the new era must insist on comprehensively deepening reform-凯发k8天生赢家

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the new era must insist on comprehensively deepening reform

to persevere in comprehensively deepening reform is one of the basic strategies for adhering to and developing socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era.
to deepen reform comprehensively, we must adhere to and improve the system of socialism with chinese characteristics, and continue to modernize the country's governance system and capacity. we will unswervingly promote reform and opening up and keep new strides in terms of system construction and innovation, and constantly promote the production relations and productive forces, the superstructure and economic base, promote economic and social each domain, each aspect and each link coordinate, continuously promoting the modernization of national management system and management ability.
history has shown and will continue to prove that only socialism can save china and only reform and opening up can develop china, develop socialism and develop marxism, only by constantly developing and perfecting the system of socialism with chinese characteristics can security reform development achievement, to ensure that people enjoy the achievement of reform and development.
to deepen reform comprehensively, we must resolutely remove all outdated ideological and institutional deficiencies and break through the barriers of interest solidification. since the eighteenth congress, our party attaches great importance to strengthen the reform of the top-level design and overall planning, coordination of economy, politics, culture, society, ecology and so on various aspects system reform, dare to face tough, dare to wade rapids, resolutely remove all the drawbacks of the systems and mechanisms of scientific development, stimulate the creativity of the whole society, promote national each enterprise vigorous development, has made great historic achievement.
breaking through ideological barriers, breaking through the barriers of interest solidification, first and foremost is emancipating the mind. on the issue of comprehensively deepening reform, some ideological barriers often come not from outside the system but from within the system. without liberation, it is difficult to see the crux of various benefits solidification, it is difficult to find the direction and the point of breakthrough, it is difficult to come up with creative reform measures. new era, we must to greater political courage and wisdom, seize the historical opportunity, continue to emancipate the mind, continue to deepen the reform of the important areas, conquer pernicious disease of systems and mechanisms on the dense, breakthrough interests curing barriers, further liberation and development of social productive forces, further stimulate social cohesion and creativity.
to deepen reform comprehensively, we must attach great importance to the historic transformation of major social conflicts. 19 big report, socialism with chinese characteristics into a new era, social principal contradictions of our country has been converted to the good life is people's increasing need and the contradiction between the inadequate development of unbalance. the major contradictory changes in our society are historic changes in the overall relationship, and many new demands have been made on the work of the party and the state. the main contradiction of the new society is the fundamental basis for comprehensively deepening the reform. focus on comprehensively deepen reform, we should strive to solve the problem of inadequate good unbalanced development, vigorously promote the quality and efficiency of development, better to meet the people in the economic, political, cultural, social and ecological aspects of the needs of the growing, better promote person's full scale development, all-round social progress.
to deepen reform comprehensively, we must absorb the beneficial results of human civilization, build a system with complete systems, scientific norms and an effective system, and give full play to the advantages of our socialist system. what kind of system a country chooses is determined by the historical inheritance, cultural tradition and economic and social development level of the country, which is determined by the people of this country. system in our country today, it is the nature of marxism, is the fruit of marxist deeply integrated with china's history, culture, tradition, on the basis of the economic and social development of our country further evolution, and the result of the endogenous evolution. the report of the 19th congress of the cpc was first put forward in the report of the party's congress, promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of chinese excellent traditional culture. the "creative transformation and innovative development" here reflects the spirit of not forgetting the original, absorbing the foreign and facing the future. we will comprehensively deepen reform to make socialism with chinese characteristics better. we say that the firm system is self-confident, not to be complacent, but to constantly reform the malpractices of the system and make our system mature and durable.
new era new ideas, new era new strategy, new era new hope. "the good times have a lot of fun, all over the nine." the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics opened a new road to comprehensively deepen reform, we should forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind the mission, new era in jinping the thought to guide the reform practice of socialism with chinese characteristics, deepen the reform practice, adhere to the comprehensive governing party building the new requirements, continuously improve the level of the party's ruling ability and leadership, struggling for the realization of the new target.
source: study times.