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the communist party of china is consistent with its purpose

any great thought system has a consistent philosophy.

for any system of thought to survive and endure, it must have the core idea of continuity. as confucius said to his students, "my way is consistent." it is precisely because of this tradition that confucius died, although "confucianism is divided into eight", but confucianism is confucianism, although it has been through thousands of years, until modern times, it has its conservative core idea of benevolence and righteousness. in ancient greek philosophy, the most famous is plato's "theory of ideas". he thinks that the daily sense of the phenomenon of the world, "always change not living, not real", only the concept of the world is the real "absolute existence". in his view, the concept world is the prototype, the phenomenon world is a copy, everything is the sharing of the idea world. in buddhism, there is a famous metaphor, "the moon reflects wanchuan". in brief, "qianjiang river has water qianjiang month", reflected in the river and lake, although there are thousands of months, but the river and lake sea is still in the sky one month. in the confucian tradition, there is a famous theory of the song and ming dynasties. zhu xi, a thinker in the southern song dynasty, said in his explanation of confucius' "the way of the tao". "etiquette 300, prestige 3000", but only this truth. it is only a truth that a thousand threads are connected. "the teacher said," i have a good faith in my way. "zeng zi said," it is all right." it is a source of truth. seeing things is a matter of fact. zhu xi pointed out from the ontological point of view that the theory of all things in heaven and earth is just a theory, and everything is different after the separation. but thousands of different things are concentrated on the unity of "reason". "all things have their own reason, and all things are different from each other, but they differ in their positions." thus, regardless of the ancient and modern chinese and western, a community to eternal vitality, persistent solidarity, never split, will accomplish a great thought system, in which you must type plastic stick, the core concept of a consistent. regardless of the situation, how the times develop, we can share a common core value in the end, and maintain a high level of unity of thought and community awareness.

the communist party of china has opened up a new spirit and purpose: serving the people.

the chinese nation has a history of more than 5,000 years of civilization, and has created a splendid chinese civilization and made outstanding contributions to mankind. after the opium war, the chinese people experienced the great sufferings of war and war, the crushing of mountains and rivers, and the suffering of the people. for national rejuvenation, countless healthyenterprise perseverance, courageously, the epic struggle, made various attempts, but eventually failed to change the old china's social nature and the tragic fate of the chinese people. by the time of the october revolution, there was a blast of marxist-leninist marxism in china. chinese advanced molecules from the scientific truth of marxism-leninism saw the way to solve the problem of china, from passive to active in spirit, and in the great struggle of the chinese revolution of the communist party of china came into being. since then, the chinese people's revolutionary struggle for national independence, the liberation of the people and the reunification of the country has had a backbone.

sharp, but as the ethnic tensions between china and japan rapidly rising beyond the class contradictions as the main contradiction, the communist party of china quickly adjusted the party's line, who rely on whose object is to gradually from "the workers and peasants" became "the people". on december 27, 1935, mao zedong in shanbei wayaobao meeting of party activists talked about why the "republic of workers and peasants", into a more inclusive "people's republic of china" : "our government is not only on behalf of the workers and peasants, but also on behalf of the nation... because the situation of japanese aggression changed china's class relations, not only the petty bourgeoisie, but also the national bourgeoisie, had the possibility to participate in the anti-japanese war. he also pointed out that "people's republic of china to get rid of the oppression of imperialism, make china free and independent, get rid of the oppression of the landlords, from china semi-feudal system, and these things will not only make got interests of workers and peasants, also make other people's interests. the interests of the chinese nation constitute the interests of the workers, peasants and other people.

why did mao zedong and the chinese communists begin to take into account the wholeness of the chinese people and the chinese nation? in my opinion, there is another important reason, which the communist party of china must be in place for thousands of years of chinese civilization traditional thought of "people-oriented", every communist party member must possess the cultural gene. as mao zedong in 1938 "on the new stage," said: "become a great part of the chinese nation and the people are closely the communist party member, leave the features to talk about marxism in china, is an abstract empty marxism." he tries hard to people-oriented traditional confucius to sun yat-sen in line into the great practice of revolution, sinicization of marxism thoroughly change the gentry gentleman of endorsement for the interests of the people for the realization of the people's liberation revolutionary vanguard.

which our party in order to adapt to changing conditions, who rely on, whose object is to gradually from the classical marxist proletariat, to the class contradictions "of workers and peasants", to "people" after the national contradictions, to achieve the historic leap which accords with the situation of china. from the service for the proletariat, to serve the workers and peasants, and finally the beginner's mind of the chinese communists and the sublimation principle for yanan period "serve the people", this is a consistent aim of the communist party of china people. although proposed the beginner's mind tenet of "serving the people", but never forget the first representative of the communist party of china is in the interests of the proletariat, the workers and peasants, which is very clear in mao zedong there, "what's the population of china by eighty percent to ninety workers and farmers, so the people's republic of china should, first of all, on behalf of the interests of the workers and peasants".

"the people's yearning for a better life is our goal" to "serve the people".

party after the eighteenth big, xi became general secretary of the interviews was put forward for the first time "the people's yearning for a better life is our goal", and stressed that this is the beginner's mind we communists and mission, and provides a powerful theory shows that the multiple interpretation of chinese socialist revolution, construction and reform is a consistent inherited beginner's mind, the communist party of china's artificial fracture, opposite to each other, each other.

on december 26, 2013, xi jinping, the general secretary in commemorating the 120th anniversary of comrade mao zedong symposium, said: "our party leadership of the great revolution, construction and reform practice, is a process in the struggle of history, is a national salvation, and rejuvenating the country, power, and achieve the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation's entire career." beginner's mind on the communist party of china a consistent with the aim of the revolution, construction period, continue to push forward the reform stage, made clear it is a process of "serve the people" in the struggle of historical process. not only hereat, on april 1, 2014, xi jinping in bruges, president of the european school of speech further pointed out: "the chinese nation 5000 years of civilization, the chinese people more than 170 years history since modern times, the communist party of china more than 90 years history, the people's republic of china 60 years of development history, the history of reform and opening up 30 years of exploration, the history, not divided." xi general secretary is also trying to beginner's mind on the communist party of china a consistent with the purpose of one step further, in the 1840 years of history, that the deck of the chinese nation 5000 years of civilization, and then in the 19th clearly emphasized in the report: "the culture of socialism with chinese characteristics, derived from chinese five thousand years civilization history of the chinese excellent traditional culture, rooted in the party led the people in revolution, construction and reform to create the cultural revolution and the socialist advanced culture, rooted in the great practice of socialism with chinese characteristics."

therefore, it is clear to us that general secretary xi jinping is trying to carry out the practical exploration of all stages of socialism in the communist party of china, with the aim of starting from the beginning. since the eighteenth congress, xi jinping, general secretary of the remodeling of the communist party of china of a consistent and objective - to serve the people, his mind as he wrote in the 19th session of the political bureau of the cpc central committee met with the chinese and foreign press speech said: "we must bear in mind that the people yearning for a better life is our goal." and put the beginner's mind and purpose, not only the penetration to the more than 90 years history since the founding of the communist party of china, more than 60 years history, the history of over 30 years of exploration, and in more than 170 years history, deck, 5000 years of civilization. general secretary xi jinping has always let the party remember that "the first heart and mission of the chinese communists is to seek happiness for the chinese people and to revive the chinese nation." try to use a consistent "serve the people" beginner's mind and objective throughout the value concept of the chinese communists, unified thought, build consensus, for the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation culture lead and powerful spiritual motivation.

source: study times