the root vein support of the tree of the party's thought theory-凯发k8天生赢家

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the root vein support of the tree of the party's thought theory

all the practices and theories of our party have proved eloquently that the vitality of the party is first manifested as the vitality of the theory of thought. the power of party's creativity and cohesion is first manifested as the creative cohesive fighting force of thought theory. rooted in the fertile soil of the chinese revolution, construction and reform practice of our party's ideological theory, like a leafy tree evergreen tree, respond and vigor unceasingly, its roots support is very broad and profound.

"the book of marx and his ancestors must be read" : the theory of the party's theory of the times

since the day our party was founded, we have written marxism as our guiding ideology and armed ourselves with the most advanced theories of mankind. mao zedong pointed out, "the books of marx's ancestors must be read." our party whether in prosperity or adversity, never wavered belief in marxism, not wavered pursuit of broad ideal of communism, and insist on the marxism as a scientific world outlook and methodology, as observation, to analyze and solve problems of correct stand, viewpoint and method, the profound comprehension which contain the politics, the pursuit of value and thinking style, find and develop the party's ideological theory direction, solved the "bridge" and "ship" problem.

since the eighteenth congress, according to the socialism with chinese characteristics into a new era, china's development in the new historical position and our party facing the new situation, new tasks and new requirements, our party on has many new characteristics in the struggle of great practice, xi jinping, the general secretary creatively put forward the idea of "china dream" to realize the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, and push the "five one" general layout plan as a whole and advances the strategy of "four comprehensive" layout and coordination; we should foster innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development concepts, and actively adapt, grasp and guide the new normal of economic development. improve people's livelihood and social governance innovation and new ideas about promote the building of ecological civilization, and so on, form the new age of xi jinping, the chinese characteristic socialism, and don't forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission is through the idea of a red line. the so-called beginner's mind is the wish, goal and ideal of our party at the beginning, and the essence of it is the heart of responsibility, the heart of faith, the heart of struggle and the heart of the people. at the end of the day, it is the fundamental position of the people to firmly grasp the fundamental purpose of our party and the value orientation and strength of socialism with chinese characteristics.

there is a "new" problem in innovation theory. "progress" and "new" are development, which is important, but what is the basis and goal of development is a question of direction and fundamental. theoretical stagnation, no; in theory, it's not enough. standing at a new historical starting point, we will not lose our way until we are more committed to the faith of marxism. we will not lose our way to move forward and achieve steady progress, so as to create a new frontier of chinese marxism.

"seek truth from facts and all from reality" : the party's ideological and theoretical innovation and development of "source of fresh water"

the source of theory is practice. vivid social practice is the origin of theory, and it is the standard and motivation of testing and enriching theory. the essence of the theory of sinicization of marxism is exactly the same as that of the party. on the one hand, it is precisely because of grasping and applying the essence of marxism that the party's thought theory develops; on the other hand, it is reflected in all aspects of the basic content of marxism sinicization theory.

since the eighteenth congress, xi jinping, general secretary always adhere to the "seeking truth from facts, everything from set out actually" "adhere to the problem oriented" "listen to the voice", insist on what we're doing as the center, in order to solve the people most concerned about, the most direct and most realistic interests problem as the focus, according to the international and domestic situation, the new changes and new characteristics and new problems, system from the combination of theory and practice to answer the new age what kind of upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics, how to adhere to and develop socialism with chinese characteristics the significant contemporary issues, with a fresh vision of communist rule, socialist construction law, law of development of human society arduous theoretical exploration and made significant theoretical innovations. among them, about the definition of the new era of social principal contradiction, cultivate and practice the socialist core values, establish a new system, the implementation of the open economy overall national security concept, promoting the construction of "area", etc., are original, the concept of time and theory, has both scientific theory, rigorous thinking direction, also has a distinct practical direction.

the viewpoint of practice is the core and pillar of the whole system of marxism. our party's ideological and theoretical innovation practice has consistently shown that only insist on a scientific attitude towards marxism, with successful experience from the view of development, with a practical point of view, the right pulse of the times, judge essence, found things law, thought and theory with the development of practice and innovation, on the contrary, will be stagnant or behind the times. every historical leap in the sinicization of marxism has fully demonstrated the practical charm of marxism.

"good at learning, good at relearning" : the "basic way" of the party's ideological theory

he who stands firm will learn. whenever china's revolution, construction and reform have a major historical turning point, our party always emphasizes the need to "be good at relearning", to gather consensus through emancipating the mind and promote innovation in theory and practice. on march 1, 2013, xi jinping, general secretary at the central party school 80th anniversary celebration and the 2013 spring semester opening ceremony, said: "people rely on study of the communist party of china to today, also must rely on learning into the future." "all party members must be good at learning and relearning." attach importance to learning, good at learning, is the fine tradition and valuable historical experience of the communist party of china, it is in the process of long-term emphasis on learning, good at learning accumulated many precious experiences, unceasingly for the ideological and theoretical innovation and development opened up a broader space.

since the eighteenth congress, xi jinping, general secretary attaches great importance to the study of the whole party and the whole society, put forward to form a learning society and the construction of learning-oriented party, and that learning is first and foremost to study marxism, learning scientific knowledge, at the same time to learn chinese excellent traditional culture, and so on. under the guidance of general secretary of xi jinping, the eighteenth session of the central committee of the political collective learning 43 times were conducted, covering the rule of law, anti-corruption, style construction, national defense and army building, environmental protection, etc. we have carried out education practice activities of the party's mass line, and education and "two learning and one doing" of education and "two learning and one doing", which have enabled us to learn a lot of new things. the cpc central committee decided to carry out the research and construction of marxist theory, which greatly advanced the research of marxism in contemporary china. our party it is attaches great importance to learning, good at learning, thus more skillfully mastering and using the marxist stand point method, standing at a new historical orientation, the scientific socialism theory logic and connected with the contemporary chinese social development logic of the new era of the overall goal of upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics, in addition, the overall layout, strategic layout and the development direction, development mode, development power, strategic steps, external conditions, the basic problems such as the political guarantee for the scientific answer, and according to the new practice of economy, politics, law, science and technology, culture and so on various aspects have made theoretical analysis and policy guidance, formed to "clear" eight "fourteen adhere to the" new era as the basic system of xi jinping, the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics.

learning is the ladder of progress. the innovation and development of the party's thought theory must be accompanied by the deepening of learning, which is an inherent law that has been proved repeatedly and will prove. social practice develops with the progress of the times, and the cognition level of the practice subject must be constantly improved, and new theoretical innovation is carried out according to the new requirements put forward by practice. only by strengthening the study, can we grasp the marxist stand, viewpoint and method with the times, so as to break the thinking pattern, expand the horizon of thought and improve the theoretical accomplishment.

"think lively" : the party's thought theory keeps the advanced "important condition"

in march 1958, comrade mao zedong said at the chengdu conference: "think lively. it's dangerous when your mind is fixed. it can be said that every major development of the sinicization of marxism, every important theoretical achievement, is the product of our party's promotion of inner-party democracy.

since the eighteenth congress, the party central committee with comrade xi for the core ahead the new great project of party building, adhere to the ideological construction and institutional party together, put forward to improve inner-party democracy quality, and constantly improve the political life within the party's goals and objectives, to purify the party and political ecology, taking on more prominent position. in 2013, the central government issued the outline of the five-year plan for the formulation of the central party's laws and regulations (2013-2017), which explicitly emphasized that the democratic centralism should be specific. the implementation plan of deepening the party's construction system reform adopted by the political bureau of the cpc central committee on august 29, 2014, once again elaborated the embodiment of the system of democratic centralism. in november 2016, a number of guidelines on inner-party political life under the new situation were promulgated, emphasizing that inner-party democracy is the life of the party. over the past five years, the inner-party electoral system, the system of democratic decision-making, democratic supervision system system as the main content of inner-party democracy system get accelerate building and perfecting, realized the embodiment of democratic centralism and sequencing. under the xi general secretary physically, actively advocate, concentration and democracy, and disciplined, united will and freedom, and have someone feel better for the rapid development of a lively political situation in the party. the high quality of inner-party democracy inevitably breeds the high quality thought theory. the birth of the party's nineteenth report, a political declaration and programme of action for the new era, is a model for the practice of inner-party democracy. only in february 20 solstice on march 31, according to the central deployment of 21 major theoretical and practical problems, 59 80 investigators to departments and units, 1817 units at the grass-roots level to carry out in-depth field research, seminars and conferences held 1501 times, or the number of interviews 21532 participants, formed a special investigation report 80. interview, gathering the opinions and suggestions of the party members; investigation and investigation, bringing back the deep expectations of the grassroots. at the end of the seventh plenary session of the 18th cpc central committee, the party's nineteenth major report was written, rewritten and simplified to 986, covering all views and suggestions 864.

the party's ideological and theoretical construction has its own objective laws, when the party's democratic centralism construction well, inner-party democracy develop well, the party's political life is positive, healthy, energetic, the party's ideological and theoretical will be constant innovation; when the party's democratic centralism, inner-party democracy is weakening, the party's political life appear abnormal situation, develop inner-party contradictions and problems, the party's ideological and theoretical construction will suffer setbacks. this is an important conclusion drawn from the scientific summary of historical experience and practical experience.

"grounding gas and charging" : the "key" of the party's continuous progress in ideology and theory

to make the basic principle vivid, the key point is that the theory is to be grounded. on july 11, 2013, xi jinping, general secretary of the hebei zhengding came to more than 30 years ago worked when watching tower yuan zhuang village cadres masses pointed out: "today is to listen to you, look at the person of hometowns, to grounding gas, batteries." in fact, "grounding gas, charging and charging" is not only a method problem, but also reflects the important question of who and who to rely on.

during the five years from the 18th cpc national congress to the 19th century, general secretary xi jinping went to the grass-roots level to study 50 times and 151 days, spanning the entire chinese territory. he repeatedly pointed out, "in front of the people, we will always be primary school students. we must worship the people as teachers, seek advice from the almighty, and ask the wise. we must fully respect the will of the people, the experience they create, the rights they have and the role they play. xi jinping, general secretary of the system to come up with new ideas, new ideas in governing the new strategy, plan the economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and ecological civilization construction of a major move, comprehensive planning in the new starting point governing party, the army of the power set of strategic plan, to the political wisdom of the people with people-oriented feelings written on the vast land of china. at the same time, xi jinping, general secretary of the chinese, the language style of extremely rich contemporary sense, with its deep culture and broad and level, further enhanced jinping new era of socialism with chinese characteristics affinity and appeal.

the language needs to be spread far and wide, only to express the profound theory in a vulgar and life-changing language, can be easily accepted by the masses. such a theory must follow the path from the masses to the masses, and the process is interdependent and interactive. the theory is deep and serious, but there should be life and fireworks. only by grasping the relationship between deep and shallow relations, and the relationship between elegance and vulgarity, can we promote the life and popularization of the serious party's thought theory, and truly be accepted, understood and applied by the masses.

source: study times