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we will strengthen discipline construction and promote the development of philosophy and social science

march 3 to 15, more than 2100 cppcc member mission solemn, gathered in the chinese people's political consultative conference, the 13th session of the national committee for the first time, actively participates in "rite and responsible, and give full play to the people's political consultative conference as an important channel of socialist deliberative democracy and consultation agencies. at the end of the conference, our correspondent interviewed huang haotao, a member of the cppcc national committee and vice president of the central party school.

as a new member of the national committee of the chinese people's political consultative conference (cppcc), the vice president of the central party school, huang haitao, said that the meeting was in good shape and the agenda was successfully completed. xi and other party and state leaders attended the meeting and participate in group discussions, and member spends significant, especially in jinping general secretary in zanu-pf, vice-chairperson, independents, federation of industry members lianzuhui delivered an important speech, emphasizing unswervingly consolidate and develop the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the communist party, deeply discusses the rich connotation and distinctive characteristics of the new political party system, and play to the unique advantages of multi-party cooperation, the significance of developing socialist democratic politics, gives us great encouragement.

"in the 33 groups of my social science community, the members spoke enthusiastically and enthusiastically in the group meeting, which reflected a high degree of political responsibility and historical sense of mission. the meeting is pragmatic and efficient, and the wind is clear. huang haotao told reporters that the meeting comprehensively and profoundly summed up the chinese people's political consultative conference (cppcc) and its basic experience over the past five years, the direction and focus for the future work to achieve consensus, elected a new session of the national committee of the cppcc national committee chairman, vice chairman and secretary and standing committee, is a continuity, after assembly. "i deeply feel that the people's political consultative conference as a united front organization, important institution of multi-party cooperation and political consultation, is an important realization form of the people's democracy, is an important part of national governance system, is a system arrangement with chinese characteristics." we will unswervingly take the chinese characteristic socialism political development road, under the strong leadership of the communist party of china, let people's political consultative conference, a political organization and democratic form, to better play its unique advantages.

in order to accelerate the construction of chinese characteristic philosophy and social science, we should attach importance to and strengthen discipline construction.

"accelerating the construction of the philosophy and social science of chinese characteristics is the lofty mission of the whole philosophy and social scientists of the new era." as a member of the social science community, huang haotao paid close attention to the development of philosophy and social sciences.

on may 17, 2016, xi jinping, general secretary of chaired a meeting of philosophy and social science work forum and delivered an important speech, profoundly expounded the historical position and time value of philosophy and social sciences, highlighted the stick to marxist guiding status in the field of philosophy and social sciences in china, penetrating speed up the construction of chinese characteristic are discussed the main principles and basic requirements of philosophical and social sciences. xi jinping, general secretary of the "5 · 17" important speech about two years, huang haotao said that we should be combined with the development of philosophy and social sciences and problems, deepening the understanding of speech spirit, to better implement the spirit of speech.

according to huang haotao, the construction of chinese characteristic philosophy and social science is a major proposition, which contains rich contents and has many tasks. one of them is to emphasize and strengthen discipline construction. the subject is a category that is divided by academic nature. in the course of the formation and development of philosophy and social science, the emergence of disciplines is an important symbol of academic progress and reflects the law and characteristics of academic development. subject is the carrier of academic accumulation and inheritance, and it is also the platform for further development and innovation of science. the discipline plays an important role in forming academic community and academic norms, promoting knowledge systemization, providing theoretical framework and research methods, as well as specialized personnel training and training. in the construction of discipline system, academic system and discourse system, the discipline system occupies the basic position.

at present, the construction of chinese characteristic philosophy social science opportunity and challenge coexist. huang haotao said, now the comrades working in the field of philosophy and social sciences, there is a consensus, contemporary china's social transformation and innovation in practice, provide strong impetus theory, academic prosperity and broad space. the party and the state attach great importance to the philosophy and social sciences, and provide a favorable policy environment for the prosperity and development of philosophy and social science, as well as unprecedented full funding and other conditions. as xi jinping has pointed out, "this is an era that requires theory and must be able to generate theory. it is an era that requires thought and can produce ideas." on the other hand, the status quo of philosophy and social science is indeed "a lack of quality, expert lack of experts" and weak academic originality. a large number of papers and works, the pursuit of grand narrative and the content is vague, lack of in-depth research, can not very well extract from the practical problems of the theory, and make regular generalizations. these low-academic jobs may be a symptom of prosperity, but they are actually low levels of repetition. it can not meet the needs of solving practical problems, nor can it bring real academic progress.

xi jinping, general secretary had explicitly pointed out: "advancing subject system, academic system, discourse system construction and innovation, strive to build a comprehensive, full field, total factor system of philosophy and social sciences." when it comes to discipline construction should be how to set about, huang haotao specific suggestions are given: attach importance to and strengthen the discipline construction, is to emphasize systematic and professional, philosophy and social science research work is to emphasize throughout the scientific nature and scientific spirit, is to emphasize the proper learning manner. according to huang, comrade deng xiaoping had long made a clear answer to the question of whether social science is a science. "science certainly includes social science," he said. xi jinping, general secretary and also is the social science and natural science, stressed that "the development level of a country depends on both the natural science development level, also depends on the level of philosophy and social science development". social science, of course, has its own characteristics, but has the common nature of science and social science, it as well as natural science, is to know the world the world tools, on the basis of using the scientific method, reflect the characteristics of the objective laws, to form a systemic knowledge. if social science loses its professionalism, systematicness and scientificity, it loses the fundamental value of its existence. the existing academic grandiose, misconduct, pushing, patchwork, churning out bad style of study, is deviated from the scientific nature of the social sciences, this situation also affected the whole society to the understanding of the social science work and evaluation.

in particular, huang said that to avoid a misunderstanding, it is believed that the emphasis on discipline construction will lead to the emphasis on basic research, and to weaken the research of applied research, especially on major practical issues. it should be noted that the major practical problems of economic and social development are generally comprehensive, not only in a single subject, but also in multi-disciplinary joint efforts. our existing subject setting and imperfect, contact the real ability is not strong, some old knowledge and methods, and can't well meet the needs of the major practical problems research, is to illustrate the importance of strengthening the construction of disciplines. only adjust and improve the disciplinary layout and subject system innovation, improve academic performance, applied research ability is rooted in the deep soil of academic, scientific theory and method of support, a better answer and solve practical problems; and the application research can drive basic research and the basic construction of the subject, and transform the development and practical needs of the times into the leading and driving force of the innovation and progress of the discipline. in this process, some traditional subjects radiate new vitality and form new advantages. some emerging disciplines and interdisciplinary subjects with significant practical significance can grow faster. some of them have been passed down and developed.

huang haotao believes that the construction of philosophy and social science is undertaking the task of constructing the basic social science of chinese characteristics. to adhere to the guiding position of marxism, to implement the various disciplines, adhere to the basic principle of marxism and through the stand point method, trying to form with chinese characteristics, chinese style, chinese style of various disciplines basic theory and method. according to the requirements of general secretary xi jinping, it embodies the inheritance and nationality; reflect originality, time; it is systematic and professional.

we will improve the funding methods for philosophy and social sciences and try to purchase some outstanding scientific research results.

president xi jinping stressed that the allocation, funding and management of scientific research funds should be innovated. huang haotao has an in-depth thinking on perfecting the way of financing philosophy and social science. to this end, he proposed to implement some excellent scientific research results to buy the proposal.

currently, in the field of philosophy and social sciences, project (project) system is the main mode of scientific research organization management and funding mode, huang said. the project system is conducive to clear scientific research orientation and objectives, to organize and integrate scientific research resources and forces, and to carry out research on major issues and joint efforts. project scheme for highly concentrated research plan management system reform in the past, expand the team autonomy and enhance the vitality of scientific research work, the prosperity and development of philosophy and social science programs and played an important role. because of the numerous categories of philosophy and social sciences, the characteristics and research methods of different disciplines are different, and the requirements for studying resource allocation methods and conditions are very different. the single project system gradually reveals its limitations, and in some areas, especially in the study of the humanities and basic theories, it is not completely applicable.

huang haotao said, in the humanities and the basic theory research, most of the research work have the characteristics of continuity, stability, need to systematically tracking and long-term accumulation, and the project scheme for management work, study period, and the same project in the short term will not be repeated. in order to obtain the project funds, the researchers can only declare according to the established project, and can not conduct research based on their own academic foundation and research interests. in order to constantly strive for project funding, new topics and research directions should be constantly updated. therefore, the research work shows the phenomenon of "short, flat, fast" and "one shot for another". the study of the humanities and basic theory has the characteristics of divergent thinking and uncertainty, and it produces insight, thoughts and opinions in the process of free research. the project initiation review requires a clear view, research path and presupposition in advance; scholars with a lot of energy to make design in advance, submit the form as far as possible complete filing materials, is advantageous for the competition by the review, it is easy to form a restrictive "box", light and heavy project research, heavy process light result phenomenon, is not conducive to encourage innovation in the process of research. in terms of research funding budgeting, project scheme to direct costs as the main basis, and humanities and is the main researchers individual mental work on basic research, heavy accumulation, literature, funds use mainly embodied in the demand of the indirect expenses and mental compensation, therefore the expenses is difficult "problems, and even false invoices spending phenomenon, breeding ground for the unhealthy practices and violations.

huang haotao said, even in the application and countermeasures study, project scheme as a result of the project procedures and funds management lag, also difficult to timely organize the timely or emergency research. project scheme implementation process, including project post-project, achievements inspection, the final accounts of funds, such as management of fulcrum is academic evaluation, because of the complexity of the philosophy and social science evaluation as well as the reality of a variety of academic factors, the evaluation of the reliability of the greatly reduced. especially compared to those who do not need to make evaluation and rely mainly on time and practice to verify the academic achievements, the project management to organize the inspection and evaluation, it has the problem of high cost, low efficiency.

in this regard, huang haotao suggested that some excellent scientific research achievements should be tried in the field of philosophy and social science, as a supplement to the project system. the "buy", he says, is a borrowed concept that does not equate to market buying and selling in the economy. mainly for those who did not receive upfront financing or investment demand smaller, mainly the excellent scientific research achievements obtained by intellectual investment, late for financing and compensation, reflects the fine results orientation, respect knowledge, respect talent, increase the intensity of performance incentive. this is the way of scientific research funds use and management reform and innovation, and can contribute to the research of forming dynamic management and operation mechanism, strengthen the reform of scientific research personnel of a sense of accomplishment and get feeling, better stimulate the enthusiasm of scientific research personnel, at the same time, it will greatly improve the efficient use of public funds.

huang haotao special mention, the implementation way results purchase, purchase subject, object, buy the standard, results, the funds for such problems, needs to be done the thorough careful research and design, make it be scientific, normative and maneuverability. in this respect, as long as the consensus is formed, efforts can be made.

source: study times.