vows clank the original heart eternal-凯发k8天生赢家

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vows clank the original heart eternal

every july, we have the party's birthday. the birthday of the party is also a festival for every member of the communist party of china. in each of these days, there are always a batch of new party member comrade in the face of flag to complete a solemn oath, in the life there are always many years of recruiting a whole oath, to the party under the party flag back to back in the spirit of the roots, feel the surge of beginner's mind, trigger power forward.


an oath is a way of expressing determination and commitment. the oath of admission to the party is an important part of the constitution of the communist party of china. it is also a code of conduct that every party member must abide by and an oath to keep for life. the party constitution clearly stipulates that the probationary members must take an oath in front of the party flag. membership oath is not long, only 12 words, 80 words, but a one thousand jins, such as rock, every word not only summarized the basic requirement of our party to party, also sums up the party member of party organization and the political responsibility to the party's cause. the solemn oath to the party flag is not only a necessary procedure for developing party members' work, but also a fine tradition of party building and development.

on october 31, 2017, general secretary xi jinping led other members of the standing committee of the political bureau of the cpc central committee to the memorial hall of one of the major conference sites in shanghai. the sonorous and powerful oath echoed in the hall of the memorial hall, demonstrating the firm political conviction and determination of the new party central leadership.

it was just a week before the end of the 19th national congress of the communist party of china.

it was 96 years since the birth of the communist party of china.

it was 170 years since the communist alliance, the first political party in the world to be armed with marxist theory, was founded.


in june 1847, the communist league was formed in london. on december 8, the second congress of the league approved the constitution of the communist league, which marx and engels had actively participated in. the articles of association of the last chapter of receiving member made specific provision, request to be accepted to the chairman of the party branch membership member to read and article 1 of the articles of association to article 49, especially emphasize the duty of accession.

accession ceremony at that time, is widely used in the 19th century european religious field taken by the question-and-answer of way, to be received in the club, personnel, chairman of the party branch five questions: are you sure the principle of property owned is the truth? do you think it is necessary to form a strong alliance to achieve these principles early and are willing to join such an alliance? are you willing to take on the obligation to consistently use words and actions as a means of spreading the principle of co-ownership of property and promoting its realization in practice? are you willing to assume the obligation not to disclose the existence of the alliance and all its secrets? are you willing to comply with the alliance's decisions? if the latter answer "yes!" the chairman will request a commitment to fulfil all the obligations of the member of the alliance, then declare him a member of the alliance and include him in the branch at the next meeting. this question-and-answer oath means that the first proletarian party in the world has already taken the oath.

with the spread of marxism in china, the articles of association of the communist allies of the establishment of the communist party of china and has a significant influence, membership oath contains "the abolition of private ownership, the realization of public ownership" lofty ideals, fully absorbed by the communist party of china.


the oath to the party of the communist party of china, as the party's task of the needs of different and the party's construction, has experienced several changes, but its core content is very stable, "never rebel" is eternal, the content of the "struggle for communism - life is not to change his mind.

at the beginning of the birth of the communist party of china (cpc), there was no mandatory rule that the oath to join the party must be taken, and the oath to join the party was not unified everywhere. xia, who joined the party in 1925, has a deep memory of his pledge to join the party. wang shusheng, who joined the party in 1926, remembers the oath: "i will join the communist party of china voluntarily, obey the party's discipline, fight for communism for my whole life, keep secret and swear not to defect." on october 15, 1927, mao zedong in linghsien county shuikou village leaves home ancestral hall presided over the six new members to join the party swearing-in ceremony, and with them the party pledge: "personal sacrifice to revolution, class struggle, obey organization, kept secret, never rebel." look from all kinds of literature, this period of oath not to the party unification, but have more specifications, the biggest characteristic is to emphasize the class struggle and be loyal, "never rebel" become the party's basic commitment and tieji to hold on to.

after the anti-japanese war broke out in an all-round way, the class struggle was subordinated to the anti-japanese national struggle. in order to establish the broadest possible united front, our party's pledge to join the party no longer emphasizes class struggle. on january 25, 1939, the then chairman of the central organization department minister chen yun in the talk about problem of developing party members the outline put forward: "the new members to join the party must have approval, after waiting period, the party obtainment of ceremony, the oath." it also stipulated eight vows to join the party. the oath of accession later issued by the central organization ministry was slightly revised on this basis. according to the 4th issue of the communist party, a publication of the cpc, in 1940, the oath of accession stipulated by the central organization department was: "i pledge that i will fight for the cause of communism all my life. the party's interests are above everything else; 3. observe party discipline; 4. never fear difficulties and always work for the party; be a model for the masses; secrets of the conservative party; having confidence in the party; perseverance and never betraying the party. among them, "to be a model for the masses" and "to have confidence in the party" became the characteristic content of the oath of admission in this period.

the liberation war was a crucial period for our party to lead the army and people to win the victory of the new democratic revolution. during this period, the central government did not have uniform rules on the oath of admission to the party, and it was up to the local party organizations to decide whether to hold the oath of admission. while using the oath of admission to the party during the anti-japanese war, different versions of the oath appeared in some places. jinzhou liaoshen campaign memorial has a printed oath to the party, the cpc heat liao ji bureau for mao zedong as above, so as the flag, a total of eight, the main content and the anti-japanese war the central organization department's oath to the party is consistent, only have replaced "have faith in the party" with "resolutely implement the party's resolution". on the eve of the victory of the national revolution, our party was in a period of great development. at the same time, some party members in the long-term by the enemy division of guerrilla warfare environment discipline status must quickly overcome the unstructured, some party members under the condition of the local power and the power of thought not pure, the style is not pure problem must be solved as soon as possible.

after the founding of new china, the ruling status of the party was determined, and the party's organizational procedures became more rigorous. oath to the party, the central organization department said, should reflect in the duties of party and party members, party constitution embodies our party has always attached great importance to ideological and theoretical construction, publicity and education work requirements and the construction of new china's massive economic reality, so sure, will join the party oath: "i volunteered to join the communist party of china, admit party platform, the party constitution, to observe the party discipline, obey the party's resolution, study marxism-leninism and mao zedong thought, and strive to improve their consciousness, the positive work, proficient in business, serving the people wholeheartedly, perseverance, struggle for the communist cause to the end." the 1950 edition of the communist party textbook also specifically mentioned that under specific conditions, for example, in the production campaign of the factory, "the oath may be made by the candidate himself".


in the party's work center of gravity to the economic construction and the new situation of reform and opening up, the 12th party congress in september 1982 through the first official of the communist party of china "in the modified oath to the party, the party oath has thus become a of every party member with a rigid constraint rules party discipline. this edition membership oath is summarized in a more comprehensive, system, science, the basic requirement of our party to party, emphasized the political responsibility of party members, on the whole to adapt to the reform and opening up the party's construction in the new period and the needs of the development of the party constitution. oath in the "ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people", asked when the communists in the party and the people called sacrifice personal interests and even life unconditionally, is even more important than the "fear no sacrifice" oath before enrichment and rigorous. oath "never rebel" is the earliest to join the party of the oath, show that in a peaceful environment can still appear betrayal of the party and the interests of the people's behavior, this must be highly vigilant, strengthening the requirements. the affidavit also proposed for the first time that party members should "fulfill the obligations of party members", which indicated from one side that in the new period of reform and opening up, our party's requirements on party members are more strict. the party constitution passed from the thirteenth to the nineteenth sessions of the party has adopted and reaffirmed this content, which is also a full affirmation of the oath to join the party.

in july 2016, general secretary xi jinping stressed at the 95th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of china (cpc) that we must never forget the road we have traveled. no matter how far you go and how glorious your future will be, you can't forget the past you have passed and why you started. it is a vivid ceremony for each party member to fulfill the requirements of general secretary xi jinping and conduct spiritual baptism and spiritual quenching.

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