where does the cultural consciousness of the communist party come from-凯发k8天生赢家

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where does the cultural consciousness of the communist party come from
my state of printing and the inheritance and development projects on the implementation of chinese excellent traditional culture of the opinions, the first time in the form of the central file describes the chinese excellent traditional culture heritage, it fundamentally embodies our party has profound cultural consciousness.

with the deepening of reform, we are faced with some difficult problems in the field of culture, values and social consensus on the basis of a series of major achievements. the key to solve these problems lies in the construction of socialist core value system, which is to strengthen the party's leadership in socialist culture construction. as the core of the cpc central committee, comrade xi attaches great importance to the chinese excellent traditional culture, it is based on the deep insight into the history and reality: the only well versed in chinese excellent traditional culture and marxism history between the ideal and faith, can with the power of culture to the basic, effectively organizing and value integration. also only then to comprehensively deepen reform continues to advance, to "two one hundred" great goal, the realization of the "china dream" for the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, provide the inexhaustible power. therefore, put forward the proposition of chinese excellent traditional culture, is an important historical turning point in the mouth on the outlook for the future direction of china's development, is in the context of the history of a modernization goal to rethink of the sinicization of marxism. we must firmly grasp the historical opportunity, through to the chinese excellent traditional culture to carry forward and development, to further strengthen the cultural consciousness and cultural confidence of the communist party of china, further enhance the marxist theory of the traditional historical depth and thickness, constantly promote the development of the great cause of socialism with chinese characteristics.

profound changes in the world situation and cultural programmes in china.

the development of the road of socialism with chinese characteristics is an inherent extension of marxist theory and chinese cultural tradition, and a "new plan" for the contribution of chinese civilization to the world. it not only broadens the theoretical path of the modernization of the nation state, but also enriches the understanding of the law and development path of social development. from this perspective, china's contribution to the world, will not only the products, not only china's own problem, will also is a problem for the universality of the world - that is, capitalism since the day of fairness, freedom and equality issue to find a way out. we should have such a theory and historical responsibility.

to be precise, this set of "chinese wisdom" and "china plan", to contend with and deal with, is the inherent crisis that the capitalist world cannot overcome. we know that since the end of the cold war in the 20th century, especially after the world economic crisis in 2008, the world has become more turbulent. if 1929 economic crisis is capitalist production of periodic conflict broke out, then, in 2008 the world economic crisis, is exposed by the capitalist world inherent and deep structural problems. after the economic crisis, there have been many destabilizing factors between countries, between the south and the north, and even within the united states. from the current global economic downturn, terrorism, extremism looked up, the status of the important development of the capitalist countries generally weak, indeed to a back to discuss the future of the legitimacy and justice of the world. in this context, we need to reflect on the whole western enlightenment modernization program, as well as the liberalism and utilitarianism modernization path under this scheme. can people be simply reduced to an economic animal and an interest claim? can a person simply be reduced to a single, atomized individual that dissociates historical and cultural traits? the answer is no doubt. this kind of individualism, the theory of utilitarianism and the development practice, the zero sum game of the "law of the jungle", is precisely the cause of the crisis in the capitalist world. in such an era, therefore, we must make a new young social consciousness, public consciousness, mutually beneficial, especially to build a valuable care, has the history and the reality of "free association". the revival of marxism on a global scale is a powerful demonstration of this historical judgment. the great practice of socialism with chinese characteristics has become an important beacon that cannot be bypassed. therefore, as an important symbol of socialism with chinese characteristics, china's excellent traditional culture is bound to be re-examined and emphasized.

emphasis on chinese traditional culture, for that matter, is not a hurry, it is not a pure technique or skill level of choice, but it is a natural, follow era of theory construction and propositions. in the cultural context of our past few thousand years, many things have developed beyond the framework of western capitalist theory. these are the important reasons for us to embark on the path of socialism with chinese characteristics, which is the intrinsic affinity of marxism or socialism. to rediscover the modern meaning of traditional culture is not only to penetrate the context of chinese civilization, but also to find theoretical resources for the future development of china. chinese traditional culture is bound to the development of socialism with chinese characteristics into an endless supply of theoretical vitality, at the same time, it will also be on their own practice to explore, for humanity's common vision to provide important theoretical scheme design and thought.

chinese excellent traditional culture and the chinese communist party's cultural consciousness.

the cpc is the faithful successor and promoter of the fine traditional culture of china. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china, the status of chinese culture has been further promoted and has been defined as an important factor in shaping the chinese road. in his speech at the national conference on propaganda and ideological work, general secretary xi jinping talked more deeply about the role of cultural inheritance and historical destiny on china's roads. he pointed out that the chinese nation is on a different from other national development road, the road of socialism with chinese characteristics, it is no accident, but by china's historical and cultural heritage. this formulation clearly states that the construction and development of socialism with chinese characteristics must be based on the cultural tradition of china. in last year's speech, general secretary xi jinping spoke of "four confidence" and stressed that "cultural confidence" is a more fundamental, broader and more profound confidence. it is not only the first heart of our party's 90-year history, but also the original heart of chinese history and culture. the role of the chinese communist party in the history of china is to integrate marxism with the continuous and profound chinese civilization of five thousand years. therefore, the sinicization of marxism, especially the path of socialism with chinese characteristics, is deeply rooted in the unique historical culture of the chinese nation. cultural confidence is the best interpretation of chinese characteristics.

the communist party of china is a political party based on culture and the rule of the party. cultural issues are not only about the road, but also about the future of china's future. it can be said that such a cultural interpretation vividly reflects our party's profound cultural consciousness and cultural confidence. this time, however, cultural consciousness, is different from the urgent choice in the face of national crisis since modern times, but with the realization of "two" one hundred goals, realize the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation the chinese dream, broad and deep era propositions are put forward. the fundamental purpose is to continue to increase the confidence of the chinese civilization, chinese culture, which continues to promote sinicization of marxism in the new historical stage, with the history of the practice of socialism with chinese characteristics, to explain the chinese road, the chinese culture value to the world of universal significance.

of course, the communist party of china does not present its relationship with traditional chinese culture, but it attaches great importance to cultural issues from the beginning of the party. on may 26, as early as in 1943, "the central committee of the communist party of china about the presidium of the executive committee of the communist international proposed disbanding the decision of the communist international", there is a passage about "the communist party of china are all our national culture, ideology, moral tradition of the best successor, consider all the fine tradition and their own flesh and blood is linked together, and will continue to carry forward". in yan 'an at that time, in such a relatively closed historical environment, our party could have such far-reaching historical vision and broad development vision, which is not easy. we are now back to the problem of traditional culture, not only for our party to the continuation of the development of cultural path, at the same time also is in the context of the new era, rooted on our party tradition, for the future, facing the world culture mission and history for the young.

the cultural mission and historical responsibility of the cpc.

marxism came to china and become an important guiding ideology and method of interpretation of chinese culture, chinese culture of ancient life coruscate gives the modern radiance, and in the practice of the communist party of china got the creative and innovative development. the future development of china is also to further combine marxism with chinese historical culture. in this regard, our party is increasingly aware of its historical mission and increasingly aware of its cultural identity. that is -- the chinese communist party is the rejuvenation of chinese culture and the successor and promoter of chinese civilization. only this kind of mission awareness and cultural awakening can make the chinese communist party leadership of socialism with chinese characteristics have true cultural vitality. also only adhere to the guidance of marxism, carry forward the national characteristic, reshape the ruling and culture consciousness, culture can develop continuously in the broad and profound national culture veins new national spirit and cultural spirit, really realize the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation the chinese dream.

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