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strengthen party building with innovative thinking
strengthening the party building is an important part of strengthening the party's construction, which is the necessary requirement to strengthen the cohesion and fighting power of the party organization at the grass-roots level and consolidate the party's governing foundation. in practice, however, we can either ignore the group construction, either don't pay much attention to the innovation of construction group, used to use old construction group, cannot get full play to the role of the group, the affected party branch construction and role play, reduces the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organizations at the grass-roots level. therefore, we must keep pace with the times and strengthen the party building with innovative thinking.

innovation party group setting

the party group how to set up and divide the pattern that does not have unified, should according to the party member quantity how much, work need and party member distribution circumstance to decide. if there are more than three party members (one of whom must have a formal party member), they can be grouped into a group. party groups such as organs, enterprises, rural areas, communities, schools, hospitals and social organizations may be divided according to the living conditions of party members, the nature of their work and the state of their organization. but as the change of new situations, the setting of the group can break the original rules, such as setting up flow micro letter group, qq group, group, double group, group, such as the home group according to the characteristics and content to set up the new job of party members, reflected the characteristics of the times, flexibility and effectiveness, convenient for group activities better, play a role. adapt to the new change of the party group setting, make the party group more dynamic and dynamic.

innovate the party system

establishing and improving the working system of the party group is of great guarantee for the full play of the party's role. generally speaking, the party group should establish the system of learning, party members reporting, organizing life, contacting the masses, cultivating the active members of the party, education, and investigating. but along with the social production, life and other new methods appear constantly, group in order to better play to the party's leading role, the working system should change with the changed situation, achieve social change where group work to develop innovative, formulate and improve some changes to adapt to the new situation, new working system, such as a party member volunteer service, against poverty, poverty support, public opinion supervision, integrity, commitment, etc., expands the space and scope of group activities, enriching the content of group activities, and regulate the behavior of party member activities, give full play to the functions of group and members.

innovative party group activities

how party groups conduct their activities is very important for the role of party groups and party members. therefore, we should pay more attention to the choice of party group activities, and more importantly, the innovation of party group activities. only by constantly innovating the party group activities will the vitality of the party group multiply. innovation must adhere to focus group activities, specification and "small, flexible, diverse, pragmatic" combination, combined with this unit, the department, the team advantage, often organize concentration learning, heart-to-heart communication, and participate in activities. such as innovation "group branch of cpc" "group review" "group service" volunteers "group ", " " group activities such as the work center of gravity from the party branch to the group to extend, activate the "nerve", give full play to the basic value chain function, make the group function. the innovative party group activities are carried out in the principle of convenience, flexibility and efficiency, which cannot be innovated and innovated. only publicity and publicity are considered, and the effect is not emphasized.

source: study times