we will continue to modernize our national security system and capabilities-凯发k8天生赢家

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we will continue to modernize our national security system and capabilities

the report to the party's 20th national congress made strategic plans for "modernizing the national security system and capacity, and resolutely safeguarding national security and social stability." it stressed that "we must unswervingly implement the overall concept of national security, and maintain national security throughout the whole process of the work of the party and the state."

security is the premise of development, and development is the guarantee of security. speeding up the building of a new security pattern in line with the new development pattern and ensuring high-quality development with a high level of security are of great strategic significance to comprehensively advancing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation through chinese-style modernization. for a new journey in the new era, we need to take reform and innovation as the driving force, strengthen our thinking on the rule of law, build a systematic, scientific, standardized and effectively functioning national security system, improve our ability to use science and technology to safeguard national security, and continue to modernize our national security system and capacity.

improve national security systems and mechanisms.  on the new journey, the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. we must prepare for the major test of high winds and stormy seas. we must uphold the centralized and unified leadership of the cpc central committee over national security work and improve the efficient and authoritative leadership system for national security. we must unswervingly implement the system of responsibility for national security work of the chairman of the national security commission of the cpc central committee, deepen our understanding of the decisive significance of the "two establishment", enhance the "four consciousness", "four confidence", and "two maintenance" in national security work, fully implement the system of responsibility for national security, and faithfully implement the decisions and arrangements of the cpc central committee on national security work. in light of changes in the national security situation, we need to improve the coordination and command system for major projects, optimize the interdepartmental consultation mechanism, the coordination mechanism, the decision-making mechanism, the risk assessment mechanism, the system and mechanism for national security review and supervision, the mechanism for supervision and inspection of national security work and the mechanism for accountability, and the mechanism for reporting and releasing information on national security crises. to ensure that national security work is coordinated, smooth, and efficient, and to form systematic synergy and combat effectiveness.

we will improve the legal system and strategic system for national security. in light of the new circumstances and problems facing china's national security, we need to comprehensively review and promote legislation in important areas of national security, with the national security law as the focus, constantly promote the development of a system of rule of law for national security, and make it more systematic and coordinated. we will strengthen law enforcement of national security, strengthen inspection and oversight of the implementation of national security-related laws and regulations, and continue to improve the rule of law and institutionalize it. we should ensure fair administration of justice and strengthen communication and cooperation in handling cases endangering national security. at the same time, we must attach great importance to the important role of the national security strategy system in safeguarding national security. we should improve the system of national security strategies, thoroughly implement the outline of the national security strategy, strengthen its guidance and operability, and make it more overarching and systematic.

we will strengthen national security capacity building. to put development on a more secure and reliable basis, we must strengthen our capacity to safeguard national security. we should closely guard against and severely crack down on infiltration, sabotage, subversion and separatist activities by hostile forces, intensify the anti-terrorism campaign, attach great importance to ideological security risks in cyberspace, and strengthen our ability to safeguard the security of state power, institutions and ideology. we will strengthen security capacity building in key areas. we will consolidate the foundation of food security in all areas, maintain the red line of 1.8 billion mu of arable land, secure the rice bowl of the chinese people in our own hands, and ensure food security. we will further advance the energy revolution, accelerate the planning and construction of a new energy system, and ensure energy security. we will strive to achieve self-reliance in science and technology, win tough battles in key and core technologies, speed up efforts to strengthen weaknesses in core technologies in important areas, and ensure the security of important industrial and supply chains. we should strengthen our capacity to ensure overseas security, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of chinese citizens and legal persons overseas, and safeguard maritime rights and interests. we should encourage leading officials at all levels to coordinate development and security more consciously, and ensure that they are responsible, responsible and responsible for safeguarding the land. we need to take a multi-pronged and comprehensive approach to enrich national security education, strengthen national security education in an all-round way, raise the people's awareness and literacy of national security, and strengthen the people's defense line for national security.

we will improve governance of public security. in the new era and on a new journey, various black swan and grey rhino incidents may occur at any time. we must guard against and defuse major risks, improve public security governance, and firmly uphold the bottom line of safe development. it is important to combine prevention with disaster relief, and to integrate normal disaster relief with abnormal disaster relief. it is important to shift the focus from post-disaster relief to pre-disaster prevention, from responding to single types of disasters to comprehensive disaster relief, from reducing disaster losses to mitigating disaster risks, and effectively shift the public safety governance model to pre-prevention. we need to speed up the building of a framework for major security and emergency response, strengthen overall leadership, improve coordination among departments, promote internal integration of the emergency management system, improve the emergency planning system, and implement the responsibilities and measures of all links. we will improve our ability to prevent and control floods, droughts, forest and grassland fires, geological disasters, earthquakes and other natural disasters, and enhance our ability to ensure public safety. we should improve and implement the responsibility system for work safety, strengthen supervision and law enforcement over work safety, and effectively curb major and major accidents involving hazardous chemicals, mines, construction and transportation. we will improve the safety of food, drugs and other products and services that affect people's health. at the same time, we will improve the system of social governance, enhance its effectiveness, resolutely maintain social stability, and effectively implement the concept of safe development.

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