the development of party discipline construction in leaps and bounds-凯发k8天生赢家

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the development of party discipline construction in leaps and bounds

the 19 big puts forward the new era, the party's construction general requirements, for the first time the discipline construction, ideological and political construction, organization construction, style construction, as an important content of party building to highlight out, this is a significant innovation of party construction theory, pointed out the direction in order to strengthen the party's discipline construction.

since the eighteenth congress, the party central committee with comrade xi as the core of the party's discipline construction as the governing party's fundamental comprehensively, the more prominent position, make it become the norm in the party's construction work content, become an important support of grand strategy comprehensively governing party, realize the new leap development.

awareness of a new ascension. party discipline is the code of conduct and rules that must be observed by organizations at all levels and all party members. the report of the 18th national congress of the cpc put forward the concept of party discipline construction for the first time in the important literature of the party, and emphasized and deployed the party's discipline construction as a separate piece of content. the party central committee regards the discipline of yan ming party as the focal point of the overall strict party discipline, and has greatly improved the importance of the discipline construction. the five important speeches of general secretary xi jinping at the plenary session of the central commission of discipline have put forward clear plans and requirements for party discipline construction.

ought to say, the party before the eighteenth big, our party has also emphasized the importance of discipline, discipline mainly focus on the play of "the punishment function", but for the party members' behavior norms, and the roles of adjustment of inner-party relations and maintenance of party and political ecology effect seriously insufficient, understanding of the role of discipline and value is not enough. since the founding of the party, we have been exploring the effective path of governing the party. today, the answer is more and more clear. strengthening party discipline is the policy of the party. discipline is not strict, and strict administration is out of the question. discipline and discipline are strong, and education is persuasive, the system is binding, and supervision has the checks and balances, so as to prevent and control corruption from the source. on the contrary, some party members and cadres have problems, and some local political ecology has become bad, which is often the beginning of undisciplined and rule-breaking. it can be said that, seizing the party's discipline construction, we have found the golden key to promote the comprehensive and strict party.

the idea has a new breakthrough. the fourth plenary session of the 18th cpc central committee adopted the decision of the cpc central committee on the major issues of comprehensively promoting the rule of law, and made clear the important conclusion that the party discipline is stricter than the national law. at the sixth plenary session of the 18th central commission for discipline inspection, general secretary xi jinping put forward the "adherence to the discipline of discipline and discipline before the law, and the realization of the separation of disciplines". this is a leap in the party's ideological understanding, and it is an important innovation in the party's discipline construction, which provides an important method for discipline construction.

ji yan is an organic whole, which is separated by law, discipline and discipline. ji yan is the premise of the law, highlighting the political responsibility of party members and party organizations to distinguish them from ordinary citizens, and awakening the party constitution and discipline consciousness of the party, especially the leading cadres of party members. ji in the former is the key to highlight the party's discipline and stand in front of the national law, build a discipline, to hold the "prisoner" from "good comrades" metamorphosis of middle, illegal to avoid mistake commit serious, the trend of the discipline. ji separate method is objective, emphasizes that the party discipline and national law is changed, collaboration, and form a complete set of linkage, bring out the best in each other, play a comprehensive effect of tackling both the symptoms and form the comprehensive governing party whole resultant force.

the system has a new framework. our party has had discipline since its birth. however, our study on the connotation, constitution and system of discipline is relatively weak. for example, the classification of the disciplinary system is not only characterized by lack of political party characteristics, but also the possibility of cross-conflict.

according to xi jinping, general secretary's important speech spirit, combined with the theory and practice of the construction of the party discipline, the 2015 revision of the regulations on the disciplinary action of the communist party of china, according to the principle of ji method separately, creatively violations can be divided into violate the political discipline, discipline, honesty and work discipline, the discipline, discipline and discipline of life six classes, has formed six major discipline system. it differs from national laws, standing gao liyuan, complete system, clear logic and clear focus, including mass discipline, discipline of life are the original rules have no way of classification, characteristics, highlight the characteristics of the party and discipline.

the proposal of "party rules" further enriches the party's discipline and rules system. in the 18th session of the fifth plenary session of the central commission for discipline inspection, xi jinping, expounded the basic connotation of rules, general secretary, said: "the custom of the discipline is written, some has not expressly included in the rules of discipline is unwritten discipline; discipline is the discipline of rigidity, and some of the rules that are not expressly included in discipline are self-disciplined disciplines. emphasis should be placed on strengthening discipline and keeping discipline in a more important position. rely on discipline and rules to party party, is scientific summary of the party's construction rules, embodies the party according to regulation and good for the combination of the party, is a major innovation and development, the theory of party building is another vivid embodiment of sinicization of marxism.

the path has been expanded. since the 18th national congress of the cpc, the institutionalization of party discipline has been further deepened and expanded in practice. "byelaw of inner-party supervision of the communist party of china proposed the use of supervision and enforcement of" four kinds of forms: "often carry out criticism and self-criticism, questioning enquiry, let the" red blush, sweat "become the norm; the party discipline light punishment, the organization adjustment becomes the most of disciplinary treatment; the party discipline heavy punishment, the major post adjustment becomes a minority; serious violations of the law are suspected to be very rare. to supervise the "four forms" of discipline is an important way to strengthen discipline construction. it is the concrete path of the party's discipline in front, and the comprehensive effect of the party governing party is released.

to supervise the "four forms" is the dialectical organism, and the various forms are interlocked and progressive, which is the complete supervision and discipline scientific system. since the party's 18th national congress, a large number of leading cadres have been punished in violation of discipline and law, which can be found in such a law: the breaking of law starts from the breaking of the discipline. and development trajectory, often is the same: start with a disciplinary signs to gradually over the discipline, the bottom line, then from the general disciplinary development to serious disciplinary violations, the quantitative change causes the qualitative change, became a serious crime. supervision and enforcement of "four kinds of form" found the countermeasures to solve the problem from the root, on the basis of disciplinary ruler of four kinds of forms, covering all possible disciplinary situation or, by setting the absolute defense, level 1 level 1 to block and processing, and treatment measures are more and more severe, the tube played an important role in the party party practice, formed the party's political life should have the health of the phenomenon.

the system has a new climate. the fourth plenary session of the party's 18 inner-party laws and regulations should be brought into the socialist rule of law system with chinese characteristics, to establish "form the perfect inner-party laws and regulations system" for comprehensive one of the important contents of the overall goal of governing the country according to law, this is one of the major innovation of the theory of governing the country according to law.

the construction of party legislation is an important guarantee for discipline construction. since the eighteenth congress, the party central committee always combining comprehensive governing party and the party according to regulation, the inner-party laws and regulations as a comprehensive and effective system of party support, important guarantee and follow, 90 for a revision of the central party law. the inner-party laws and regulations to highlight the party discipline, to serious inner-party political life, stick to impose discipline, standardize power, strengthening the supervision and accountability as the key point, embodies the comprehensive governing party from different aspects and the content of the discipline construction requirements, rules of party discipline cage more tight, more woven more close. to carry out "two learn how to make a" learning especially in education, the general secretary of the party constitution and learning jinping learning together with a series of important speech, as an important content of all party members to study and shows the extreme importance to the central committee of the party's discipline construction.

implementation has a new pattern. since the eighteenth congress of the cpc central committee that the comprehensive governing party, the party shall bear the liability subject, commission for discipline inspection supervision responsibility, further defined the party committee and commission for discipline inspection in the construction of discipline to assume responsibilities.

the party committee is responsible for the discipline construction. the party constitution clearly stipulates that party organizations must strictly enforce and maintain party discipline. party committees at all levels to perform comprehensive governing party political responsibility, will be a good leader in discipline construction, practitioners and promoters, embodies the party's leadership to the day-to-day management oversight, dare to seriously, pay attention to daily, improve discipline execution, maintain the seriousness of discipline.

the discipline inspection commission is responsible for the discipline construction. general secretary xi jinping summed up the responsibilities of the discipline inspection commission at the sixth plenary session of the 18th cpc central committee. it is the "class" of the discipline inspection work to supervise the discipline inspection. outstanding discipline inspection organs at all levels party govern review, persistent implementation of the central eight spirit, strive to resolve the crowd around abuses and corruption, resolutely curb rampant corruption, safeguard the party politics, to play a role of the inner-party supervision body. the right must be held accountable. the party central committee takes accountability as the "killer" of discipline construction, and promotes the construction of discipline. by formulating regulations on the accountability of the communist party of china, the rights and obligations, authority, and responsibility to unify, clear accountability object, content and methods, in order to strengthen the party's discipline construction provides a system tool.

source: study times