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on the party's self-revolution and the great social revolution

xi jinping in study and implement the party's general secretary 19 big spirit seminar kaibanshi's important speech, with great social revolution to generalize our party to lead the people across the country to 97 practice struggle history; we will have the courage to self-revolution and the party's ruling party to summarize the most distinctive character of our party; it is emphasized that our party must promote the great social revolution led by the party by its self-revolution. these arguments for us to further study the party's 19 big spirit, grasp xi new era chinese characteristics socialism, consciously to shoulder the historical mission of the communist party of china new era is of great significance.
the great social revolution is an inherent historical mission of the party.
marxist classical writers think, any a kind of social form is a certain productive forces on the basis of the unity of economic basis and superstructure, or by the economy, politics, culture three basic system. communist party from the date of birth, put to great social revolution, destroy capitalism and other social system exploitation, establishes the best human social system - communist society as the highest ideal and ultimate goal.
our party is marxism-leninism with the guidance of the communist party, from the produce of the great social revolution in china clearly written on their own flags, "the purpose of the communists are in accordance with the communist ideal, to create a new society". in the past 97 years, our party has not changed the original intention of the marxist political party, not forgetting its original intention of building the party, and constantly pushing forward the great social revolution of china.
period of the new-democratic revolution, our party led the masses of workers and peasants and other progressive class, class forces, to overthrow the "three mountains" of political rule, established the party leadership of the people's democratic dictatorship regime. early since the founding of new china, the party led the people in the new-democratic revolution task thoroughly carried out immediately after the socialist transformation of the private ownership of the means of production, set up the socialist public ownership of means of production. after the regime was consolidated, the party set the goal of establishing industrialized countries. in addition, during the long-term revolution, the party has always insist on a communist ideological and theoretical education of party members, with the new democratic education and socialist culture, fashion popular, transforming social traditions, to create a new chinese culture.
after the third plenary session of the eleventh central committee of the party, the party established the basic line of socialism with "one center, two basic points" as the core content. this is the lifeline of the party and the country, the people's happiness line. among them, taking economic construction as the center is the continuation of the revolution in the production area of "the total amount of productive forces" that the party leads after the founding of the people's republic of china. adhering to the four cardinal principles is the affirmation of the revolutionary achievements in the political field and the fundamental guarantee for the development of revolutionary tasks in other fields. upholding reform and opening up is the fundamental driving force and the basic state policy of china's development. this reform is the self-improvement of the socialist system, which comrade deng xiaoping once referred to as "the second revolution". it is a great social revolution to lead the people, because it involves comprehensive, deep and continuous, and it can be said that it is the prerequisite for the party to become the ruling party. a revolution in terms of its mission, nature, future, it is precisely in accordance with the basic steps of communist revolution, the party led the people before the reform and opening up policy of great revolution on the basis of the experience and lessons in the process of to move on. the communist party of china has expounded on the historical mission of the communist party of china in the new era, and it is the continuation of the great social revolution that the party led the people in the past and will continue to carry on.
so we only firmly grasp the party led the people always carried out in china in 97 years the great social revolution this constant, solemn history, the main line, can see clearly through the road, was his road, looked the way forward, "find out where did we come from, where to go, a lot of problems to look deeper, the correct".
only the courage to self-revolution can lead the great social revolution.
the historical, class, representativeness and instrumentality are the basic dimensions of marxist classical writers and our party theoreticians. among them, history is the basic attribute of political party. and class sex, representative must be reflected through tool sex. in the mid-1940s, comrade mao zedong once said, "our party must be a tool and a tool for the people to win." in the mid-1950s, comrade deng xiaoping pointed out that the party of the working class "consciously identified itself as a tool for the people to accomplish certain historical tasks in certain historical periods." the thesis clearly tells us three basic common sense: one is corresponding to the communists lofty ideals - in humans realize communism this sacred mission, dedicated to the great social revolution of the communist party, no matter in the long struggle history position in the process of how to change, it will always be a revolutionary party; second, the communists always himself as the proletariat and the masses get complete liberation tools, adhere to the aim of serving the people heart and soul, can realize their own value, to eternal purity, the true; third, the communist party must grasp the pulse of historical development, the trend of the times, to lead the trend, to keep pace with the times, to preserve the advanced nature and revolutionary. these three points are the main reason and basic principle that the communist party must always adhere to the courage of self-revolution.
under these guidance, our party has consciously grown up and led the people to win the revolution, construction and reform. new democratic revolution period, the chinese communists in under the guidance of marxism-leninism revolutionary theory, based on the concrete practice of the chinese revolution, with self revolution courage, stick to the truth, correct mistakes, found the chinese revolution and the construction of the party's way to success. on the eve of the founding of new china, comrade mao zedong's revolution from china "distance is longer, the more great work, more hard" according to the basic requirements of the party is asked to keep the quality of the formed in the long-term revolutionary and the attitude. after the founding of new china, our party on a national scale "of the" "right of return to the", comrade mao zedong always asked for the party to remain "in the past as yigujin revolutionary war period, so a revolutionary enthusiasm, so a hard spirit, the revolutionary work".
that is why, after entering the new era of reform and opening up, our party has maintained a fine tradition of self-revolution. the party's twelve big demand in the great practice of the party in the socialist modernization drive "cheer up, develop forward, fortitude, struggle", and in the struggle "style to create a new situation of the revolution". pointed out that the party's thirteenth congress, in the reform under the background of "the party's own construction must also reform, to adapt to the new situation of reform and opening up", to make through reform "our party can with brand-new posture, stand in the forefront of reform and modernization, become a bold reform, full of vitality of the party, the party discipline, impartial and honest, be effectively serve the people of the party". the fourteenth party of the party emphasizes that the leading organs and leading cadres at all levels should be "brave to explore, experiment boldly, summarize experience in time and carry out work creatively". the party's top 15 demands that the party "be brave to open up, be aggressive, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of setbacks". the 16th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc) made it clear that the party should "strengthen and improve the party's construction with the spirit of reform" and urged all party members to "always maintain the vigorous and vigorous spirit of the communists". the 17th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc) proposed to "comprehensively promote the party's construction of a great new project with the spirit of reform and innovation". the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc) has called for continuous improvement in the party's ability to "self-purification, self-improvement, self-renewal and self-improvement", and to make "innovative" one of the party's efforts to build the party. it is clear that in the course of reform and opening up and socialist modernization, the party and people's cause will be advanced to what stage. over the past 40 years, our party has maintained the spirit of self-revolution and constantly explored ways and means to strengthen itself.
in the great struggle, great engineering, great cause, and great dream, it is the party's new great project that plays a decisive role. as xi general secretary explicitly points out: "our party must take the party's self revolution to promote the party leads the people in the great social revolution, the party construction to become one of the leading enterprises in the era of always, people sincerely support, to self revolution, stand the test all kinds of waves, vibrant marxist ruling party, it is our party leads the people to the objective requirement of the great social revolution, construction and development is our party as a marxist political party's internal needs."
the party is the basic requirement of self-revolution.
to self revolution spirit quality continuously push forward the great new undertaking to build the party, in addition to keep forging ahead, outside of a state of constant innovation, more important is to adhere to the principle of strict tube party party, eternal purity of the communist party.
since the eighteenth congress, the party central committee with comrade xi for the core starting from the basic logic of chinese party politics, practical, adhere to the continuity of the work of ideological construction, pertinence, popularity, effectively carry out the mass line education practice, special education "three steady tightening real", "two learn how to make a" learning education school i work; persisting in fighting corruption without penalty area, full coverage, zero tolerance, unswerving "tiger", "shooting fly" and "fox hunting"; further promote the party's construction of system reform, and constantly improve the inner-party laws and regulations system, the party's political life, and thus updated weather, thus improved markedly in party politics, the party's creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness has been significantly enhanced, the party's solidarity and unity are more consolidated, party-masses relations improved significantly, the party in the revolutionary forging more strong, powerful coruscate gives new vitality. the acquisition of these achievements and the experience gained from them will enlighten us on the continuation of the party's self-revolution in the new era.
the first is to revolutionize the height of politics. implement the party's political line, strictly abide by the political discipline and rules, in politics, the political orientation, political principle, political road keep highly consistent, the central committee is a basic moral, political party is the party as the party's basic condition. this requires party members to take a serious and serious attitude and participate in party politics according to party constitution, guidelines and party rules. we must uphold the party spirit and oppose the factionalism. it is necessary to demand oneself with noble political sentiment, to eliminate the influence of vulgar and philistine culture.
second, self-revolution based on the requirement of ideological construction. as far as party members are concerned, "mutual trust does not exist, mutual trust is not born". the reason why the party is a party is that it is sustainable, and the key is the common belief and belief. for now, the whole party should consciously and conscientiously learn the important speech spirit of general secretary xi jinping and armed his mind with the socialist ideology with chinese characteristics in the new era of xi jinping.
third, from the establishment of the grass-roots party construction work to carry on the self-revolution. the party's strong strength stems from the solid foundation of party building. the primary party construction work is mainly reflected in the daily work of the party committee and party branch. for now, it is a key and strictly implement the system of "three will be a lesson", to ensure that the "two learn how to make a" learning "institutionalization of education, which can overcome the basic-level party organization to weaken, the phenomenon such as others, marginalized.
fourth, the key to self-revolution is in the "critical minority". party members and cadres at all levels, leading cadres and leading cadres, especially senior cadres, are the "key minority" in the party's posts at all levels, and whether the self-revolution is related to the party's rise and fall. for the moment, is to use superior xi general secretary requires belief, political quality and responsibility style of quality, ability quality, high standard, consciously to self reflection, self criticism, self education.
fifth, bravely take up criticism and self-criticism of this self-revolution weapon. it is our party's fine style and fine tradition, which is the sharp weapon for our party to heal the disease and keep the body healthy. but a long time, some provincial party political life, the "self criticism into self praise, mutual criticism into touted as", or make unprincipled disputes, or the phenomenon such as hair ruchao. this greatly weakened the power of this weapon and made the self-revolution run idle. to eliminate these phenomena, the key to the education party is to recognize its important value from the high level of the party principle, and really put the criticism and self-criticism into reality.
source: study times.