reform. marxism is the theory of the people. for the first time, it has established the ideological system for the people to realize their own liberation, providing scientific guidance for the cpc to uphold the principle of serving the people wholeheartedly. marxism is a practical theory, which guides the people's efforts to reform the world and provides an effective method for the great social revolution and self-revolution of the cpc. marxism is an open theory that keeps developing and always stands at the forefront of the times, providing theoretical basis for the chinese communists to fully absorb the fruits of human civilization and advance great undertakings in an open and inclusive way.

excellent traditional culture: the historical foundation of chinese communist self-confidence

general secretary xi jinping said that only by keeping history in mind can we open up the future, and only by inheriting can we be good at innovation. excellent traditional culture is the basis for the inheritance and development of a country and a nation. the fine traditional chinese culture nurtured by the 5,000 years of chinese civilization is the source of socialism with chinese characteristics. of the four ancient civilizations in the world, only the chinese civilization has never stopped flowing since its writing began. it is the oldest and longest lasting civilization form in the world. the chinese nation is a diversified and integrated nation. the development of all ethnic groups has its unique connotation and value. the chinese nation is a nation of unremitting self-improvement and imbued with good morality. the chinese nation has a common spiritual pursuit and spiritual homeland, and all ethnic groups have established a highly stable identity in the continuous and integrated history. the excellent traditional chinese culture, which carries the great national character and spirit, has provided historical inspiration and important reference for china's revolution, construction and reform, and has nurtured the deep blood of cultural inheritance. the fine traditional culture of china has also established sufficient strength and confidence for the chinese communists to lead the people in advancing great undertakings, and endowed them with the fundamental power to forge ahead with perseverance and perseverance. in the new era, china's outstanding traditional culture will surely lay a solid cultural foundation for socialist modernization, which will also promote the inheritance and development of china's outstanding traditional culture.

great practical achievement: the realistic support of the chinese communist party's confidence

practice is the source of knowledge, and practice is the driving force of knowledge. the socialist culture with chinese characteristics is rooted in the great practice of socialism with chinese characteristics. after the opium war, the chinese nation experienced a great deal of suffering, including frequent wars, broken mountains and rivers, poor people and humiliation. only the communist party of china to lead the chinese people under the guidance of marxism, to overthrow the pressure on the chinese people's head of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism three mountain, has realized the people for national independence and people's liberation, national unity and social stability, think what i want, was born the party leads the people fought revolutionary culture, realize the great feats of the chinese nation stood up. after the victory of the new democratic revolution, the three socialist reforms of agriculture, handicraft industry and capitalist industry and commerce were successfully completed, and the basic system framework of socialism was established, which laid a solid foundation for the development and progress of chinese society. after that, the chinese communists to the spirit of innovation, advance with the times, self revolution, keep up with the development of the times, accord with public opinion demands, have the courage to reform and opening up, to break the productive forces development and social progress of all thoughts and system obstacle, make china catch up with the times in big strides, great changes have taken place in chinese society, enrich the chinese nation to realize the great change. since the eighteenth congress, the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics to achieve the all-round, groundbreaking achievement, has realized the deep, fundamental changes, solved many want to solve problems that not for a long time, we wanted to do a lot of the past without succeeds, opens the build rich and powerful democratic civilization harmonious beauty of the new era of socialist modernization power, welcomed the chinese nation from stood up, rich and strong of the great leap forward. "in today's world, the communist party of china, the people's republic of china and the chinese nation have the most reason to be confident when it comes to political parties, countries and ethnic groups," xi said.

deepening flesh-and-blood ties: the source of chinese communists' confidence

the people are the subject of history, the subject of society, the subject of practice and the subject of value. xi stressed that the people are the creators of history and the people are the true heroes. he who gains the hearts of the people gains the world, but he who loses the hearts of the people loses the world. the people's mind is the people's active participation in the national cause led by the chinese communists, the recognition of the ruling performance of the chinese communists, and the recognition and understanding of the policies and principles of the chinese communists. the history of china's revolution, construction and reform has fully proved that the party's cause and the country's development cannot be achieved without the support of the people, the party's strength and the country's wealth cannot be achieved without the support of the people, and the party's sustained development and the country's prosperity and stability cannot be achieved without the wisdom and strength of the people. at the same time, in advancing the great cause of the party's leadership, the people have also been benefiting from the development of the party and the country. over the past five years, china's gross domestic product has increased from 54 trillion yuan to 80 trillion yuan, ranking second in the world, its food production capacity has reached 120 trillion jin, its urbanization rate has increased by 1.2 percent annually, and more than 80 million rural migrant workers have become urban residents. on the other hand, the general public has fully recognized the party's strong leadership and policy measures since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc). we are looking forward to eliminating the shortcomings in all aspects of the system and mechanisms and comprehensively deepening reform. rejoicing in the comprehensive rule of law and the realization of judicial justice; to show positive energy and promote the theme of positive response; applaud policies to fight poverty and improve people's lives. we will resolutely support efforts to tackle serious environmental problems and build a beautiful china. strong army and army are highly recognized; we are very supportive of enhancing mutual trust and interaction between the two sides. we are proud to enhance our international standing and voice. to party zhengfeng su discipline, "tiger", "fly", "fox hunting" rigid implementation thumb up. a series of achievements and reforms are close to local conditions, reflect public opinion and reach the hearts and minds of the people. in the thirteenth session of the national people's congress at a meeting, xi jinping, unanimously elected president and central military commission chairman comrade, embodies the people to xi core, the army commander, general secretary of the party's leader of the people of high status of resolutely safeguard, the authority of the party central committee with comrade xi for the core and the centralized and unified leadership firmly maintain. entering the new era, the general public is full of confidence in the future development of the country, and holds great expectations for the chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation.

contribute chinese wisdom: the external condition of chinese communists' confidence

after 97 years of unremitting efforts since the founding of the cpc, the continuous development of the people's republic of china in the 69 years since its founding, especially the rapid leap in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, under the leadership of the cpc, the chinese people have made great contributions to human development. especially since the 18th national congress of the cpc, china's international status, international status and international voice have been greatly enhanced. by the end of 2017, chinese enterprises had built 75 overseas economic and trade cooperation zones in relevant countries, paid over 1.6 billion us dollars in taxes and fees to host countries, and created 220,000 local jobs. since 2002, china's average contribution to world economic growth has been close to 30%, making china an important engine driving world economic recovery and growth. more than ever, the world needs china to present its wisdom and solutions to the world. at the g20 hangzhou summit, the brics leaders' meeting in xiamen, the bbbs annual conference in boao, hainan, and the 18th meeting of the council of heads of state of the sco member states in qingdao, china's proposals and proposals have been widely recognized, thus enhancing its voice in global governance. in september 2015, president xi jinping delivered an important speech entitled "seeking common and sustainable development as a win-win partner of cooperation" at the un development summit. after president xi's speech, 20 or 30 heads of state waited outside the corridor to shake hands with him. in addition, "community of shared future for mankind", "one belt and one road", "consultation, co-construction and sharing" these familiar words, along with china's own development and increasing contributions to global governance, have been written into un resolutions and become the official words of the un to demonstrate china's wisdom. as pointed out in the report to the party's 19, socialism with chinese characteristics into a new era, "means that the road of socialism with chinese characteristics, theory, system and culture development, expand the way of developing countries towards modernization, to the world those who hope to speed up the development and want to keep their independence of national and ethnic provides a new choice, to solve the problem of human contribution to the chinese wisdom".

the confidence of the communist party of china is not blind, but confident, and is linked with the sense of suffering. comrade xi jinping pointed out that "our party is a party that grows out of adversity, grows out of adversity and grows stronger out of adversity." "we must not be complacent at any time. the party must not be complacent, the country must not be complacent, the leadership must not be complacent, the people must not be complacent. if self-confidence is the self-recognition, self-motivation and self-encouragement of the chinese communists, then the sense of worry originates from the sense of crisis, responsibility and mission to promote the construction of socialism with chinese characteristics, which are complementary and dialectical relations.

source: learn the times