the party has always resolutely prevented and opposed liberalism-凯发k8天生赢家

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the party has always resolutely prevented and opposed liberalism

the opposition to liberalism is closely linked to strengthening the ideological and discipline construction of the whole party. in 1937, mao zedong wrote "against liberalism", which aims to unify the whole party's thought and strengthen discipline construction. in his party's nineteenth report, president xi jinping once again stressed his firm opposition to liberalism, with its profound historical background and profound practical value. in the new historical period, strong measures must be taken to fight against liberalism.

it is a fine tradition of the party to oppose liberalism

since its founding in 1921, the chinese communist party has been highly vigilant and resolutely opposed to liberalism. at the gutian meeting held in december 1929, mao zedong explicitly criticized the liberal tendencies of the party and raised the idea of serious inner-party political life. the central red army arrived in northern shaanxi, mao zedong to deal with the complicated thoughts of party exists tendency, through deep thinking, "oppose liberalism" written in 1937, points out that the performance of liberalism, property, harm, source and against the meaning of liberalism. the article went on to become the yenan rectification 22 is one of the required documents, to become the powerful weapon of the party ideological reform, to improve the style of the party cadres, promote the victory of the anti-japanese war and the liberation war laid a solid ideological foundation and discipline guarantee.

after the founding of the people's republic of china, our party strengthened the party's construction, especially emphasizing the unity and unity of the whole party and opposing decentralism, and further boycotts the liberal phenomenon in the party. since the reform and opening up, our party has continued to resolutely oppose liberalism. at the beginning of the reform and opening up, deng xiaoping repeatedly stressed that, during the period of the "cultural revolution", the party's discipline was severely damaged, and repeatedly stressed that "the state should have the law of the state and the party should have the party rules and the party law. the party constitution is the most fundamental party law. "the most important thing is that the whole party is subordinate to the central government." revolution of the past, he argues, is to rely on conscious discipline, "after the founding of the communist party of china, the best culture is the" "one ideal, two on discipline", this is our party's "real advantage". in 1989 he also argued that "the party should be caught and not caught". subsequently, the cpc central committee proposed to consolidate and strengthen the party's discipline as a major issue of comprehensively strengthening the party's construction. in view of the style of party discipline in the new situation new problems, the cpc central committee also clearly put forward "eight, eight against", including "adhere to the party discipline, oppose liberalism".

in the new era, general secretary xi jinping has put forward the issue of running a good china. the key lies in the party, which is the party of the party and the party. from the comprehensively strengthen the party's leadership, comprehensively promote the party's construction, comprehensive governing party cuts, greatly strengthened the party party strength, adopted a series of powerful effective important measure, the tube party party increased to a new level. he pays attention to the top-level design, according to the incision of the reform of system of the party's construction, first put forward the party's construction in the history of the party's general requirements, enriches the party construction general layout, clear the target of the party's construction. the party central committee at the sixth plenary session of the eighteenth and comprehensive governing party, strengthen party political life and norms, bright put forward firmly oppose liberalism, from system on the opposition liberal institutions and mechanisms. xi jinping, general secretary of the party's 19 report, standing at a new historical starting point, focus on the new historical position, put forward while the iron is hot to their own hard, continue to emphasize the harm such as against the liberal party's ruling status and the party's solidarity and unity of the phenomenon, pointed out the direction of the tube for party party.

liberalism is very harmful to the party

liberalism manifests itself in many ways. in his article "against liberalism", mao zedong gave a detailed list of the 11 manifestations of party liberalism, including: "harmony" and "the principle of loss of acquaintances"; don't say things in front of your face. it's none of your business. as long as the organization takes care of, do not organize the discipline; to engage in personal attacks, to be angry, to vent anger, to revenge; if you hear the wrong argument, don't argue. see the masses do not publicize, do not agitate, do not speak, do not investigate, do not ask, do not care about their pain; the act of harming the interests of the masses is not to be resentful, not admonished, not to stop, not to explain, to let go; be not serious, have no plan and direction, perfunctory, muddle along; big things don't come, small things don't do, work casually, learn to relax; i was wrong, i knew, and i didn't want to fix it.

to this day, the various liberal manifestations that mao zedong enumerated still have different extents in the party. in the mind, the business is not a matter of oneself, high hanging up, knowing the wrong, less said to be good, the ming philosophy, but no; in politics, the major policy and major decisions of the party and the state, the execution of the agreement, the unsatisfactory execution, the first expostulation, the duplicity of the duplicity, and the contrary; on the organizational discipline, has the command does not obey, lawlessness, don't play fair, to speak in public, want to say what you like, want to do, just coming into its own, loose hair comment, table; in the work attitude, do one day monk bump a day clock, muddle along, the work is not serious, perfunctory. all these are manifestations of liberalism. there are many reasons for the emergence of liberalism, but the root cause is that some party members, cadres are not strong, the position is not firm, and lack of organization and discipline.

the communist party of china is a strictly disciplined and well-organized marxist political party, with special emphasis on discipline, unity and consistency. liberalism is characterized by unprincipled, irresponsible, non-observance of rules, self-indulgence, etc. laissez-faire liberalism grow in the party, can make the ranks of compact organization and strict discipline, is not conducive to the central decision-making the deployment of the implementation, in the long run, will damage the party's ruling foundation and leadership.

will oppose liberalism to the end

given the phases of historical development and long-term party party of liberalism will not automatically quit the historical stage, is a protracted war and the fight against liberal, cannot treat sth lightly, to take practical measures and good tips, grasp, scratching, often thin, long, long time for work.

raise the "first" awareness. xi jinping, general secretary of the special emphasis on the party's political construction, and puts forward the party's political construction is the fundamental construction of the party and the party's political construction in the first place, because the party's political construction is related to the life of the party. the phenomenon of liberalism exists in some party cadres, which is traced back to the lack of political position and the lack of firm political principles. the party's political construction in the first place, is to ask the party member consciously strengthen the consciousness of "four", achieves is "four obedience to" resolutely safeguard xi jinping is at the core of the cpc central committee and the party's general secretary; it is to ask all party members to achieve, the party central demand resolute to do, the party central prohibition of resolute do not do; it is to ask all party members to continuously improve their political literacy and political position, and to consider issues politically.

lay the foundations of thought. ideological construction is the basic building of the party. the emergence of liberalism largely indicates that the party's ideological construction needs to improve the timeliness and pertinence. we should armed the whole party with the socialist ideology of socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era of xi jinping, and let all party members and cadres enter the ear, enter the heart and head into the brain, and apply the armed minds of marxism in the 21st century to make up for the calcium. to party members and cadres of the ideal faith, set up the correct world outlook, the outlook on life, values, the "main switch", good thoughts to tighten the thought "bolt", lose liberalism ideological basis of survival. to promote the "two learn how to make a" learning education institutionalization of normalized at the same time, to develop good "don't forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission" the theme of education, with a solid education, victory over the liberal party.

woven system cage. no rules, no square. the dregs of liberalism are related to the lack of discipline, the unsound discipline and the affability of political life within the party for a period of time. general secretary xi jinping attaches great importance to discipline construction, stressing the importance of putting the power in the cage of the system, stressing that discipline should become an electrified high-voltage line to eliminate the phenomenon of "straw man" before the law. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), the pace of party legislation has been greatly accelerated, and more than 90 party regulations, including disciplinary measures, have been issued. discipline is developed, and the key is execution. all party members to raise awareness of the disciplinary rules, consciously abide by the constitution rules, especially to strictly abide by the political discipline and rules and associates the central keep highly consistent, maintain the authority and centralized and unified leadership of the cpc central committee. at the same time, the discipline inspection department should seriously deal with the party cadres who violate the discipline, and must not raise or lower them, so that the discipline becomes the "bottom line" that can be crossed. the combination of self-discipline and heteronomy can really bring discipline to the ground.

we will apply strict and comprehensive policies. as president xi jinping pointed out, it is not the work of the communist party of china to rule the party. there must be no rest or relief. on this basis, the specifically determined comprehensively governing party, the party's 19 comprehensively improve the party's ruling ability, it is vividly reflected the problem oriented, reflects the central tube party party about new ideas in new ideas. the opposition to liberalism cannot take the clumsy approach of the head and the foot, but rather the comprehensive approach and three-dimensional attack. not only comprehensively promote the party's political construction, thought construction, organization construction, style construction, discipline construction, and construction of the system, which has deepened the anti-corruption struggle, really "yan" character overhead, do "strict" exactly, the governing party endless, let party liberalism nowhere to hide. with this attitude and general thinking, there is a strong foundation for opposing liberalism.

source: study times