promote the party's theoretical innovation based on the new development stage-凯发k8天生赢家

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promote the party's theoretical innovation based on the new development stage
in the important speech of "7.26", general secretary xi jinping put forward the important assertion that socialism with chinese characteristics entered a new stage of development. this important thesis contains profound thought connotation, is a scientific summary of the party's great achievement since the eighteenth big five years development in china and the successful experience of basis, is under the new historical conditions to grasp the historical position, according to the characteristics of the new great project of great struggle, construction, advancing the great cause and the realization of the basis of a great dream, to promote the party's theoretical innovation to establish the foundation of theory and practice.

great practice breeds great theory. marx and engels believe that theoretical innovation is the product of the development of the times and must conform to the stage requirements of the development of the times. our party is leading the chinese revolution, construction and reform practice for a long time, the basic principles of marxism-leninism with china's concrete practice and the times characteristic, the combination of constantly promoting the sinicization of marxism, the two historic leap. first leap in new-democratic revolution period, the chinese communists after repeated research, on the basis of summarizing the success and failure experience, found out the rural areas to encircle the cities, and finally win the victory of the revolutionary road with chinese characteristics, and actively explore suitable for china's national conditions after the revolution victory of socialism construction path, formed proved by practice of chinese revolution and construction of the correct theory principle and experience summary, mao zedong thought. second leap occur after the third plenary session of the eleventh, the chinese communists on the basis of summarizing the experience and research the international situation in our country, has opened up the road of socialism with chinese characteristics, formed proved by practice about building, consolidating and developing socialism in china of the correct theory principle and experience summary, this is the system of theories of socialism with chinese characteristics.

at present, china's development has reached a new historical starting point, and socialism with chinese characteristics has entered a new stage of development. since the eighteenth congress, the party central committee with comrade xi for the core around the theme of socialism with chinese characteristics, to adapt to the times trend, to people's expectations, launched a series of major strategic measures, "solved many want to solve problems that not for a long time, we wanted to do a lot of the past without succeeds event", strongly push forward the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation both chinese dream of practice process, and gave birth to the great new theory. from the time background, contemporary china is experiencing the most extensive and profound social changes in the history of our country, the traditional deep changes have taken place in the state and party, especially the economic and social development situation at home and abroad profound changes and profound adjustment on interests. keep pace with the times is the theoretical quality of marxism, the party's innovation theory will take a new form with the pace of the times, with the change of times and the actual situation change characteristics and continuous development. from the practical conditions, seeking truth from facts is the essence of marxist theory, since the eighteenth congress, the party central committee with comrade xi for the core unity cpc led the chinese people of all ethnic groups, focus on the world fashion trend, based on china's national conditions, overall layout, plan as a whole to promote "five one" coordination advances the strategy of "four comprehensive" layout, "on the most grand and unique in the history of human practice innovation", the unprecedented great practice, for the development of marxism provides abundant supplies and the practice basis. from a theoretical basis, engels said, "marx's whole world view is not a doctrine, but a method. it offers not a ready-made doctrine, but a starting point for further research and a way to use it. the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, insist on the dialectical materialism and historical materialism methodology, from the history and reality, theory and practice, made on the combination of domestic and international thinking and scientific grasp in today's world and the development trend of contemporary china, demands and people's desire to practice, using the marxist stand, viewpoint and method studies major problem solution to china's practice, around in governing under the new situation, put forward a series of new concepts, new ideas new strategy, and covers various aspects and fields, such as domestic and foreign affairs defence form a distinct purpose, connotation is rich, logical and complete scientific theory system, is the latest achievements in adapting marxism to chinese, opens a new development of marxism in contemporary china, is our party new contribution to marxism development in the 21st century, greatly enriched and developed the marxist theory, laid a theoretical foundation for the new scientific theory was born. from the personal attributes of the leader, marx once said that every society needs its own great man, and if there is no such person, it will create them. broad and profound xi jinping in governing the formation of new ideas, new ideas new strategy, and xi jinping general secretary personal growth course, intellectual and intellectual ambition, history, political quality is inseparable. in particular, general secretary xi jinping was born and raised in a revolutionary family. the faith, purpose and determination to change the destiny of the nation and nation in the years of suffering and tortuous learning; in the long term and multi-post practice, we should strengthen the sense of purpose and the concept of the masses, and exercise the excellent political character of being down-to-earth, earnest and conscientious, and have cultivated the foundation of governing the country.

great theory leads great practice, new development practice must be led by innovation theory. xi series of important speech spirit and the cpc central committee general secretary in governing the new ideas, new ideas new strategy from china practice, and effectively guide the great practice of socialism with chinese characteristics, has won universal trust and great support of the party and the people. the masses of the people are the creators and promoters of history, and their recognition of the theory determines the speed of this theory. at present, the guide leading the basic forming the theory of the new stage of the socialism with chinese characteristics: adhere to the guiding status of marxism, adhere to socialism with chinese characteristics, take the people as the center, based on the chinese excellent traditional culture and the chinese reality, domestic and international two overall situation as a whole, problem oriented, and practice of innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing new development concept, overall layout, plan as a whole to promote "five one" coordinate "comprehensive" four strategic layout, to achieve "two" one hundred goals and the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation the chinese dream and so on, are the rich content.

in such a background, as the party's theoretical workers, should in the study, propaganda, research on marxism as a responsible, being a marxist preacher, preacher, with a new attitude, mental state and struggle to promote the party's theoretical research and innovation. to enhance political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, core, look, speak good chinese story, carry forward the melody and spread the positive energy, eagerly anticipates the social ideological trend, create a strong atmosphere, to meet the victory at the party's 19.

source: study times