keep your mind full-凯发k8天生赢家

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keep your mind full
the spiritual state of a party is not a "parody"; it is not something that you can't have; the spirit of the party is not "urgent", it cannot be quick and quick. the party's state of mind is less permanent, as is the need for "always on the road". the mental state of the communist party of china from 96 spectacular practice accumulation, 170 years of advanced thoughts lead, more than 170 years of chinese civilization fume acquisition, and in the new era, great cultivation, cultivate in the new great practice, experience and further carry forward.

theoretical armed cultivation of mental state. mental state, as the name implies, is a state of externalization of inner spirit, without spirit, without mental state, and different mental states. used to speak a word of "revolutionary is forever young", not to say that go against nature physiological age not old, but armed with the revolutionary spirit of the people always full of vitality, never to old. for new historical starting point on the site of the communist party of china, such a spirit from xi series of important speech spirit and general secretary of the cpc central committee governing new ideas, new ideas of new strategy for the contemporary chinese marxism. as the latest achievements in adapting marxism to chinese, as the latest development of the socialist theoretical system with chinese characteristics, as a guide to great struggle that has many new historical characteristics of the most vivid, marxism is the communist party of china today is the most useful theoretical guidance, the most valuable ideological weapon, the most powerful spiritual pillar. profound grasp the spiritual essence of the scientific theoretical system, theoretical armed mind firmly with the thought consciousness, guide practice, the mental state of the communist party of china will glow brighter era.

the people's feelings edify the state of mind. the love of the people is the most sincere and deep emotional sustenance of the communist party of china and the strongest and most profound source of power for the communist party of china. why is the chinese communist party still ambitious in the face of difficulties and setbacks, and constantly create amazing wonders and governance miracles in the face of risks and challenges? why do the chinese communists to successful not in me, can give up the "ego" into "i", identified target generation after generation of dry, advance wave upon wave, for career, for faith sacrifice everything with no regrets. is that xi jinping pointed out, the general secretary "from the deep thoughts and feelings really the people when the master, when mr" "like love their own parents love people", always think "" i am the son of. the chinese communists had such a feeling edify, naturally there will be a "people's yearning for a better life, is our goal" of consciousness, you will be more clever, more willing to bear, more "in effect, at the forefront.

the new journey is a spiritual one. in biology, there is the phenomenon of "use and retreat", and the state of mind is the same. the state of mind grows in the struggle and flourishes in practice. the "four great" we are undertaking is the best "test field" and "grindstone" in the spirit of the communist party of china today. with the overall arrangement and coordination of the "five integrated" overall layout and the coordination of the "four comprehensive" strategic layout to the depth, the great struggle with many new historical features is coming. in order to build the greatest and most powerful political party in the world, the whole party is always on the road, and the new great project has a long way to go. the development of socialism with chinese characteristics has entered a new stage, and the great cause of "strong rise" calls for new work. the first centenary goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects has been achieved, and the second centenary goal of the comprehensive modernization has been launched. the great dream is getting closer and closer to us. so great ambition is unprecedented, so the same unprecedented great practice, in this process, the mental state of the communist party of china can not only fully inspection, more can obtain sufficient experience, so as to make a mental state is more full, struggle more high.

source: study times