"red ship spirit" always shines-凯发k8天生赢家

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"red ship spirit" always shines

the red ship set sail and dreamed of taking off. the red boat is the starting point of the chinese communist party's ascent to the historical stage. this is where our party came from, from here, from here to national power. in june 2005, zhejiang provincial party committee secretary xi jinping comrade's then for the first time put forward the spirit of "red boat", and summed up as "pioneer epoch-making, initiative, firm and indomitable fighting spirit, ideal quickens, loyal dedication for the people". "red boat spirit" as the source of the party's revolutionary spirit, form the revolutionary spirit of the communist party of china and the core content of the contemporary chinese spirit, the eternal value of across time and space and strong vitality, glaring bright light of yi yi is unripe brightness.

a red ship set sail in the wind and rain.

"a big party was born in a small boat." the contrast between "big" and "small" vividly reflects the history of a political party from small to big, from weak to strong. where the red ship is, where the road is. who is responsible for the task? a group of students "young" with an average age of only 28 respond to and the call of history, the people on the long boat sent a sky-high, echoed the strongest battle cry of the earth, to shoulder various political forces since modern arduous mission impossible, since then become unity led people to find the light goes.

the big party, first of all, is big. this spirit, outstanding performance is the pioneering spirit of the world, dare to be first. pioneering spirit is the spirit of "red ship spirit", which is the source of power. "thousands of years of no big change, to comrade mao zedong as the main representative of the chinese communists, in the numerous thoughts after repeated comparison and analysis of marxism as the guiding ideology and theoretical weapon. face "mountainous area not marxism", the chinese communists to emancipate the mind, seeking truth from facts, dare to dare to stand, creatively opened the seizure of power, the armed revolution of surrounding the cities from the countryside road, has carried on the important exploration on how to build socialism, for the first time realized the combination of marxism with chinese concrete practice. in master, on the basis of china's national conditions and the world trend, in the construction and the great practice of reform and opening up, the communist party of china people keep pace with the times, constantly explore, "go your own way", creatively opened up a path of socialism with chinese characteristics, has realized the scientific socialism theory logic and historical logic and the dialectical unity of social development in china, promoted the historical process of sinicization of marxism.

since the eighteenth congress, the party central committee with comrade xi as the core is closely combined with the new era and practical requirements, deepen the communist rule, socialist construction law, law of development of human society, founded the new age of xi jinping, the chinese characteristic socialism, shows the latest achievements of sinicization of marxism, the upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics "this great article" written more exciting. a new man is always green. the pioneering spirit of the world, the first spirit of the world, shows that all roads are not made up, and there is never a fixed pattern. the communist party of china people always use the marxist stand point method, grasps the historical context, looking for law of development, leading the era spring tide, provides a "historical struggle to form" the understanding of the "great tool".

the channel of the red ship cleaved the waves.

the tide of history surges forward. faced with the ebb and flow of the road, the chinese communist party is not afraid of the storm, the rapids and the rapids, always with a firm ideal, unswerving spirit of struggle forward. the spirit of struggle is the pillar of the "red ship spirit" and is the foundation of victory. revolution after the failure of the chinese communists, in the most difficult and tortuous period with a belief in marxism, socialism and communism beliefs, with the confidence of the revolutionary victory, with overwhelming enemy, dauntless heroism to overcome all difficulties, and always advance wave upon wave, fiercely, in combat, suffered setbacks again and again and again and again rise, overcome various difficulties and risks on the road ahead. hardships and hardships, to the mountain forest; take advantage of the wind and waves to the sea. set sail from south lake to cross the yangtze river natural barrier, the party led the people across the country with 28 years to overthrow the three mountain, completed the new-democratic revolution, established the people's democratic regime and the basic socialist system, "whose mast-head can already be seen like a ship" victory to the other shore.

"dreams can be wasted." after the establishment of the basic socialist system, how to explore a socialist construction path suited to china's national conditions has become a new major challenge. during the difficult times of the world socialist movement, we face the inevitable setbacks in the course of exploring the unprecedented causes.

face "shibailun marxism" and "conclusion" socialist "collapse of china" and other various bad-mouthing china's comments, the chinese communists always grasped the nettle, pioneering spirit, self-motivated, has carried on the reform and opening up new great revolution, opened up the road of socialism with chinese characteristics, formed the system of theories of socialism with chinese characteristics, established the system of socialism with chinese characteristics, the development of socialist culture with chinese characteristics, make a 500 - year - old socialism advocated in the world's most populous country successfully opening a highly practical and feasibility of the correct path. the party led the people across the country with 68 years of time, a chronic, lay in ruins, ruins of the old china become a unity, prosperity and thriving construction of socialist new china. after long-term efforts, socialism with chinese characteristics into the new era, this means that in modern times and tribulations came from the chinese nation stood up, the great leap forward to strong, rich means of scientific socialism in the 21st century china, coruscate gives powerful vitality means that the road of socialism with chinese characteristics, theory, system and culture development, expand the approaches of developing countries towards modernization.

the journey is always carrying the same initial heart.

little red boat, carrying thousands of jun. "red ship spirit" is the party's primary heart and mission. from the day of its establishment, the chinese communist party has dedicated itself to the dedication of the party to the public and loyal to the people, and has shouldered the historical mission of "seeking happiness for the chinese people and reviving the chinese nation". the spirit of dedication is the essence of the "red ship spirit". the communist party of china has made it clear that it will serve the people wholeheartedly as its purpose, and the liberation and happiness of all people as its long-term goal. the people's position is the fundamental political position of our party and marks the difference between marxist political parties and other political parties. the mammoth history in 96, weak or strong, whether in prosperity or adversity, always in accordance with the water line of the communist party of china, and people grow together, crossing a and a trench, one after another victory. from the great party to the nineteenth, the red ship, which seeks happiness for the people and the rejuvenation of the nation, is in the first place.

"people", as the communist party of china governing the key words in the discourse system, in the party central committee with comrade xi as the core and governing all activities, finally in the 19 big formed adheres to the focus of people's basic strategy. more than 200 times, the communist party of china (cpc) has mentioned "the people" and emphasized the people's sense of well-being, happiness and security. adhere to the people as the center, is a new era xi the thought core and value orientation of socialism with chinese characteristics, its essence embody a concentrated reflection of the new age of the communist party of china people would see, concentration reflected the general secretary xi as marxism, politicians and thinkers of the people's feelings, the people's philosophy with history and reality, theory and practice of logical inevitability. the expression of the people's characteristics of socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era of xi jinping has the connotation consistency and spiritual continuity with the theory of "red ship spirit". as long as our party is deeply rooted in the people and firmly depends on the people, we will be able to achieve boundless strength, come rain or shine, and move forward. as long as our party has always put people's yearning for a better life as the goal, always adhere to the people as the center, always want to together, do together with the people, we will be able to constantly from victory to greater victory, will be able to achieve the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation the chinese dream.

usher in the new era leads the renaissance giant wheel to the glorious shore.

closing the 19th congress only a week, xi jinping, led the central politburo standing committee general secretary of the communist party of china in shanghai and south lake in jiaxing, zhejiang red boat, a large site review the founding history, follow the roots of the party. at the south lake revolutionary memorial, xi jinping's words were earnest and earnest: "the development of the cause is endless, and the first heart of the communists can never be changed. only if we don't forget our original intention, can we comfort our history and comfort our ancestors before we can win the hearts and minds of the people and win the time. spirit of the "red boat" and born of the communist party of china, with the beginner's mind, throughout the history of china's revolution, construction and reforms, powerful ideological weapon is our party to overcome all difficulties and spiritual support. the communist party of china has formed a series of great revolutionary spirit in history, which can not be traced back to the core connotation of "red ship spirit". spirit of the "red boat" is an important achievement of jinping general secretary of the party construction theory, is a new era of socialism with chinese characteristics xi thought political background, is a monument of the spirit of times and social development direction. xiushui great, red boat still; the time changes, the spirit is eternal. we should deeply understand the historical status, significance and eternal value of the "red ship spirit" and carry forward the "red ship spirit" with the characteristics of the times.

the red ship is immortal and transcends time and space, which is both a reflection of history and a prospect for the future. the "red ship spirit" is attached to the roots of the party and leads to a broader future. standing in the new historical starting point, starting a new struggle, i don't know how many slopes we have to climb, how much we have to climb, how much we have to go through, how many difficulties we have to overcome. as xi jinping has pointed out, "the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation is by no means easy and easy to achieve." great things need great spirit. spirit of the "red boat" is always to promote the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation spirit, it contains the initiative, struggle, dedication, under the background of new era are put into the new connotation, received new interpretation. on the new journey, we will draw the power of the spirit of "red boat", do carry forward the spirit of "red boat" and practice, in the spirit of never slack off state and indomitable struggle gesture, under the guidance of our lead in the new era, promote is bearing the weight of the chinese people's dream of the great ship ploughed, victory sail to the glory other shore.

source: study times