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the leadership of the cpc has ensured the steady and lasting progress of chinese-style modernization

in an important speech delivered at the opening ceremony of the seminar on the study and implementation of the party's 20 guiding principles, the general secretary stressed that "the leadership of the party has a direct bearing on the fundamental direction, future and destiny, and ultimate success or failure of the chinese-style modernization". upholding the leadership of the communist party of china is one of the essential requirements of chinese-style modernization. we must uphold and strengthen the party's overall leadership, firmly uphold the authority and centralized and unified leadership of the cpc central committee, and implement the party's leadership in all areas, aspects and links of the cause of the party and the state, so as to ensure that chinese-style modernization continues to move steadily in the right direction and constantly strive for new victories in building a modern socialist country in all respects.

determine the fundamental nature of chinese modernization

the leadership of the party is the fundamental and lifeblood of the party and the country, the interests and destiny of the people of all ethnic groups in china, and determines the fundamental nature of chinese-style modernization. only by unswervingly upholding the leadership of the party can chinese-style modernization have a bright future and flourish.

chinese-style modernization is socialist modernization under the leadership of the communist party of china. the general secretary pointed out that "the most essential feature of socialism with chinese characteristics is the leadership of the communist party of china, and the greatest strength of the socialist system with chinese characteristics is the leadership of the communist party of china". we have adhered to and developed socialism with chinese characteristics, promoted coordinated development of material, political, spiritual, social and ecological progress, and created a new path of chinese-style modernization and a new form of human civilization.

in terms of the basic principles of scientific socialism, upholding the leadership of the communist party of china is the fundamental political guarantee for the steady and lasting development of socialism with chinese characteristics and chinese-style modernization. history and reality, theory and practice have proved that without the leadership of the communist party of china, socialism with chinese characteristics and modernization with chinese style would not have been possible.

judging from the historical process of chinese-style modernization, the party is the core force that unites and leads the chinese people of all ethnic groups in achieving the second centenary goal and in comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation through chinese-style modernization. the key to running china's affairs well lies in the party. upholding the cpc as the core of leadership is determined by the advanced nature of the party, and has been gradually formed and consolidated through the long-term practice of china's revolution, construction and reform. it is the choice of history and the people.

in terms of its own characteristics, the cpc takes marxism as its fundamental guiding ideology, constantly deepens its understanding of the laws governing the cpc, building socialism, and developing human society, and constantly opens up new horizons for adapting marxism to chinese conditions and the times, thus providing scientific guidance for chinese-style modernization. our party has the courage to carry out self-revolution and lead a great social revolution with a great self-revolution to ensure that the party will never deteriorate, change color or change its taste. therefore, it is qualified and capable to take on the historic task of comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation through chinese-style modernization.

we will ensure that chinese modernization is anchored to our goals

the century-long struggle of the communist party of china is the century-long exploration of chinese modernization. the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation has been a common dream of the chinese people since modern times. countless people with aspirations have sought and tried to achieve this goal, but all have failed. the task of exploring china's modernization path has historically fallen on the cpc. since the communist party of china, which takes national rejuvenation as its mission, stepped onto the stage of history, it has taken modernization as the great goal of its unremitting efforts. over the past 100 years and more, no matter how the situation and tasks changed, no matter what kind of stormy seas it encountered, the party has always grasped the initiative of history, anchored the goal of chinese-style modernization, moved forward firmly in the right direction, and continued to win new victories generation by generation.

during the new-democratic revolution, our party united and led the people in overthrowing the three great mountains of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism and establishing the people's republic of china, where the people were the masters of their own country, achieving national independence and liberation, and creating the fundamental social conditions for modernization. after the founding of new china, our party united and led the people in the socialist revolution, established the basic socialist system, and set up an independent and relatively complete industrial and national economic system, laying the fundamental political prerequisite and valuable experience, theoretical preparation, and material foundation for the modernization drive. in the new era of reform, opening up and socialist construction, our party made the historic decision to shift the focus of party and state work to economic development and carry out reform and opening up, vigorously promoted theoretical, institutional, cultural and other innovations based on practice, and implemented the socialist market economy. it has provided a system guarantee full of new vitality and material conditions for the rapid development of chinese modernization.

since the 18th cpc national congress, the cpc central committee with the general secretary at its core has put forward a series of new ideas, new thinking and new strategies, made continuous breakthroughs in theory and practice, and successfully promoted and expanded chinese-style modernization. first, we should deepen our understanding. it founded the thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, deepened the understanding of the connotation and essence of chinese modernization, summarized the chinese characteristics, essential requirements and major principles of chinese modernization, and initially established a theoretical system for chinese modernization, making it clearer, more scientific, and more feasible. second, we will continue to improve our strategy. we thoroughly implemented a series of major strategies, including the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, the strategy of strengthening the country through human resources, and the strategy of rural revitalization, to provide solid strategic support for chinese-style modernization. third, it is constantly enriched in practice. it has promoted a series of transformative practices, achieved a series of breakthroughs, and made a series of landmark achievements, and made historic achievements and changes in the cause of the party and the country. in particular, it has eliminated absolute poverty and completed the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, providing a more complete institutional guarantee, a more solid material foundation, and a more positive spiritual strength for the chinese-style modernization.

we will stimulate strong impetus for building chinese-style modernization

over the past 70 years and more, the cpc has led the people in creating and developing socialism with chinese characteristics, and has been brave in reform and innovation, injecting inexhaustible impetus into chinese modernization.

the modernization of the chinese style is a major achievement achieved by the people of all ethnic groups in the long period of exploration and practice under the leadership of the cpc after enduring hardships and paying a great price. since reform and opening up, our party has persisted in liberating the mind, seeking truth from facts, liberating and developing the productive forces, removing institutional malpractices in all fields, and implementing the socialist market economy. in particular, since the 18th cpc national congress, our party has acted with great courage to comprehensively deepen reform, unswervingly expand opening-up, and intensively address deep-seated institutional obstacles, highlighting the advantages of the socialist system with chinese characteristics, striving to better translate china's institutional advantages into national governance efficiency, and providing a strong institutional guarantee for building chinese-style modernization.

the historic achievements of chinese modernization fully prove that a good system can fully mobilize the initiative and creativity of hundreds of millions of people. to vigorously promote chinese modernization, we must, under the leadership of the party, strengthen the linkage between the fundamental system of socialism with chinese characteristics, the basic system and the important system of socialism with chinese characteristics, make the system of socialism with chinese characteristics more mature and more established, release institutional dividends, inject new drivers into chinese modernization, and promote chinese modernization through efficient governance.

build a mighty force of chinese modernization

the essence of modernization is the modernization of people. marxism holds that man is the subject of social practice, which is not only shaped by the real society, but also realizes his own development in promoting social progress.

upholding the supremacy of the people is the valuable experience of the cpc in its century-long struggle and the fundamental principle of chinese modernization. our party has always insisted that development is for the people, by the people, and the fruits of development are shared by the people. to carry out revolution, development, and reform is to ensure a happy life for the people. we need to maintain close ties with the people and give full play to the creative power of hundreds of millions of people. the people are the main force and source of strength in advancing the modernization of china. we must rely on the people closely to create great historical achievements.

since the 18th cpc national congress, the party central committee with the general secretary at its core has clearly stated that it will adhere to the philosophy of people-centered development, and take the improvement of the people's well-being, their all-round development, and steady progress toward common prosperity as the starting point and goal of development. the report on the party's 20th national congress stressed that "serving the people is the essential requirement of building the party for the public and governing for the people". we must put the people as the center, adhere to the party's mass line, firmly maintain the people's position, develop people's democracy throughout the process, fully inspire the spirit of the people as masters of the country, and continue to promote well-rounded human development. this will surely build up a powerful force for building chinese-style modernization.

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