the party branch promotes the basic path of organizational force-凯发k8天生赢家

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the party branch promotes the basic path of organizational force

the party's nineteenth report pointed out that the construction of grassroots party organizations "should focus on improving organizational strength" and that the party organizations at the grassroots level should strengthen their own construction and clear the direction and task. as the basic organization of the party, the branch must improve its organizational force in many aspects, so as to take the responsibility of the party constitution and play the role of a strong combat fortress.
to improve the organizational force in the work of grasping the law innovation. at present, there is a general situation in the branch that "the old ways will not be used and the new methods will not be used". in the end, the work of the branch is the work of human being, and the work of human being should study the characteristics of the work object, and design and organize activities accordingly. the old method has worked in the past because of the characteristics of the mind and behavior of the people in particular historical conditions; the new method will not be used, it is not based on the historical condition change, the study of the new era people's thought activity and the demand structure change characteristic. in order to effectively improve the organizational force, the branch must realize three innovations. first, the branch activity means to innovate, can give the party members the sense of the touch. serious political work can be presented with new media and new technologies in a way that appeals to people's eyes and ears. second, the working mechanism should be innovated, so that the legitimate needs of party members can be satisfied. for party members, their main status is fully respected, democratic rights are guaranteed, and personal ability is improved. for the masses, the yearning for a better life is respected, and beneficial help is gained, and the actual effect is produced. third, value leads to innovation, and can touch the soul of party members. guide party members to see the value of the party's work, and inspire their sense of mission and responsibility; to guide the masses to see the bright prospect of realizing the chinese dream, and to strengthen their love for the party and their willingness to walk with the party.
to improve the organizational force in the selection of strong support team. "the branch is not strong, want to see the leader". the selection of a strong support team, especially the secretary of the branch, is critical to the promotion of organizational power. the selection of the branch team should meet three standards. first, a strong sense of political responsibility. the secretary of the branch, the member is not the virtual title, but the real responsibility. the members of the branch team are responsible for the construction of party members and the party's work, and the secretary of the branch is responsible for the construction of the branch. only with a strong sense of political responsibility, can the work be done and stimulate the vitality of the branch. second, professional competence. the branch work is the professional political work essentially, needs the branch team to have the corresponding professional ability. should consider when matching branch team members professional accomplishment and ability should be exist certain differences, in order to achieve the best effect, reasonable structure, complementing the branch team overall quality can include acute political ability, learning ability of keeping pace with the times, people-oriented management ability, to do ideological work communication ability and so on. third, the innovation consciousness is strong. branch work is the work that needs to keep pace with the times. branch staff must be good at starting from the specific work, according to the reality of the work object, continuously from the content, form, carrier, methods and means for improvement and innovation, improve the quality and effect of branch work.
improve organizational skills in strict organizational life. the strict standard of organizational life is an important form of education management supervision for party members, which is also an important way to improve organizational power. in his remarks on the political life of the party, general secretary xi stressed that "the party can better gather the soul and strengthen the body". to strictly organize the life is to strictly implement the basic system of the party branch, carry forward the spirit of "nails", and unceasingly start from the basic system, from the organization of life. first, we should strengthen the organizational concept of party members. education party members firmly establish the awareness of "people in the organization, need to organize their lives", and participate in the organization activities in strict accordance with party rules. second, should make full use of the "three will be a lesson", such as system to carry out the party's basic theory, basic line, basic strategies for education, especially the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics in jinping new era armed mind, education to guide the party member firm ideal faith, strengthen the party spirit cultivation, enhance the consciousness of "four", "four confidence", consciously in ideological political action with the party central committee with comrade xi for the core remain highly consistent. lastly, use good enough this sharp weapon, criticism and self-criticism through positive and healthy thoughts and negative alert, veterinarian, timely "lesion" party members, solve the party members' political, ideological, organizational, style and discipline problems. in education management supervision of party members at the same time, apply the care and support, to conduct regular talk to heart, master the party member ideological dynamic, completes the reassurance, resolving contradictions, the straightening out the mood, promote the unity of work.
we will promote organizational capacity in the maintenance and development of the interests of the masses. branch is directly related to the masses the most grass-roots party organizations, service always stand in the forefront of the masses, only the truly good faith seeks the benefit for the masses, to help solve the problem of people's life and production, to condense the wisdom and strength of the masses. first, contact the masses. only when we have a piece of work with the masses, we can listen to the voice of the people, and understand the people's thoughts, hopes, worries and worries. second, serve the masses. the people's yearning for a good life is specific to the industry and region in which the branch is located. public interests has no small matter, branch as the nerve endings of the leadership of the party, must be the crowd of little things as his own, must have the desire to "do things", to "do things", "do things", enhance the masses of the acquisition, happiness and security. third, mobilize the masses. "historical activities are the cause of the masses", and socialism with chinese characteristics is the cause of the party's leadership and the masses. branch to many ways to explain to the masses propaganda the party's claims, help the masses to realize the party's position is in the fundamental interests of them, arouse the masses in the construction of socialism with chinese characteristics in the main body spirit, lit the enthusiasm of the masses struggle for their happiness life, the party's claim right into the conscious action of the masses.
source: study times.