theoretical learning should not "just set up the music frame without playing the piano"-凯发k8天生赢家

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theoretical learning should not "just set up the music frame without playing the piano"

at the first collective study session of the political bureau of the 20th cpc central committee, the general secretary pointed out, "since the new era, the party's theoretical and practical innovations are very vivid. our study should also be vivid, and we should not only memorize some concepts and formulations." the theme of this education has also made it clear that we should vigorously promote the marxist style of study that combines theory with practice, truly learn the essential skills of marxism, and consciously use the general secretary's thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era to guide all our work.

"zhijiang xinyu" in an article entitled "bookworm" phenomenon should not "article, special emphasis on reading can not die reading, reading dead books, can not talk on paper, flashy. the general secretary warned that reading is not an easy thing, so we should earnestly strengthen the study of marxism, attach importance to the pertinence and guidance of the study, and be good at understanding and solving the problems encountered with the position, viewpoint and method of marxism. we should give full consideration to the vivid real life and the exact truth of reality, pay attention to the study of new situations, seriously analyze new problems, actively seek new countermeasures, and strive to achieve the unity of knowledge and practice, theory with practice, do things in a real way, do our work with all our heart, instead of being keen on the pursuit of excitement, only put flower racks without planting flowers, only put music racks without playing the piano. if the phenomenon of "bookworms" who follow principles and dogma exists in the ranks of party officials, it will do harm to our cause. the theme of education proposed to solve the six outstanding problems of the primary problem is the theory of learning style is not pure is not straight, learning not go heart not deep not systematic, with the party's innovation theory to guide practice, to solve problems there are gaps and deficiencies.

the same is the theory of learning, is to copy, mechanical copy, or learn to understand, mastery, learning effect is poor. since the new era, the party's innovative theoretical armed work has made solid progress and achieved practical results. but some party members, cadres theory study interest is not strong, learn not to go in, learn to pretend; some learning is not systematic, not in-depth, a little knowledge, a little taste, know how and why; some of them are not good at translating their learning results into practical skills for doing business. and so on. these problems show that theoretical study should not be careless at all, we must be serious, honest, original study, practical and systematic grasp of the world outlook and methodology throughout it, the party's innovation theory contained in the thinking methods, working methods, leadership methods to hand use. we will continue to integrate learning, thinking and application, carry forward the marxist style of learning that links theory with practice, and guard against formalism that disconnects learning and application.

engels famously said that our theories are not dogmas, but guidelines for action.  the results of theoretical learning should ultimately be implemented to do their own work, promote the cause of development, guide the majority of party members and cadres to combine comprehensive study and focus on learning, insist on what to focus on learning, what is missing on what to focus on making up, enhance the pertinency of learning, and strive to improve the effectiveness of learning. adhere to the comprehensive system, timely follow up, insist on thinking more, deep understanding of learning, adhere to internalization in mind, externalization in action, adhere to contact with reality, based on the position, so as to know the words better know its meaning, know its nature better know its reason, improve the theoretical quality, firm ideals and beliefs, sublimate consciousness, enhance ability and ability in deep learning and careful practice.

"poor reason to its knowledge, practice the truth." in the era of unprecedented change, new technologies, new forms of business, new models and so on are constantly emerging. at the same time, we are faced with new situations, new contradictions and new problems that we have never seen before. in particular, we need to "study hard, practice hard and enhance our ability" in theoretical learning, so as to adapt to the changes and master the initiative. the majority of party members and cadres should take the theme education as an opportunity, in the theoretical learning constantly strengthen the problem oriented, practice-oriented, demand-oriented, close contact with the practical work and ideological practice, the learning effect into a firm ideal, exercise the party spirit of high consciousness, into a good job, promote the cause of development of vivid practice.

source: theory net