work hard on going deep-凯发k8天生赢家

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work hard on going deep

at the conference on the study and implementation of the theme education of the thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, the general secretary stressed that "this time of theme education, we should make great efforts to promote the study and implementation of the thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era," and "strive to achieve tangible results in shaping the soul, enhancing the wisdom, enhancing the spirit and promoting the ability through learning". these important statements provide a fundamental basis for party members and cadres to master the basic viewpoints, core elements, and scientific system of the thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era in a comprehensive and systematic way, to master the world outlook and methodology of this important thought, and to truly learn the essential skills of marxism.

in order to learn cast soul on the actual effect. every step forward in theoretical innovation is followed by further theoretical armament. this is the theoretical self-consciousness of chinese communists who have come to today and entered the future by relying on study. the thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era is contemporary chinese marxism, twenty-first century marxism, and the quintessence of chinese culture and chinese spirit. it represents a new leap forward in adapting marxism to chinese conditions and to the times. this education is a major review and baptism of the thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. it is a major strategy and measure for party officials to learn, understand and apply the party's innovative theory to equip their minds, guide practice, and advance their work. to work hard in learning, in the goal of effectiveness, enhance the party members and cadres to learn to understand the use of the party's innovation theory of consciousness, initiative and creativity, to achieve success does not have to be in my spiritual realm and success must have my responsibility, firmly forge ahead on the new journey, to win the new victory of the history of self-confidence and conscious action.

seek practical results in increasing wisdom by learning. in the face of international and domestic risks and challenges, if party members and cadres do not strengthen their study and fully understand the law of development and change, they will be confused because of little knowledge, ignorance and ignorance. the key to distinguish right from wrong, increase our ability, and promote development is to fully understand and make good use of the thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era and the world outlook and methodology underlying it. seizing the important opportunity of thematic education, we should read and fully and thoroughly read important works such as the governance of china and selected works of literature. we should read the original works, learn from the original texts, understand the principles, and thoroughly understand their innovative ideas and essence. we should not only go back to the source of learning, but also keep pace with the times, closely relate to solve the people's urgent difficulties and aspirations for the real problems, closely relate to the real problems of promoting high-quality economic and social development, learn and master the leadership, thinking and working methods contained in this thought, and improve the ability and level of sharing the party's worries and seeking benefits for the people.

in order to learn the positive wind on the actual effect. at present, the work style improvement cannot fully adapt to the requirements of the situation and tasks, some deep-seated problems have not been fundamentally solved, the problems that have been solved may rebound, and new problems are still emerging. one of the distinctive features of this theme education is to direct the "spearhead" at unhealthy tendencies, to educate and guide party members and officials to resolutely oppose the "four winds", cultivate new winds and cultivate fresh breeze. by deepening the study, we should always maintain the consciousness of tightening the "master switch", and consciously restrain words and deeds with a higher standard and stricter requirements. we should have an appearance in small sections and an image in major events, which can be seen in ordinary times. we should rush up at key moments and consciously work in the same direction and frequency with the party's cause from the bottom of our hearts. we will maintain a sound political environment and social conduct with cool and healthy air.

to learn to promote the actual effect. the value of theory lies in guiding practice, and the purpose of learning lies in application. thematic education cannot be "education for education's sake". the purpose of thematic education is to encourage party officials and officers to start their own businesses, to promote the integration of learning, thinking and application, to unify knowledge, belief and practice, to translate learning achievements into conscious determination in implementing the decisions and arrangements of the cpc central committee, and to form a vivid situation of unity, cooperation, courage to take on responsibilities, and good deeds. we should adhere to the dialectical thinking and systematic concept, pay attention to classified policies and targeted efforts, integrate themed education into the central work of our respective regions and units, and encourage party members and cadres to turn their energy into a powerful driving force for overcoming difficulties and doing business. we should take the satisfaction of the people as the fundamental criterion to truly put the people's affairs in charge, so as to achieve practical results.

thematic education is an important matter concerning the overall situation. only by making deep and solid efforts to educate and guide party members and cadres to correct the ideological source and consolidate the original, can we transform the thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era into a powerful force for firm ideals, tempering party spirit, guiding practice and promoting work, and jointly forge the party into an invincible and invincible hard steel.

source: theory net