adhere to the values of the communists-凯发k8天生赢家

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adhere to the values of the communists

general secretary xi jinping put forward the values of honesty, fairness, fairness, honesty and integrity of the communist party. to strengthen the party's construction, we should carry forward the cpc's values as a major political task. only by strengthening the value identification, laying down the ideological foundation, setting up the spiritual pillar and building the moral defense line, can we bring together the great power of the new great project of the new era.

the communist values are the fundamental driving force of the chinese communists

socialism with chinese characteristics is entering a new era, and our party must also have new meteorological and new functions. iron must be hard on its own. to more than 8900 party members together, unite led people to respond effectively to the major challenge, resist major risks, overcome resistance, solve the major contradictions, the force of the formation of striding forward, cannot leave the shared values.

honesty and honesty are the values of the communist party. different from the average person's loyalty, the communist party of people's loyalty is belief in the party, the party's theory and the party's organization loyalty, must always think of themselves as the party's man, time don't forget your duty and responsibility to the party, be loyal to the party provider, the party responsible for party liability. it can be seen that loyalty and honesty are the essential values of the communist party members, and it is the proper meaning of leading cadres to strengthen the party's cultivation.

justice and decency are the values of the communist party. justice decent fair and objective is to treat people doing things, follow the rule of the development and relations in the human society, is the style of conduct rules, light, conforms to the social public moral consciousness, thinking and behavior way, reflect on the communists value criterion, is fair, justice, abide by the party spirit principle of choose and employ persons. justice and decency are the "ways" of "the public", and "positive" as the "school", with justice, justice, fairness and fairness as the way of work, practice and life.

seeking truth from facts is a requirement of the communist party. seeking truth from facts is the essence of marxism. it is the fundamental requirement of the chinese communist party to understand the world and transform the world. it is also the basic thought method, working method and leadership method of our party. seeking truth from facts is not only the ideological principle of the communists, but also the principles and values of the communist party.

integrity is the value of the communist party. clean and honest is the political essence of the communist party of china, and it is an important symbol of strengthening the party's long-term governance capacity building and keeping the advanced nature and purity. the communist party of china (cpc) has continued to put the anti-corruption campaign on an important agenda, which fully reflects the determination of the party and state leaders to combat corruption and clean politics. fighting against corruption requires not only the discipline and discipline of party discipline, but also the self-discipline of all communists. to keep clean and clean is the inherent requirement of our party to promote the construction of clean government and fight against corruption. it is also the basic value of the communist party.

carrying forward the values of communists is of great significance to the advancement of great works

to strengthen the party's construction is an urgent need to have the correct values to guide, fair is so honest, decent, seeking truth from facts and values such as integrity, it is a new era of the communist party of china political consciousness, moral quality and the important of work style, a strong driving force of promoting the new great project of party building.

carrying forward the values of the communist party is the ideological foundation of promoting great works. the key to the construction of the new era party with political construction is to use the communist party's values as the fixed star and the anchor stone, which runs through all aspects and the whole process of the party's construction. the communist party's values are the great wall of the communist party of china and a powerful ideological weapon to propel the party's new great project. carry forward the communists values is to adhere to the guiding status of marxism, adhere to the socialist and communist ideals, adhering to the party's leadership, for all the work adhere to the party's basic theory, basic line, basic strategy, insisting on the tenet of serving the people wholeheartedly. to the coordinates of all these fundamental political principles as planning work, firmly oppose all weaken, distort, deny the leadership of the party and the phenomenon of the socialist system, against all deviating phenomenon with the people as the center, to ensure the party's construction has the solid thought foundation, always in the right track.

carrying forward the values of the communist party is the spiritual pillar of the great project. adhering to the communist party's values is the inherent requirement of maintaining the party's advanced nature and purity, enhancing the party's creative cohesion and fighting force, and consolidating the party's ruling base. be loyal honest and belief in marxism, socialism and communism faith unswervingly, is the communist party's political soul, is the spiritual pillar of the communists to withstand any test. reaffirming the values of the communists, casting the soul of the ideal and belief, cultivating the loyalty character of the party, is the inevitable choice to deal with all kinds of "risks" and "tests". all party comrades must keep party loyalty, marxist belief, of socialism and communism belief as a lifelong pursuit, the firm ideal faith as a priority to carry out the party's political life, no matter how long walk don't forget why communist party, don't forget the mind of the communist party of people; no matter what challenges we encounter, we must uphold the values of the communists and uphold the spiritual heights of the communists.

carrying forward the values of the communists is the leading cause of great works. to propel the new great project of the party's construction requires not only the ideological foundation and spiritual support, but also the practice and action of all party comrades. the communists are the staunch believers of the lofty ideal of communism and the common ideal of socialism with chinese characteristics, as well as the practitioners of the new great project of promoting the party's construction. we have the feeling of looking up at the sky and pursuing our ideals, and we have the drive to do business on the ground. to never idle state of mind and indomitable struggle, take the lead in showing new as the new atmosphere, be loyal to the party provider, as due diligence, to benefit the people as the fundamental political party bear; the communist party's political beliefs, historical missions, values, and goals have been put into practice. in the vivid and concrete practice, firmly occupy the high ground of the moral and value, improve internal cohesiveness, centripetal force, foreign enhance attraction and influence, make our party has always been one of the leading enterprises in times, people sincerely support, to self revolution, stand the test all kinds of waves, vigor and vitality of marxist ruling party.

we will promote the values of the communist party in the new great works of the party's construction

communists values are condensed and the party and the masses of the people support and the support of strong spiritual weapon, and values, charisma and influence from attractive advanced values itself, therefore, in promoting the new great project of party building, must vigorously carry forward the communists values.

to carry forward the values of the communist party, we should adhere to the principle of loyalty and honesty, and maintain the political nature. the report stresses that the party's 19: "all party members, especially senior cadres to strengthen the party spirit exercise, constantly improve the political consciousness and political ability, to be loyal, as the parties share sorrows, as due diligence, the benefit of the people as the fundamental political party bear, forever communists political nature." party members and cadres are only loyal to the party, the party's faith, the party's theory and the party organization's all-around loyalty, to preserve the political nature of the communists. first, there is a party and loyalty to the party. always in ideological political action with the party central committee with comrade xi as the core to keep highly consistent, consciously in accordance with the standards of party puts forward strict with oneself, self-consciousness and loyal translate into concrete action, the major policies of the cpc central committee complete in place, do the party party, love the party, the party in party party, the party for party, always with the party, the advocacy, heart to heart. second, to be honest and practical. the honest man do laoshishi as a kind of behavior, carry out on the work life, reflected in in word and deed, and to maintain public interests, and tread the steadfast work people can see and touch, feel of the practical work, good thing. the third is to be frank and consistent. faithful to the party, and aboveboard, for people to open,,, is never late in keeping an appointment, have the courage to resist the duplicitous, do the dichotomy, speculative political phenomenon, let "the dichotomy" cannot conduct, no room, don't breed.

to carry forward the values of the communist party, we should uphold fairness and decency and highlight political standards. for the communist party member, "justice" is the foundation of the base of this, the virtue of being and doing things, is our party's political character, is the party on the style to maintain the advanced nature and purity thrift way; "decency" is the key to the whole process of selecting and appointing political standards throughout the selection and appointment of cadres. the first is to uphold the common heart, the government. we should be impartial, public and private, and private first. they are not selfish, selfish, or private. only when we are committed to the common cause, we can have the right view of power, status, right and wrong, and we can do business without the principle of self-interest. the second is decency and justice. treats people with "is" for "send", for the people to be enthusiastic, sincere equality, justice, fairness, no partiality, does not distinguish between personal relationship firmly against sectarianism, community culture, wharf culture. third, fairness and justice. the "public" is the "way", insisting on the correct employment orientation, justice and justice, not being trapped by feelings, not being disturbed by interests, and not being afraid of pressure. examing political standards as the basic standard of choose and employ persons, in strict accordance with the policy, according to the procedures and play by the rules, the real is at a crucial moment good, trustworthy, can trust of good cadre selected, to use.

to promote the values of the communist party, we should adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts and grasping political principles. seeking truth from facts is the basic norm of inner-party political life and the political principle that every party member should adhere to. only by adhering to the reality, the theory should be connected with the reality, and according to the objective law, we can grasp the political principles and test the truth and develop the truth in practice. first, we should stick to the political principles and uphold the principles. to talk about politics is to stick to the right position and keep the right direction. the principle is to be unequivocal, unwavering, unwavering, unwavering, and unremittingly struggling with all kinds of erroneous ideas on major issues of principle. second, pragmatic and pragmatic. insist on seeking truth from facts, the most basic work is to clear up the "truth", go deep among the masses and into the practice, understand the truth, grasp the truth, in practice to explore and master the objective law of things development, make the thought and action, decision-making conforms to the objective reality; the key is in the "realistic" fluctuation kongfu, stick to "three steady tightening real" criterion, attention to real situation, entrepreneurship to real, be real, conscientiously industrious work, down-to-earth, have the courage to bear. third, uphold truth and correct mistakes. to adhere to what and to fix what, and to rely on the party and the people's cause, we should always keep in mind, always keep in mind, and keep in mind all the things that are conducive to the cause of the party and the people. we should timely find, correct and solve problems that are not conducive to the cause of the party and the people. we should make our thoughts and actions more consistent with the objective laws, meet the requirements of the times and meet the aspirations of the people.

we should uphold the values of the communist party and maintain a clean and clean political base. xi general secretary put forward: "as long as you can hold to be friends, doing things, unavailability, bottom line, you can keep the party and the people to their political responsibility, keep their political lifeline, hold the right values in life." this tells the communist party that if there is no fear, no bottom line, a breach of the bottom line and go astray, it will slip to the political bottom line. only by obeying the rules, knowing the awe and understanding self-discipline, can we keep the political bottom line of non-corrupt. first, strictly observe the rules and stick to the bottom line. often take place de, often think of greed, chang huaikang heart of self-disciplined, comply with the requirements of the party to build a clean government, strictly implement the central eight, resolutely resist "four winds", achieve "clear, clean work, be frank and open to the officer in vain". the second is to be in awe and discretion. the power of the adversary should be in awe, and always remember that the power in our hands is given by the people. we should use good power to do more things for the people, do practical things and do good deeds. we will uphold the right to use the right, the right to use justice, the right to use discretion, and the right to clean and clean. the third is to be careful and careful. we should solve the problem of the "master switch" of the world outlook, outlook on life and values, and solve the problems in small and small areas. adhere to grasp early small and preventive, strict to cultivate one's morality self-critical, keep self-respect, introspection, reliably, self-excited, accomplish heart be feared, speak to quit and do a check, hold on to enhance the bottom line.

source: study times