the basic experience of the sinicization of marx's doctrine in the new era-凯发k8天生赢家

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the basic experience of the sinicization of marx's doctrine in the new era

xi jinping, the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics new era, both stick to marxist stand point method, and presents the distinctive chinese style, chinese style, is a new monument of sinicization of marxism. this paper combining theory with practice, history and reality, international and domestic associated perspective, to 18 since the party's theoretical innovation practice, summarized the new era of sinicization of marxism basic experience. understanding and mastering the xi for the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics theoretical foundation, practical foundation and thought the formation and development of original contribution and development trend of scientific socialism and fate, has the very vital significance.

the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era of xi jinping is the highest expression of the wisdom of contemporary china and the highest theoretical generalization. it adheres to the marxist stand and view method, and presents the distinctive chinese style and chinese style, which is a new monument of the sinicization of marxism. what's the secret? what's the rule? or what are the valuable lessons? from integrating theory and practice, history and reality, international and domestic associated perspective, to come to the party's theoretical innovation practice more than five years, at least the following four basic experience.

firm "four confidence", in the deep understanding of marxist era significance and realistic significance, the scientific nature of the socialism with chinese characteristics and attributed to the right direction of sinicization of marxism to keep new era

the sinicization of marxism is the main theme of the grand symphony of the party's history and the main tone of the new chapter of socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), general secretary xi jinping has repeatedly called on the party to unswervingly follow the path of socialism with chinese characteristics, confidence in theory, system and culture. it is this confidence that not only enhances our political determination in the pursuit of ideals, but also strengthens our theoretical consciousness of continuing to promote the sinicization of marxism.

this consciousness is embodied in unswervingly adhering to the guiding position of marxism. marxism is the guiding ideology and spirit banner of our party, and is the theoretical basis of the sinicization of marxism. if we deviate from or abandon marxism, the sinicization of marxism will lose its soul, lose its direction, become rootless and have no source of water. new era, we are faced with a very complicated severe domestic and international environment, shoulder the great struggle, the great project of construction, advancing the great cause the enormity of the task, realize the great dream, must adhere to marxism as the guide, closely combined with china's actual and era characteristics constantly enrich and develop the sinicization of marxism, provides guidance for the continuous development of practice. this is an important guarantee for us to avoid subversive errors on fundamental issues.

this consciousness is reflected in the profound understanding of the contemporary value of marxism. scientific understanding and understanding of marxism is the basic premise of sinicization of marxism. general secretary xi jinping expounded the scientific value and time value of marxism. for example, in the history of human thought, no theory of thought can reach the height of marxism. we are still in the historical era specified by marxism. marxism has an irreplaceable role in understanding the world, transforming the world and promoting social progress. marxism, in order to realize the freedom of human beings and the liberation of all mankind, reflects mankind's good vision of the ideal society. these important, this paper also reveals the significance and realistic significance of marxism, for people to use the marxism the understanding of the "great tools to solve practical problems provides the thought weapon, pointed out the direction of the sinicization of marxism is a new era.

this awareness is reflected in the firm belief in socialism with chinese characteristics. to adhere to and develop socialism with chinese characteristics is a distinct theme of the sinicization of marxism in the new era. in order to strengthen the confidence of the whole party in upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics, president xi jinping has expounded the historical inevitability and scientific truth of socialism with chinese characteristics. socialism with chinese characteristics, for example, is not only adhere to the basic principles of scientific socialism, practice and distinct characteristics, theoretical characteristics, ethnic characteristics, time characteristics of socialism, is the basic direction of development and progress in contemporary china, is the only way to realize china's dream. the chinese communist party and the chinese people are fully confident in providing the chinese plan for the exploration of a better social system. these important, deepen the party entire society to the historical inevitability of socialism with chinese characteristics, scientific truthfulness makes and the understanding of the theoretical and practical significance, for the new era along the direction of socialism with chinese characteristics to promote sinicization of marxism laid a strong political, theoretical and mass base.

we should stick to the problem orientation, and enrich the scientific connotation of the sinicization of marxism in the new era in tackling major challenges, resisting major risks, overcoming major obstacles and solving major conflicts

the problem is the voice of the times, which is the starting point and power source of theoretical innovation. a new era of the cpc central committee put forward a series of important ideas, major judgment, are focusing on solving problems, overcome difficulties, solve the deep-seated contradictions and problems of social and economic development. jinping new era process, thought the formation and development of socialism with chinese characteristics is the use of basic principle of marxism to find problems, screening, research and solve problems, show a distinct problem oriented.

this orientation is reflected in the reality of reform and opening up and socialist modernization, and efforts to solve deep-seated problems and problems in economic and social development. after 40 years of reform and opening up, china has achieved great achievements in its modernization drive. the chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation has shown unprecedented bright prospects. at the same time, china's economic and social development also faces a series of deep contradictions and problems. is to solve these problems, the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, and put forward the strategic layout of "four", put forward the innovation, the coordination, the development of the green, open, sharing concept, has been clear about the comprehensive deepening reform and promoting the overall goal of governing the country according to law, the social principal contradictions of our country has been converted to the good life is people's increasing needs and imbalance of inadequate development of the contradiction between the major political judgment, put forward and implement the strategy of rejuvenating the innovation-driven development strategy, country, civil-military integration development strategy, the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei and other major strategic thoughts. these new ideas and new ideas and strategies are the result of solving the practical problems of contemporary china with the basic principles of marxism, which is an important result of the sinicization of marxism in the new era.

this orientation is reflected in adhering to the people as the center and focusing on solving the outstanding issues that the people are most concerned about. the people's position is the fundamental political position of our party. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), our party has not forgotten its original intention, kept in mind its mission, followed the people's expectations, listened to the people's aspirations, and put forward the people-centered development idea. this thought embodies the fundamental purpose of serving the people heart and soul, is a new era xi an important content of the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics, upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics is a new era of one of the basic strategy. in more than five years, "people centered" to "people first" idea thorough popular feeling, become the advance of the party and the basic value orientation of developing the work, become an important value to promote the new era of sinicization of marxism. based on this, a new set of new ideas should be born. these new ideas new requirements, complied with the people yearning for a better life, in order to solve the people most concerned about is the most direct the most realistic interests problem provides guidelines, enriched and developed marxist historical materialism, the aim of serving the people wholeheartedly and color value more yi yi is unripe brightness. this kind of orientation is embodied in adhering to the bottom line thinking and focusing on preventing risks. thinking method is good at using the bottom line, in everything from harm, to strive for the best results, directions, they will not panic, firmly grasp the initiative, xi jinping, comrade as the core of the party central committee in governing a distinct characteristic. in more than five years, xi jinping, general secretary of the stressed that the achievements of the more, the more to be cautious, every must have the danger of suffering, the more strategic, disruptive mistakes can never. we should improve the financial regulation system and guard against the bottom line of systemic financial risks. the core technology is controlled by the people is our biggest hidden danger, safeguard national security must break through core technology this difficult problem, and so on. these important ideas, improve our understanding, anticipation, grasp and the ability to cope with the challenge of risk, for our vigilance, "black swans" to prevent "grey rhino" event, have ready to play against, against the risk of war and the play to turn, turn the crisis into an opportunity for strategic initiative, has important guiding significance.

to establish historical perspective, to grasp the historical law and to suck the excellent traditional culture nutrients, endow the new era marxism with more chinese style and chinese style

the chinese nation's long history, unique, profound and splendid culture, is that we set up the historical perspective, the important source of historical thinking, is the fertile soil of sinicization of marxism. comrade xi as the core of the party central committee adhere to the history, reality and future study, for a series of major issues to make the profound historical comparison and analysis, in promoting marxism new journey brought profound historical perspective.

this vision is reflected in the summary of historical experience. history is the best textbook. over the past five years and more, our party has gained some basic conclusions about adhering to and developing socialism with chinese characteristics. for example, we are now closer to the goal of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation than at any time in our history, more confident than any other time in history, and capable of achieving this goal. unique cultural traditions, unique historical destiny, unique basic national conditions, are doomed to follow the development path suitable for our own characteristics; to adhere to and develop socialism with chinese characteristics is to be consistent with the new great project of building a new party, and to strengthen the awareness of the risks and challenges to prevent risks, and so on. these basic conclusions reflect our party's regular understanding of the development of contemporary chinese society, and it is a new paper for promoting the sinicization of marxism in the new era.

this vision is reflected in the inheritance and promotion of chinese excellent traditional culture. socialism with chinese characteristics is rooted in the fertile soil of chinese culture and has deep historical roots. over the past five years, general secretary xi jinping has expounded on the value of china's outstanding traditional culture. he pointed out that the chinese culture accumulates the deepest spiritual pursuit of the chinese nation, which is the outstanding advantage of the chinese nation, and is our deepest cultural soft power. to realize the chinese dream, we must carry forward the chinese spirit. to govern today's china, we need to have a deep understanding of our country's history and traditional culture. we also need to make a positive summary of the exploration and wisdom of the governance of ancient china, and so on. these important, this paper illustrates the chinese excellent traditional culture spirit and value pursuit, the understanding of chinese excellent traditional culture, we're talking about a new height, apply for a new century chinese excellent traditional culture cultivating socialist core values, modernize the country management system, management ability, and the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation have pointed out the direction of the chinese dream.

this vision is reflected in the creative transformation and innovative development of chinese excellent traditional culture. good at draw nutrition from chinese excellent traditional culture, explains the reason of governing principle politics gives contemporary marxist distinct chinese characteristics, is general secretary xi promote a distinct characteristic of sinicization of marxism. for example, he quotes "for the heart of heaven and earth, for the life of the people, for the survival of the saints, for the peace of the world", to inspire people to strive for the realization of the chinese dream; he called on the whole party to press ahead with reform and innovation, citing "new days, new days and new days". he tells the story of the father "three lives", reminds the party cadres to be strict with the body, strict with the right to use the right, and so on. these classic sentence, the using of the historical story, xi jinping, new era of chinese characteristic socialism thought thick the chinese traditional culture, make marxism combining with chinese excellent traditional culture and a success story.

to uphold the global vision, and to provide the chinese wisdom china solution for the global governance and human's exploration of the good social system, highlight the world significance of the sinicization of marxism in the new era

only the nation is the world, and only the leading time can go to the world. using marxist broad vision observation time, reading time, lead time, truly understand the contemporary issues facing, profound context and to grasp the development of the world, in is marxist era of righteousness. in more than five years, xi jinping, general secretary based on china to see the world, facing the world see china, should precede the changes of the times, the lead time, the time for tide, put forward a series of new ideas new concepts of governing principle politics and global governance, and shows the broad global perspective.

this vision is reflected in the scientific analysis and the grasp of the world's development trend. to maintain a global vision, we must first analyze the world's potential and make it clear to the world. as general secretary xi jinping pointed out, it is an important and often new task to understand the world's development trend and keep up with the trend of the times. to answer this question, general secretary xi jinping put forward the guiding principles and guidelines. for example, if we look at the world, we can not be dazzled by flowers, nor can we be blindfolded by clouds, but we should be careful to see through the telescope of historical law. to set up the vision of the world, hold the pulse of the times, to get the tempests of the world today, exp, see, see through, from the appearance of things found in nature, especially to realize the long-term trends, and so on. based on these principles and guidelines, the cpc central committee made a new judgment on the international and domestic situation. these judgments are the important content of the socialist ideology with chinese characteristics in the new era of xi jinping, and also the practical basis for its formation and development, which embodies the spirit of the times.

this kind of vision is reflected in the overall international and domestic situation. as the world multi-polarization and economic globalization, cultural diversity and accelerate the development of social informatization process, increasingly to the world stage, china has never been closely connected with the international community interaction in our country, our country in the world rely on, to participate in the deepening of the international affairs, the dependence of the world to our country, the impact on our country. this will inevitably require us to put china's development in the context of an international context. chinese economy enters the new normal, to promote the supply side structural reform, promote economic development, efficiency, quality change change, dynamic change, establishing new international relations with win-win cooperation as the core, advocating common, integration, cooperation, sustainable security concept, promote to build the new power relations, proposed and practiced the right combination, cheng huirong peripheral diplomatic ideas, real close to non-working policy, and so on. these new ideas new concepts, vividly embodies the jinping general secretary standing on the height of the domestic and international two overall contact each other, review the strategic vision of development of our country and the world, global view, given the marxism new times connotation, the era of marxism.

this vision is reflected in the provision of chinese wisdom and solutions to global governance. how to seize the opportunity and win the initiative in the big change of the world pattern? how to contribute to human development? this is the two major issues that general secretary xi jinping has been thinking about. over the past five years, he has fully explored the governance philosophy that resonated with the times in chinese culture and made china's voice and made china's propositions in the reform of the international economic and political governance system. for example, the principle of "one belt and one road" is proposed and the principle of co-construction and sharing is proposed. we propose to build a community of shared future for mankind, advocate a more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win economic globalization, and build an innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive world economy. we will propose a mechanism for the establishment of a win-win, fair and equitable climate change governance mechanism and a multilateral, democratic and transparent global internet governance system. these new ideas, new ideas, full of chinese wisdom, have been widely recognized by the international community. the concept of "one belt and one road" and "building a community of shared future for mankind" has been written into united nations documents. these new ideas that conform to the trend of the times, in line with the national interests, increase the interests of meeting, for solving the global peace deficit, deficit, governance deficit contribution to the development of the chinese wisdom, enriched and developed the marxism theory of international strategy, vividly shows the size of the chinese communists global view, for the development of scientific socialism established the confidence, has injected vitality.

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