in august, the employees of the construction group of the state construction group will be warmly ended-凯发k8天生赢家

except for the legal person of international union construction group investment subject, no other individual or institution has the right to sign the investment agreement with the project party on behalf of international union construction group. international union construction group does not charge any fees other than investment returns and management fees during the investment process.
in august, the employees of the construction group of the state construction group will be warmly ended

enterprise culture for the practice of building group, express company for the employee, the loving care to employees for a long time hard work to give you and thank you, the building group, the union will hold a birthday party for employees in late every month, the month of longevity and all the staff together, feeling together to build the warmth of family, everybody happy, happiness around them.

燃情八月 国建集团员工生日会温暖落幕

on august 25, the union of china construction group held a grand birthday celebration for employees who celebrated their birthday in august. the site was filled with warmth and emotion. in the birthday, we sing the birthday song, blow the candles, cut the cake, at the same time, the building group, the union also carefully prepared for the birthday girl birthday welfare and elegant birthday greeting card, pour into the country to build group kind care to employees. the group union hopes to pass the sincere care of the group to every employee through the birthday party, hoping that everyone can work hard and work together to grow with the company.

燃情八月 国建集团员工生日会温暖落幕

holding a birthday party for employees has become the building group, the union of traditional enterprise culture activities of our employees, one of the building group adhere to "people-oriented" management philosophy, will be in the form of more novel, close to the staff continue to carry out the birthday party activities, let every employee has the most memorable birthday experience, make every birthday party to enhance employee feelings, reflect the culture, reflect humanistic care, full build "understanding staff, care staff working environment". through respect people, care people, cultivate people, reuse, work practice, promote enterprise's team spirit, the enhancement enterprise cohesion, thereby shaping the foreign brand image building group, for the goal of a development strategy group to provide strong cultural support, spiritual power and strength!