he who is always strong will always govern-凯发k8天生赢家

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he who is always strong will always govern

"our party must always be the vanguard of the times, the backbone of the nation, and the ruling party of marxism," xi said. the three "always" in this important discourse are not only eloquent and meaningful, but also logical, rigorous and dialectical, and profoundly expound the relationship between the party's own superiority and its ruling. this is the profound thinking of the party central committee with comrade xi jinping at the core leading the whole party in continuing to "rush for the examination", and it is also a warning to the chinese nation when "rejuvenating the nation". all party members, especially leading cadres at all levels, must strengthen their awareness of the danger, deeply understand and earnestly follow the rule contained in it: only through hard work can one be in power all the time.

the ruling status of our party is the choice of history and the people, and it depends on the persistent pursuit of ideals and beliefs and the enduring trials and tribulations. of course, the past is not the same as the present. the present is not the same as the present. for a long - term ruling marxist party, self-strengthening is the key to life and strength, which is related to the overall party's construction. at present, our party's ranks are generally too strong. however, there are also some cadres whose ideological style and ability quality are not strong enough, and the phenomenon of "moral unworthiness" and "talent unworthiness" is not unique, or even both. such people not only did not inject half the combat power into the party's ranks, but also generated a lot of negative energy. iron must be hardened by itself. this "hard" contains the necessary requirements to temper itself, degrade impurities, and improve purity and hardness.

the party should always play hardball. hard in their own belief, theory, ability, style, discipline and other aspects. this hardiness is not only reflected in the external, but also in the internal work, which is more important than anything else. history has repeatedly warned us that a government without its own strong support is fragile and will not last long. if we are not too hard and distance ourselves from the masses as power grows, no good commitment can win the trust of the masses.

it is a systematic project to keep the party's ranks always strong. it covers all aspects of party building, runs through the whole process of party building and involves every corner of party building. choose its essentials, need to grasp such three points. first of all, we must take "people-centred" as an eternal topic. it is our aim to govern for the people. the people should choose the way to achieve the ruling status, the people should recognize the consolidation of the ruling status, and the people should judge the degree of their own superiority. only by insisting on marxism party zhizhengguan, put yourself in the masses of the people, consciously accept the supervision of the masses of the people, to do it under any circumstances for the people of faith's position remains the same, for the people don't move, the direction of the people is not partial. second, we must always maintain the momentum of revolutionary war. our party's leadership, more than 1.3 billion people in the socialist country of the world's largest ruling party, must be willing to build and strengthen their self revolution spirit, by scraping the bone healing poison, strong man duanwan courage, away from the place and does not adapt with new age requirements, truly in the spirit of self revolution is deeply rooted in the party's new gene, constitutes a distinct impression party is always good. thirdly, under the precondition of being too strong in politics, we should be able to be strong. whether the party's ranks are always strong depends to a large extent on the party's leadership ability and leadership level, and on the party's governing ability. in the new era, in the face of various complex situations and heavy tasks, it is an inevitable requirement for party members and cadres at all levels to enhance their "eight skills". at present, it is urgent and indispensable to enhance our ability to cope with the "four great tests" and to enhance our ability to resolve the "four dangers".

it is a major historical issue before the whole party. the requirement of "always" is consistent, and the content of "always hard" is keeping pace with the times. we need to integrate the two so as to lay a solid foundation for our party to stay in power, maintain stability and achieve long-term goals, and bring benefits to the people of china and the world at large.

source: learn the times