use great ideas to guide your progress-凯发k8天生赢家

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use great ideas to guide your progress

the 19th congress of the cpc established xi jinping's socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era as the guiding ideology that the party must adhere to for a long time. this great thought, which runs through the spirit of firm belief, clear people's position, bold innovation and pragmatic attitude, is the ideological lighthouse and source of motivation for us to walk the long march in the new era.

great thoughts, with their deep roots and shining truth, are scientific theories with distinctive characteristics

xi jinping, the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics through 5000 years of civilization of the chinese nation, the world socialist development in 500, the communist party of china for nearly 100 years of history, has a profound historical background, era characteristics and theoretical origin.

marxism is the root and source of chinese communists. adhere to combining marxist basic principles with china's actual, marx and engels's vision of a future human society constantly in china vividly displayed on the earth, is our party to promote the clear context of sinicization of marxism. xi jinping, the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics adhere to marxist dialectical materialism and historical materialism stand point method, further inherited and developed the marxism about the human society law of development, adhere to people's position, productivity and production relations, the people's democracy, cultural construction, social construction, the relationship between man and nature, the history of the world, marxist party construction, such as core idea, realized the sinicization of marxism is a historic leap forward again.

cultural confidence is a more fundamental, deeper and more lasting force. xi jinping, the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics new era, the creative transformation of chinese traditional culture, innovative development, embodies the "speak love, people-oriented, integrity, justice, harmony, yet it suggests" and other excellent idea; inheriting the red gene, it embodies the great spirit of red boat spirit, jinggang mountain spirit, long march spirit, yan 'an spirit, xibaipo spirit, daqing spirit, "two bullets and one star" spirit, etc. with socialist core values as its soul, it embodies the great national spirit with great creativity, great spirit of struggle, great spirit of unity and great spirit of dream as its core.

xi general secretary as the main founder of the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics, the growth of red family environment and life hone and engraved on the broad rich role and experience for the great thought of germination, growth, maturity provides abundant nutrients. in the edification of good family style tutor, the qualities such as strict discipline, concern for the masses, sincerity and magnanimity have sown seeds in his heart. in seven educated youth years honing, "frustrates, harasses, hungry, its always, empty of its body," let him understand life, understand the chinese, people read and understand the communist party of china. his long - term practice in politics for the people has laid a solid ideological source and practical foundation for his governance.

the real content of all epoch-making thought systems is formed by the needs of the period in which these ideas were born. socialism with chinese characteristics into a new era, came from the chinese nation stand up strong, rich and up to the great leap forward, facing the new situation of the main social contradiction, facing the realization of "two one hundred" goal of the new journey, in the face of suggested "four great" new mission, to adapt to the new era, solving the conflict of the new and answer new q of "history", urgent need a new scientific theory guide the whole party. great times call for great theories and give birth to great ideas. xi jinping, the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics is the new era should the call of the times, the requirements should be the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics, should be born for the future of socialism in the world, is the history and the people's choice, is the objective necessity of age.

the great ideological and logical system is rigorous and historical orientation is the glorious banner of leading the way to rejuvenation and prosperity

xi jinping, the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics the change at all, was the chinese and foreign, has opened up a new realm of marxism, socialism with chinese characteristics new state, new realm, party party governing principle politics new frontier, with strict "chinese logic" in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation created a glorious thought.

the historical logic guides the way forward by revealing the rule of innovation. xi jinping, the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics to deepen understanding of communist rule, from the height of the jump out of the "historical periodicity" profoundly reveals the party's construction to serve the party's political line, as the basic rule of the party's work center service; deepen the understanding of the law of socialist construction, system answered what kind of upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics, how to adhere to and develop socialism with chinese characteristics a significant time topic; deepening our understanding of the laws governing the development of human society has provided us with rich and vivid chinese wisdom, experience and solutions for advancing global governance. xi jinping, the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics is marxism in the 21st century in the era of the most innovative features, the most value, most has the guiding significance to the major theoretical achievements, carrying the greatest thoughts of all flags, along this direction, is the best adhere to the guiding position of marxism.

in theory and logic, the scientific nature of dialectical connection guides the way forward. xi jinping's socialist ideology with chinese characteristics in the new era is an integral part of the new concept and strategy of governing the country and governance. it face to face with the contradiction of path, risks and challenges, with the "eight" and "14 adhere to the" illustrates the new era the overall goal of upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics, in addition, and the overall layout, strategic layout and the development direction, development mode, development power, strategic steps, external conditions, the basic problems, such as political guarantee comprehensive response to the new era of our party governing principle politics puts forward new subject. new era in jinping of socialism with chinese characteristics under the guidance of science, along a clear timetable and roadmap to forge ahead, to realize the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation the chinese dream is just around the corner.

the practical logic guides the way forward with the unity of knowledge and practice. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), the cpc central committee, with comrade xi jinping at its core, has made comprehensive and pioneering historic achievements in the cause of the party and the country, and made profound and fundamental historic changes. from proposing the new normal of economic development to china becoming the locomotive of global economic growth; from launching the "one belt and one road" initiative to "skyeye" exploration, "jiaolong" exploration and launching of domestic aircraft carriers; from the implementation of more than 1,500 reform measures to the implementation of legislation, law enforcement, justice and law abiding by the rule of law, china's practice has been well received. from an average annual reduction of nearly 14 million people in poverty to the elimination of political "smog" through strict party control. new era history eloquently proved that xi jinping, the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics is the science of practice logic on the theoretical logic, is a new leap of marxism, will lead the chinese ship plowed, headed for the glory other shore.

the value logic guides the way forward with the people's character that does not forget the original intention. the value orientation of the cpc is centered on the people. in xi jinping's socialist ideology of the new era with chinese characteristics, it is a main thread running through the whole process of seeking the happiness of the chinese people and the rejuvenation of the chinese nation. it insists that human beings are the subject of development and stresses that "the people are the creators of history and the fundamental force that determines the direction and future of the party and the country". insisting on human beings is the main reason for development. adhere to the people is the main development, emphasis on "rely on" people creating history of great, centralized embodies our party firmly "people's position" and "people's dream of" mind, committed to "the people's happiness," the fundamental purpose and governing idea, will be in the most widely the solid mass base form the greatest common divisor of the most reliable, draw the biggest concentric circles.

the broad and profound connotation of great thoughts and the demonstration of practical power are the guide to guide the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation

socialism with chinese characteristics into the new era, we must learn benedict deep thought xi new era of socialism with chinese characteristics, to write a new chapter of the new era of the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics and make unremitting struggle.

the core of maintenance is soul. with great thoughts, which guide the direction, first is to stick to "learn, have a good grasp of, do real" requirements, the further study of xi jinping, the origin of the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics new era context and logic origin, strengthen the consciousness of "four", "four confidence", a clear-cut stand to maintain xi general secretary of the core position, maintain the authority and centralized and unified leadership, has always been in politics, the political orientation, political principle, political path with the party central committee with comrade xi for the core remain highly consistent.

to promote development is an outline, and only when the outline is lifted can we see it clearly. with great thoughts, which guide the direction, that is, to high-quality development as the goal, insist on maintaining stability work always tone, carry out the new development concept, focus on solving the problem of unbalanced inadequate, promote the development of quality, efficiency, change change, dynamic change. centering on the stretching of the industrial chain and taking the supply-side structural reform as the main line, we will speed up the industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the cross-penetration and integration of the two and three industries. we will continue to improve the quality and efficiency of economic development by focusing on improving the innovation chain and strengthening reform in key areas such as "deregulation of services", state-owned enterprises, and agricultural supply. around the shift up the value chain to the internet thinking and big data and cloud computing architecture to build a distributed type, flat, sharing industry ecosystem, enlarge high quality, high value-added, diversified products supply, accelerate the construction of modern economic system.

benefit for the people is the root, the root deep ability leaf mao. with great thoughts, which guide the direction, is devoting to practice to the people as the center of the development of ideas, find the point of economic growth and improve people's livelihood, so, for a long time to work hard, good life is to constantly meet people's increasing needs. we will make good use of our feelings and wisdom to improve people's livelihood, and form an effective social governance and good social order. adhering to the principle of benefiting the people from ecology, benefiting the people from ecology and benefiting the people from ecology, the sword refers to the prominent environmental problems that harm people's health and provide them with more high-quality ecological products. to play out of poverty to be completed as a priority and no. 1 people's livelihood project, to the poverty alleviation pattern, highlight the precise strategy and anti-poverty task with high quality, ensure to build a well-off society in an all-round way not to drop a home alone.

it is essential to govern the party, and only in this way can we prosper. with great thoughts, which guide the direction, that is, to carry out well the new era of party construction general requirements, comprehensively promote the party's political, thought, organization, style and discipline construction, with the comprehensive governing party safeguard and promote the development of high quality. we will give top priority to political development, strictly observe political discipline and rules and regulations, and conscientiously implement certain norms governing the political life of the party under the new circumstances, so as to preserve the political character of the communists. we will adhere to the principle of the party governing cadres and the good standards for them, make full use of the "three mechanisms" for active use, and strive to build a contingent of highly qualified and professional cadres. we will strengthen primary party organizations with the emphasis on improving their organizational capabilities. chi and remedy to treat "four winds", devoting to practice "immediately, we can do better" style of work, pay attention to family tutoring start-up construction, protect beautiful scenery of the political ecological environment, fresh air and the wind is the director-general of entrepreneurial really make great thoughts into energy spurting development results and real people's well-being.

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