we should both go against the trend and follow it-凯发k8天生赢家

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we should both go against the trend and follow it

the political bureau of the cpc central committee held a meeting on april 28 to analyze the current economic situation and economic work, and identified accelerating the building of a modern industrial system supported by the real economy as an important task for the next stage. it stressed that "we should not only buck the trend and make breakthroughs in areas of weakness, but also act along the trend and make bigger and stronger areas of strength." this shows that to build a modern industrial system supported by the real economy, we need to accurately grasp and scientifically respond to the areas of weakness and strength that affect the modern industrial system, and we should both go against the trend and act along it.

"he who watches the trend is wise, and he who controls the trend wins." "potential" is a kind of objective existence, which reflects the situation, trend and trend of the development of things. in an ever-changing era and in the face of complex and volatile domestic and international situations, no matter planning reform or promoting development, it is indispensable to understand and grasp the "potential". at present, the global industrial system, industrial chain and supply chain are diversified, regional cooperation, green transformation and accelerated digitalization. this is the law of economic development and the general trend of history, and does not depend on people's will. in the decade of the new era, china's industrial system has become more complete, the industrial chain has become more complete, and the overall strength, quality and efficiency of the industry, as well as innovation, competitiveness and risk resistance have improved significantly. however, compared with the requirements of building a modernized socialist country, the modernization level of our industrial system is not high enough. we must speed up the upgrading and development of the industrial system, promote the replenishment of short board industries and chain extension of superior industries, upgrade the chain of traditional industries and establish chains of emerging industries, and strengthen the continuity and competitiveness of the industrial development.

to buck the trend, we need to focus on areas of weakness in the real economy and speed up efforts to overcome bottlenecks. over the past 40 years and more of reform and opening up, especially since the 18th national congress of the cpc, china has made great achievements in the development of its real economy. it now has the world's most complete and largest industrial system and complete supporting capacity. china is the only country in the world with all the industrial categories listed in the un industrial classification, and the output of more than 220 major industrial products among more than 500 kinds ranks first in the world. however, china's real economy also faces some "bottleneck" problems, and the pattern that core technologies in key fields are controlled by others has not fundamentally changed. to accelerate breakthroughs in areas of weakness, we will not only focus on scientific issues in the face of practical problems in economic and social development, but also encourage scientific and technological workers to carry out cutting-edge explorations. we will stimulate innovation through the "reveal the top positions", "horse-racing" and "undertaking responsibilities" systems, and solve key and core technology problems at the source and at the bottom. by strengthening the connection between the innovation chain and the industrial chain, the innovation chain and the service chain, and the innovation chain and the capital chain, the strong and weak points of strengthening the weak and weak points of strengthening the weak and weak points of strengthening the stress concentration points that are suppressed and contained, and the coupling between the scientific and technological innovation and the systems at all levels of the industrial chain and supply chain will be enhanced to enhance the resilience, strain capacity, hedging capacity and countermeasures capacity of the chinese industrial system.

to act along the trend, we need to consolidate and expand our traditional areas of strength, always recognize the unshakable role of the real economy in china's development path, and have the confidence and determination to make the real economy bigger and stronger.  therefore, the construction of a modern economic system must focus on the real economy, accurately and dynamically grasp the new characteristics, new trends and new patterns of the development and competition of the world's real economy, and always maintain and enhance the global scale, scope and competitive advantages of the real economy as the fundamental goal. we will consolidate our leading position in competitive industries, continue to pool resources and cultivate intensive crops, gradually form competitive industrial clusters, develop more unique skills, further enhance the autonomy and control of industrial chains and supply chains, and keep the initiative for development firmly in our own hands. at the same time, we will make arrangements in key areas ahead of schedule and comprehensively modernize the industrial system, so as to consolidate the leading position of traditional industries and create new competitive advantages. we will encourage more high-quality innovation, technology, talent and capital to cluster in areas where we already have advantages. we will carry out industrial base reconstruction and technology upgrading projects, form a group of specialized and new "little giants" enterprises and individual manufacturing champions at important points in the industrial chain, and build a modern industrial system that is independent, controllable, safe, reliable and highly competitive through the integrated development of large, small and medium-sized enterprises.

our economy started from the real economy, also depends on the real economy to move into the future.  as long as we keep a clear view of our strengths and weaknesses in development, act along the trend when we seize opportunities, and act against the trend when faced with difficulties, we should coordinate efforts to ensure sustained improvement in economic performance, stronger internal driving forces, improved social expectations, and continued resolution of hidden risks. we will be able to win the advantages, initiative and future for the modern industrial system supported by the real economy.

source: theory net