the "tao" of marxism and the "theory" of socialism-凯发k8天生赢家

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the "tao" of marxism and the "theory" of socialism

the "tao" of marxism is in the "theory" of socialism with chinese characteristics and in the practical practice of the great cause of socialism with chinese characteristics. the belief in marxism is the spiritual home that we communists must adhere to, and it is also the source of great strength for us to achieve victory along the way from revolution to construction to reform. the belief in marxism is embodied in the confidence of socialism with chinese characteristics in contemporary china.

xi jinping, general secretary of in memory of the 200th anniversary of the convention of marx said, "marx gave us the most valuable and most influential spiritual wealth, is named after his scientific theory, marxism. this theory, like a glorious sunrise, illuminates the way for human beings to explore the law of history and seek their own liberation. marxist theory of the great once was introduced into china, and the chinese people's struggle for national independence and liberation and realize national rich and strong, and the combination of the great practice of the people's happiness, created the filled history of china's miracle. today, is the best memorial to marx and practice of the "tao" of marxism and socialism "reason", constantly open up the new era of the great cause of socialism with chinese characteristics new situation in the development of marxism in china in the 21st century.

the most important thing to uphold and develop marxism is to first understand "what is marxism"

to firmly believe in marxism and guide new practice with the development of marxism, we must first understand the basic question of "what is marxism". only know "what is marxism", was able to discern what is marxism and really what is false, marxism will be able to understand what in marxism is the core of things will never be lost, what is the specific conclusions must be along with the development of the era constantly advancing with the times.

any system of political theory consists of two basic elements: one is its value, that is, what it stands for and what it pursues, which determines its essence and soul. the other is its logic, that is, how it demonstrates and realizes its own value, which determines its characteristics and methods. marxism is no exception. its value is the pursuit of human liberation, and its logic is materialist dialectics.

it is the historical mission of marxism to free the proletariat from slavery and oppression and become the master of the world. as engels said in 1880, "it is the historical mission of the modern proletariat to complete this cause of world liberation." this mission is to free the people from the bondage and oppression of nature, human society and thought, and become free and all-round people. this is the basic value pursuit of marxism. it is the highest ideal, value pursuit and logical starting point of marxism to realize the free and comprehensive development of everyone. marxist theory is the theory and program system of proletarian revolution and human liberation.

this fundamental value pursuit comes from the pursuit of life meaning and value of marx, the founder of marxism. when graduating from high school, 17 years old of marx in the youth of consider when choose a career in this composition, pointed out that "if we choose the career, the most for human and work well, burden can't bring us down, because this is sacrificed to get it for you." "choose the profession that works best for mankind" is the people's position, and it is for the freedom and liberation of the people.

what is doctrine? "doctrine" is the core value pursuit. for example, collectivism takes collective interests as the core value pursuit, and everything is centered on collective interests. in order to achieve collective interests, individual interests can be sacrificed. what is marxism? it is marxism that regards the welfare of the people and the welfare of the vast majority as the core value pursuit.    

so how does marxism demonstrate and realize such value pursuit? it follows the basic logic of materialist dialectics and unifies marxist materialism, dialectics and axiology into the practical theory of human liberation. what is materialism? it is to treat objective things as they are, to seek truth from facts, to avoid subjectivism. what is dialectics? marx's "das kapital" the first volume of the second edition bazhong pointed out that "dialectics, in the reasonable form, caused by the bourgeoisie and its theoretical doctrine is the face of anger and terror, because the dialectics in the understanding of existing things must contain no understanding of the existing at the same time, the understanding of existing things inevitably goes to ruin." that is to say, in the dialectic view, any objective thing is in constant movement and change, there is no fixed objective thing in the world. since objective things in the sports change, according to the materialism, according to the true nature of objective things to think of objective things, have to amend with the constant change of objective things and change the original, not consistent with the objective things has changed the old, this is seeking truth from facts. in this sense, materialism is dialectics, and dialectics is materialism. the two cannot be separated. the materialism of marxism is dialectical materialism, and the dialectics of marxism is materialist dialectics. to understand the world according to materialist dialectics is to make concrete analysis of specific problems, and to transform the world according to materialist dialectics is to do things according to dialectics. the communists the lofty value realization of human liberation, must adhere to the materialist dialectics to know the world and transform the world, avoid of subjectivism and dogmatism, not constrained by specific conclusions and fixed strategy. we stick to and develop marxism can never lose is the fundamental value of human liberation and scientific method of dialectical materialism and the basic attitude and other specific conclusions and practices can be and must be with the times change and change.

the most important thing to uphold and develop socialism with chinese characteristics is to understand "what is socialism?"

on april 15, 1985, comrade deng xiaoping pointed out that: "we marxists fought for the lofty ideals of socialism and communism by making revolution in the past. in carrying out economic reform, we must still adhere to the socialist road and the lofty ideals of communism. but the question is what is socialism and how to build it. there are many lessons to be learned, and the most important one is to understand the problem. on june 30, 1984, he said, "what is socialism and what is marxism? we have not been fully conscious of this problem in the past. in may 1989, comrade deng xiaoping pointed out that "over the years, there has been a problem of understanding marxism and socialism."

why has comrade deng xiaoping repeatedly compared these two questions? in his opinion, what is marxism and what is socialism are not two problems, but two aspects of a problem. the "principle" of marxism's "tao" socialism is originally a "truth", that is, the realization of human liberation in the communist movement and practice. the answer to what socialism is is inseparable from the answer to what marxism is. when we use the concept of marxism, we tend to use it at different levels. for example, marxism is divided into three components, namely, marxist philosophy, marxist political economy and scientific socialism. whether in the theoretical system of marxism, practice movement, people of faith, it runs through a soul, is the core value pursuit of marxism, this is the "tao" of marxism. no matter how many kinds of marxism theory of expression form, no matter how many kinds of sports practice form marxism, no matter how much the marxist faith is distributed in the different countries and nationalities, the marxist "dao" is only one. each person's freedom full scale development, is the highest ideal of marxism theory a consistent, value pursuit and logical starting point, the rational value has also been in the commanding heights of the common human value.

the tao never leaves the machine. the "tao" of marxism is in the theoretical expression and exercise of marxism, and in every person who believes in marxism. to realize this value pursuit of marxism, we must adhere to the socialist road. socialism is the sublation of the logic of capital and the reversion of capitalism. socialism is the pursuit of the overall interest and rational value of society as its core value. if system philosophy, system arrangement and system design is around to effectively meet the interests of the whole society to provide adequate institutional guarantee, this is the socialist system, such a society is a socialist society, the culture is the socialist culture.

the relationship between marxism and socialism is "tao is inseparable" : marxism is the soul, socialism is the carrier; marxism is the pursuit of value, while socialism is the way of realizing value. marxism is the tao and socialism is the instrument. if marxism leaves socialism, it can only be an illusion, a castle in the air. socialism without marxism would lose its soul and go astray.

from which we can see a clear logic, no matter how much a marxist theories, it is only a "tao", and realize the value pursuit of marxism, namely "doers of the word" can have a lot of, that is to say the specific pattern can have multiple of socialism. the collapse of the soviet union and the upheaval in eastern europe cannot explain the failure of socialism, let alone the failure of marxism, but only the failure of the specific path of the soviet model. in the same way, the success of socialism with chinese characteristics, the specific method that does not mean that we are all of the only correct mode, only that each country, each nation can and must be according to their own cultural tradition, historical conditions, in the face of topics and tasks, people's needs and requirements, choose suitable for their own well-being of the people of the concrete road. the path of socialism with chinese characteristics is not unchanging, but constantly improved and developed with the change of the times.

socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era is the value realization form of chinese marxism in the 21st century

comrade deng xiaoping's socialism essence theory from ontology and practical sense: "the essence of socialism is to liberate productive forces, the development of the productive forces, eliminate exploitation and eliminate polarization, ultimately achieve common prosperity." "emancipate the productive forces and develop the productive forces" is mainly about the historical idealism of talking about socialism abstractly without the productive forces. "eliminate exploitation, eliminate polarization" is about the logic of capital and the defects of markets. one is the productivity standard and the other is the production relationship standard. one is to obey the principle of efficiency and the other is to obey the principle of fairness and justice.

this understanding is very profound. marx described in "economic and philosophical manuscripts of 1844", "the future of communism:" communism as completed the naturalism is equal to the humanitarian, and as finished humanitarian is equal to the naturalism. it is the real solution to the conflict between man and nature, between man and man. three doctrines are mentioned here: communism, naturalism and humanitarianism. the finished naturalism aims at solving the contradiction between man and nature, and it is necessary to develop the productive forces. completed humanitarianism aims at solving the contradiction between man and man, and it is necessary to pursue fairness and justice. the organic unification of the two is communism.

general secretary xi jinping has likened the two to "making a big cake" and "dividing the cake". the two achieve unity in opposites and cannot leave one aspect to recognize and grasp the other. if you don't make the cake big, there's no cake to share and there's no justice. if the cake is not divided well, it will affect the motivation of cake making, and there will be no cake to divide. however, our task is not just to make and divide the cake, but to make the people eat the cake well. this is what comrade deng xiaoping said, "we will eventually achieve common prosperity".

socialism with chinese characteristics is the chinese way to realize the value pursuit of marxism for the benefit of the people. as xi general secretary pointed out, "the chinese characteristic socialism is good, depends on the fact that depends on the judgment of the chinese people, rather than those who wear colored glasses' subjective. the chinese communists and the chinese people are fully confident in providing a chinese solution for mankind's quest for a better social system. is based on the confidence of socialism with chinese characteristics and value identity, we put the billions of people across the country strength together, "china dream" for the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation and struggle together, to create the "china miracle".

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