in the high quality of development, new work-凯发k8天生赢家

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in the high quality of development, new work

federation of industry and commerce as the party and the government contact nonpublic economy personages of bridges, government management and service of the non-public sector of the economy's assistant, to firmly grasp the development of the high quality requirements, in accordance with the party's 19th and deployment of the central economic work conference, to guide the development of private enterprises in the new era of high quality and great change set.
party's 19 report reiterated it is "two", specifically support the development of private enterprises, and puts forward some new ideas in a series of closely related to development of private economy new deployment, points out the bright prospects for china's private economy development, greatly encouraging the development of the private entrepreneurs confidence. according to statistics, china has reached more than 2600 private enterprises, registered capital of more than 165 trillion yuan, tax contribution to the country by more than 50% of gdp, fixed assets investment and foreign direct investment accounted for more than 60%, the technical innovation and new products accounted for more than 70%, accounted for more than 80%, urban jobs for new employment contribution rate more than 90%. china's economy has shifted from the high - speed growth stage to the high quality stage. federation of industry and commerce as the party and the government contact nonpublic economy personages of bridges, government management and service of the non-public sector of the economy's assistant, to firmly grasp the development of the high quality requirements, in accordance with the party's 19th and deployment of the central economic work conference, to guide the development of private enterprises in the new era of high quality and great change set.
we will guide private enterprises to focus on the real economy and lay a solid foundation for high-quality development.
the real economy is the foundation and lifeblood of the national economy, and is an important pillar of national strength and national rejuvenation. only by strengthening the real economy and consolidating the foundation can we make new progress in transforming the economic development pattern and make new breakthroughs in achieving high-quality development. with the deepening of supply-side structural reform, the domestic economy has maintained steady growth and the real economy has improved, but the real economy still faces many difficulties. federation of industry and will continue to service the real economy development as the top priority, promote to develop the real economy operation cost reduction, understanding of industrial enterprise cost as well as the existence prominent question, reduced cost of institutional trading and logistics, can use, such as land costs. to carry out the regional business environment assessment and policy assessment, reflect the demands of enterprises, and promote the implementation of policies supporting the development of the real economy. set up a batch of outstanding enterprises aim at the entity and industry typical, guide the private enterprise to do the superior and the real economy as a development direction and mission to bear for the modern economic system build and high quality contributions to economic development.
promote the innovation and transformation of private enterprises, and add impetus to high quality development.
"innovation is the first driving force for development and a strategic support for building a modern economic system," the party's report said. competition among enterprises is ultimately the competition of innovation ability. the development of private enterprises is to follow the trend of economic development, practice the new development concept, and improve the quality efficiency and international competitiveness of enterprises. in recent years, a large number of private enterprises through technical innovation, business model innovation, management innovation, and move into new areas of new forms, the implementation of industrial gradient shift, cross-regional integration diversified approach to innovation, such as restructuring towards higher quality, more efficient and more sustainable direction. but it cannot be ignored that most private enterprises are still at the low end of the value chain, facing the dual squeeze of the quality advantage of developed countries and the cost advantage of developing countries. federation of industry and innovation service set up on the carrier, promote the establishment of keqi docking, production-study-research cooperation platform, guide private enterprises active in the supply side structural reform, speed up the development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry. we will support industry associations or leading enterprises to launch an industrial technology innovation alliance, create a "double innovation" service platform, and strengthen support for the innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises. we will carry out the national awards for the advancement of industry and commerce, and do a good job in the national awards, and guide private enterprises to actively participate in major national science and technology projects. we will guide and service private enterprises to implement brand strategy, adhere to quality first and sincere service, launch more well-known products and well-known brands, and build world-leading enterprises with global influence. research for the condition of developing private enterprises comprehensively improve the quality, to develop and implement the opinions of the federation of industry and guide private enterprises to carry out the quality improvement action, guide enterprises to carry out the quality change, promote industry enterprise product quality, engineering quality and service quality.
we will guide private enterprises to participate in national strategies and expand space for high-quality development.
the report suggests that the party's 19th to firmly implement the strategy of regional harmonious development, rural revitalization strategy, sustainable development strategy, etc. series of national strategy, and puts forward to "area" construction as the key point, both on introduction to and go out, follow the principle of discuss sharing, open cooperation to strengthen innovation capabilities, to promote the international cooperation capacity, the formation of global trade, investment and financing, production and service network. these strategies and deployment, stick to change, social principal contradictions of our country is of great significance to guide the rational flow of factors of production, is to promote the coordinated development of economy in our country, realize the urgent need of the development of high quality, provides a significant opportunity for development of private enterprises and the vast space. federation of industry and commerce will revolve around national development strategy and deployment, boost the local economy development in private enterprises and luster line and other activities, guide private enterprises to participate in the male new area construction, support to old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas and poor areas of development, deeply involved in promoting western development, northeast china and other old industrial bases in northeast, the rise of the central region, the implementation of the strategy of priority to the development of the eastern region, etc.
guide to seize the development opportunity brought by rural revitalization of private enterprises, engaged in green, organic agricultural production and operation, improving the quality of the supply of agricultural products, promote new energy and environmental technology popularization and application in rural areas, promote the development of urban and rural integration, accelerate the rural modernization of agriculture. guide the private enterprise sets up the concept of ecological civilization, to vigorously develop the green manufacturing, save resources, protect the environment and promote the organic integration of production, promote the construction of ecological civilization and development of the beautiful china. develop and implement the opinions of the service industry, military and civilian integration work, continue to hold the civil-military integration high-tech exhibition and dual-use technology innovation contest and other activities, brand building civil-military integration work, to promote coordinated development of economic construction and national defense construction, balance development, compatible development. engage private enterprises in the construction and training of one belt and one road, guide and serve the qualified and competent private enterprises to carry out international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation; we should give full play to the advantages of the civil affairs of the industrial and commercial federation, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries and regions along the "one belt and one road", and promote the construction of chinese-funded enterprises in china.
to stimulate and protect the entrepreneurial spirit and inject vitality into the high-quality development.
the party's nineteenth report said, "to inspire and protect the spirit of entrepreneurship and encourage more social entities to devote themselves to innovation and entrepreneurship. we will build a knowledge-based, skilled and innovative work force, carry forward the spirit of the work model and the spirit of the craftsman, and create a glorious social style and a spirit of professionalism. entrepreneurs are the main body of economic activity and the "key minority" and special talents in the market economy. entrepreneurship is an important source of economic development and a spiritual force for entrepreneurs to discover opportunities and create value.
in the current economy towards quality development stage, some enterprises because of the backward management concept, the innovation ability insufficiency, the business environment, the poor look not clear direction, can not find a transformation roadmap, enterprise management difficulties, losing business confidence. in this situation, it is of great importance to stimulate and protect the entrepreneurial spirit, which is of great significance for promoting the high quality of economic development. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china, the cpc central committee has been very concerned about the growth and role of the entrepreneurial team, and attaches great importance to the cultivation of entrepreneurship and the development of private economy. especially in september 2017, issued by the central committee of the communist party of china and the state council "about build entrepreneur healthy growth environment promote the outstanding entrepreneur spirit better give play to the role of entrepreneur opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), fully embodies the party central committee with comrade xi as the core of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, attaches great importance to entrepreneurs. federation will earnestly implement the "opinions" spirit, continue to strengthen patriotism education, organize mark the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up a series of activities of private enterprises, cultivating entrepreneurs national sense of mission and sense of national pride, deepen the non-public economy person of the communist party of china, socialism with chinese characteristics political identity identification and feelings, thoughts, by the industry, the industrial powers as own duty, take an active part in the national development strategy, to national greatness and national revival contribution strength. outstanding builder of the socialist cause with chinese characteristics recognition and new era "promote entrepreneurship, vying for example" activities, pay attention to cultivate the spirit of dedication, spirit of labor model, artisans, exert advanced typical demonstration role in driving. implements and realizes "the central committee of the communist party of china about improve the system of property rights protection under the state council shall protect the property rights of opinions", actively participate in the establishment of unified national enterprise rights protection platform, identify correct one batch of society reflects strong property rights disputes, integration of resources to establish legal service center, rights protection and legal aid mechanism, micro, small and medium enterprises to help private enterprises in accordance with law, protect the lawful rights and interests, to reassure entrepreneurs development. enterprise culture is the expansion and external performance of entrepreneurship in enterprises. excellent corporate culture is the endogenous driving force for the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises. federation of industry and commerce will actively guide the private entrepreneurs to absorb nutrients from the excellent chinese traditional culture, learning to explore modern management methods and means, cultivating enterprise culture with chinese characteristics, is china's new era of enterprise management mode, summarize comprehensively promote private enterprise culture and management level.
we will promote the establishment of pro-qing government and business relations and optimize the environment for high-quality development.
the communist party of china (cpc) said in its report that "the construction of a new type of political and commercial relations between the two sides should promote the healthy development of the non-public sector and the healthy growth of the non-public sector of the economy". build a fresh business relations, is an important part of the optimization of business environment, is to improve the system of socialist market economy and building a fair market environment, promoting the healthy development of enterprises. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china, the cpc central committee has intensified efforts to combat corruption and investigated a number of corrupt and illegal businessmen. at the same time, there are still some people in the state organs who are not willing to take the responsibility, not willing to contact with the entrepreneurs, or they are not steadfast in their relationship with entrepreneurs, and they are afraid of suspicion. on march 4, 2016, general secretary xi jinping proposed that, in order to promote economic and social development, the exchanges between leading cadres and non-public economic people are frequent, inevitable and necessary. this kind of intercourse should be a gentleman's hand, to be able to close two words. federation will let the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources, better play to the functions of the government's perspective, extensive investigation and research, make recommendations, promote the transformation of government functions and deepening the reform of "pipes", improve the implementation of market access system of negative list, breaking discriminatory restrictions and all kinds of recessive disorder, create a more fair and orderly market environment. contact over standard communication behavior, strengthening service, promote communication, optimize the environment of law, government and enterprises to build public opinion environment, etc., to develop practice kiss qing measures and carry out new business relationships. sustained sanjin "law" activities, and guide the non-public economic people conscious law-abiding integrity as a living, stick to the spirit of contract, in management and business activities is not the rule, do not step on the red, don't break the bottom line, law-abiding business, fair business. business ethics construction, and actively explore new era to carry forward the socialist core values, improve the image of the private entrepreneurs and entrepreneur, become a respected public figure, lead the new fashion of the society, for national prosperity and national rejuvenation condensation positive energy.
source: study times.