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we will make high-quality development our top priority

the report to the party's 20th national congress points out that high-quality development is the primary task of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. the general secretary stressed at the central economic work conference that development is the party's top priority in governing and rejuvenating the country, and development must be of high quality. sichuan deeply studied and implemented the spirit of the party's twenty national congress and the spirit of the general secretary's series of important instructions for sichuan's work. with the construction of shuangcheng economic circle in chengdu-chongqing area as the general traction, with the "synchronization of the four modernizations, urban-rural integration, and the five districts' common prosperity" as the general starting point, sichuan adhered to the general thinking of "speaking politics, grasping development, benefiting people's livelihood, and ensuring safety", it went all out to fight for economy and construction. we will unswervingly promote high-quality development and strive to find a path of modernization that follows the trend of the times, conforms to the law of development, embodies sichuan characteristics and serves the overall situation of the country.

entering the new era, the cpc central committee with the general secretary at its core has coordinated the overall strategy for national rejuvenation and the profound changes unseen in the world in a century. it has made a series of important discussions and major plans for implementing the new vision for development and promoting high-quality development, and formed a complete closed-loop system covering the vision for development, the layout of work, political oversight, and evaluation. we will lead and ensure that china's economy and society shift to a stage of high-quality development.

to put forward new development concepts and provide high-quality scientific guidance for development. in december 2012, when the general secretary left beijing for his first inspection trip to guangdong after the 18th cpc national congress, he stressed that "accelerating the strategic adjustment of economic structure is the general trend of the times and it is urgent to delay". in 2013, the central economic work conference made a major judgment on the "new normal". at the fifth plenary session of the 18th cpc central committee, the new development concept of "innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared" was put forward for the first time. at the 19th national congress of the communist party of china, we made the important judgment that the chinese economy has shifted from a stage of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development. in january 2021, at the opening session of a special seminar on studying and implementing the spirit of the fifth plenary session of the 19th cpc central committee, major leading officials at the provincial and ministerial levels stressed that "the whole party must fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development philosophy". these important statements provide an in-depth answer to the major question of what kind of development to achieve in the new era and how to achieve development, and are an original contribution to the marxist theory of development.

high-level deployment is promoted to form a strong synergy for high-quality development. the fourth part of the report to the party's 20th national congress is titled "accelerating the construction of a new development pattern and focusing on promoting high-quality development" and emphasizes "promoting effective qualitative improvement and reasonable quantitative growth of the economy". at the central economic work conference, the general secretary stressed "accelerating the construction of a new development pattern, focusing on promoting high-quality development" and called for "strengthening macro-policy control, strengthening the coordination and cooperation of various policies, and forming joint efforts to promote high-quality development". these major plans and clear guidance have been raised from the position of the party, strengthened from the work, supported from the policy, and strengthened from the responsibility. they have formed a new situation in which the whole party and the whole country have unified their thinking, will, and action in pursuit of high-quality development.

we will highlight political oversight and strengthen discipline for high-quality development. at the second plenary session of the 20th cpc central commission for discipline inspection, the general secretary emphasized the concretion of political supervision. first of all, "we should look at whether the strategic plans of the 20th cpc national congress on comprehensively implementing the new development concept, focusing on promoting high-quality development and proactively building a new development pattern have been implemented or not." the communique to the plenum listed "strengthening political oversight around the implementation of the party's 20 major strategic plans" as the first of this year's eight key tasks, calling for stronger oversight and inspection to ensure that implementation is not biased, flexible, or deviated. giving high quality development a prominent position as an important content of political oversight reflects hard requirements and rigid constraints, and sends a stronger and clearer political signal that economic work is viewed from a political perspective.

we will build an evaluation system and give full play to the "baton" role of high-quality development. the cpc central committee and the state council have made clear requirements to accelerate the formation of an indicator system, policy system, standard system, statistical system, performance evaluation and government performance evaluation for promoting high-quality development. to organize the comprehensive performance evaluation of high-quality development of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and make it an important part of the performance evaluation of local party and government leading bodies and leading officials. in the setting of assessment indicators, it mainly concretized and quantified the requirements of the new development concept and implemented the requirements of sticking to the red line and the bottom line, which not only helped local governments accurately grasp the main direction and focus of promoting high-quality development, but also gave play to the incentive and guidance role of performance evaluation.

in recent years, sichuan has thoroughly studied and implemented the important discussion and deployment requirements of the general secretary on high-quality development, positioned itself, shaped the pattern and developed advantages in proactively serving and integrating into the national strategy, closely followed the provincial situation and the characteristics of development stages, resolutely turned the foothold of development to improve the quality and efficiency, and fully, accurately and comprehensively implemented the new development concepts. we will promote effective qualitative improvement and reasonable quantitative growth of the economy.

we will continue to take the development of the chengdu-chongqing twin city economic circle as the main driver, and create an important pole of growth and a new source of power for high-quality development across the country. the construction of chengdu-chongqing twin city economic circle is a major strategic decision that the general secretary plans, plans and promotes in person. the report of the 20th national congress of the communist party of china listed the construction of the double circle as a national regional major strategy, which brought new great historical opportunities for sichuan to forge ahead on a new journey. in the process of promoting the construction of the double circle, it should grasp the evolution law of population and economy to the concentration of urban agglomeration, put the promotion of the driving force of chengdu metropolitan area in a prominent position, support chengdu to comprehensively build a park city demonstration area to practice the new development concept, obtain the national approval to implement the development plan of chengdu metropolitan area, and strengthen the "double core interaction and double circle interaction" with chongqing. we will increase the carrying capacity of advantageous areas. the party and government joint meetings are held twice a year in sichuan and chongqing, and all 160 major projects have been launched, 311 projects have been jointly launched, and 43 convenient life actions have made things more convenient for the people. once the central line of high-speed railway between chengdu and chongqing is completed, the travel time between the two areas will be reduced to less than one hour. we will continue to guide coordinated development among regions through the double-circle development, foster provincial economic sub-centers, support old revolutionary base areas, poverty alleviation areas, ethnic minority areas, and pelvic mountainous areas in developing on the basis of their natural resources, and promote a new stage of regional synergy in which advantaged areas develop better, ecological functional areas are better protected, and less-developed areas speed up catch-up.

we will continue to rely on innovation to lead high-quality development and serve the country's high-level science and technology. the general secretary asked sichuan to "carry out innovation and creation in a solid way", "do a good job in the in-depth development of military-civilian integration" and "form a cluster of scientific and technological innovators". sichuan gives full play to its advantages as a major province in science and education, military industry and human resources, and simultaneously promotes education development, scientific and technological innovation and personnel training. it focuses on the construction of national strategic scientific and technological force, industrial technological innovation and the innovation and creation of the whole society, and speeds up the construction of a science and technology innovation center with national influence and a national innovation-driven development pioneer province. last year, a national laboratory of national strategic urgency was set up in sichuan; the national sichuan-tibet railway technology innovation center was completed and completed; major achievements were made in the construction of the chengdu-chongqing (xinglong lake) comprehensive science center, the western (chengdu) science city, and the china (mianyang) science and technology city. the number of national large science facilities reached 10, ranking third in the country. the total number of national innovation platforms has reached 195. after the "three-line construction", sichuan once again seized the major opportunities of the national strategic scientific and technological force layout, significantly enhanced the core strength of the nation's sword casting, significantly enhanced the momentum of innovation-driven development, and ranked first in china in comprehensive innovation capability. sichuan will carry forward the spirit of "two bombs, one star" and three lines of construction, become a pilot field for the reform of the new nationwide system, build more "national tools", and make greater contributions to solving the country's "bottleneck" problem.

we should give priority to industry and manufacturing and build a modern industrial system with sichuan characteristics. the general secretary stressed that "manufacturing is the lifeline of the national economy" and "accelerate the construction of manufacturing power", requiring sichuan to develop characteristic advantageous industries and strategic emerging industries as the main direction. sichuan sticks to the focus of economic development on the real economy, vigorously implements the strategy of strengthening the province by manufacturing, comprehensively promotes the industrial base reconstruction project, major technology and equipment project and the chain strengthening project, and promotes the high-end of advantageous industries, the new type of traditional industries and the scale of emerging industries. with a view to expanding "leading industries" worth several trillion yuan, we will implement a plan to improve and double the quality of six competitive industries, build a number of national and even world-class advanced manufacturing clusters, and increase the scale of the electronic information, food and beverage industries to one trillion yuan. focusing on creating several world-class "landmark industries", the company has implemented the introduction and cultivation plan of strategic emerging industries, successfully held the world power battery conference, the world clean energy equipment conference, and the world display industry conference, and formed the 100-billion-level power battery industry, speeding up the opening of new fields and winning new racetrack. with a view to fostering a group of enterprises worth over 100 billion yuan and leading enterprises in the industry, we will carry out the "gongga pei youyou" and "mount qomolangma climbing" programs to consolidate the foundation of market entities in the manufacturing industry. we should pay attention to preventing low-level duplicate construction and homogeneous competition, attach importance to industrial planning and layout, follow up from land, energy consumption, environment and other aspects, build a circle and strong chain within the province, and clench our fist to promote advantageous industrial clusters to enhance international competitiveness.

we will give priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas and build a higher-level "tianfu granary" in the new era. sichuan is rich in products and has a large population. during the warring states period, dujiangyan was built to become a land of abundance with "a thousand miles of fertile land and abundant storage", which became the granary of the world when qin unified china. since then, sichuan has been the strategic rear area of the motherland. when the general secretary visited sichuan last year, he called for building a higher-level "tianfu granary" in the new era. we maintain that grain storage is based on land and technology, adopt "long teeth" measures to strictly adhere to the red line of cultivated land, fully implement the farmland manager system, set and assign a new round of targets and tasks for the protection of permanent basic farmland with the location and responsibility, resolutely curb the "non-agricultural use" of cultivated land and strictly control the "non-agricultural use" of cultivated land. it strives to build a modern agricultural system with overall planning of grain and economy, equal emphasis on agriculture and animal husbandry, and circulation of planting and breeding. in accordance with the layout of "one belt, five districts and thirty clusters with thousands of parks", it strives to make progress on "local specialties", develop local resources, highlight regional characteristics, and form industrial clusters, so as to make the golden sign of agricultural province shine brighter. grain output exceeded 70 billion tons for the third year in a row for the first time in 20 years, and the annual production of hogs exceeded 60 million.

we will continue to take deepening reform and opening up wider as the fundamental driving force and speed up the building of new heights of reform and opening up. building a new highland of reform and opening up is a new strategic positioning and major mission entrusted by the general secretary of sichuan, which fundamentally reshaped the position of sichuan as an inland province in the overall opening up of the country. we strive to pursue new and higher development concepts in terms of opening up. relying on china's strategic frontier of opening up to the west and its advantages in the domestic market, we take the initiative to serve and integrate into the new dual-cycle development pattern, and speed up the building of strategic heights of inland opening up and new bases for international competition. the total number of major routes in and out of sichuan has reached 41. the chengdu-kunming double line has been opened to traffic to create an important national assembly center for china-laos freight trains. over 10,000 china-europe freight trains have been launched in chengdu. we made great efforts to promote the development of an open economy by making new innovations and pursuing higher standards. we launched a number of landmark foreign investment projects and introduced a number of small and medium-sized foreign investment projects with high technology content. last year, the import and export of goods exceeded one trillion yuan. carrying forward the spirit of "daring to be the first in the world", we have deepened reforms in key areas and key links, such as state assets and state-owned enterprises, agriculture and rural areas, market-oriented allocation of factors of production, and optimizing the development environment for private enterprises. the market economy continues to burst with vitality, and "sichuan is the first choice for investment in the western region" is becoming the consensus of far-sighted entrepreneurs at home and abroad.

we will give priority to ecological and green development, and work together to reduce carbon emissions, reduce pollution, promote green development and promote growth. in order to safeguard national ecological security and the sustainable development of the chinese nation, sichuan has firmly established the concept that clear waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains, and built strong ecological barriers along the upper reaches of the yangtze and yellow rivers to preserve, enhance and make good use of its ecological advantages. in accordance with the requirements of "only better, not worse", the ecological environment quality can be improved by iron-core arrangement, iron-face inspection and iron-hand law enforcement. the ecological environment protection is strengthened with iron-work style, and no approval or approval is given to "two high and one low" projects. the ecological environment trend of the province is improved. we will make great efforts to transform ecological values, leverage sichuan's advantages of good mountains, good water and good scenery, build the giant panda and ruoergai national parks with high quality, and plan to build a number of world-class cultural and tourism landmarks with beautiful scenery, rich culture and original ecology. sichuan ranked first in china in terms of tourist arrivals during the spring festival holiday this year. centering on "water, wind, light and air", we should focus on clean energy transformation. sichuan's installed hydropower capacity is close to 100 million kw, accounting for 28 of every 100 kwh of hydropower in china. four large hydropower stations, wudongde, baihetan, xiluodu and xiangjiaba, planned for the cascade development of the lower reaches of the jinsha river, have been completed, with a total installed capacity of 46.46 million kw, twice that of the three gorges power station. in particular, baihetan went into full operation last year, marking the completion of the world's largest clean energy corridor on the upper reaches of the yangtze river.

we need to better balance development and security, and ensure high-quality development with a high level of security. sichuan is the land of abundance, but also frequent natural disasters, winter and spring fire prevention, summer and autumn flood prevention, four seasons disaster prevention, year-round earthquake prevention. working in sichuan, you have to "always worry." bearing in mind the general secretary's warning of the "four questions" on forest fire prevention and extinguishing and the solemn admonishment of "we should not repeat the past mistakes repeatedly", we adhered to the principle of giving priority to prevention, actively eliminating, putting life first, and putting safety first. we issued the strictest fire prevention order in history, established and improved the working mechanism of "producing force at the end and producing effect at the end", and won the battle of forest and grassland fire prevention. i prepared from the worst, started from the most detailed point, and carried out the responsibility to the smallest unit of work. i responded to three earthquakes with magnitude-6.0 and above in an orderly and effective manner. in the past five years, the number of people killed and missing due to disasters was the lowest in the five years since the founding of new china.

in 2022, in the face of a series of severe tests, the people of the province overcame difficulties and worked hard. the economy of the province broke out of a strong curve from shock downward to rapid recovery. the gdp growth rate of the province was 2.9%, ranking the fourth among the six major economic provinces. since the beginning of this year, closely around the goal of promoting the overall improvement of economic operation, we have fought hard to "get off to a good start", and the province's economy has ushered in a strong momentum of recovery. the tremendous achievements in sichuan's development are fundamentally attributable to the strong leadership of the cpc central committee with the general secretary at its core and the scientific guidance of the general secretary's thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, which has made us more acutely aware of the decisive significance of the "two determinations".

the next five years will be a crucial period for the all-round construction of socialist modernization in sichuan. by 2027, the total economic aggregate of the province should be raised to 8 trillion yuan and another 3 trillion yuan, and the high-quality development should realize obvious "carry". the new journey is one full of glory, dreams, risks and challenges. there are still many "dadu river", "luding bridge" and "snowy mountain grassland" to be conquered. to go through the historical pass of high quality development is a major task of the times that must be answered well.

always make contributions to the overall position and the overall service. bearing in mind that "the country is greater", we should adhere to the principle of subordinating minor principles to the general principle and local interests to the interests of the country as a whole, and consciously act in the overall interest of the country. the planning and promotion of sichuan's development at any time must be based on the implementation of the decisions and arrangements of the cpc central committee. we must strictly check the standards and tables one by one, resolutely do not do what is prohibited by the cpc central committee, and do what is required by the cpc central committee.

always break new ground by being responsible and tenacious. we should take responsibility as the touchstone to test loyalty. we should consciously shoulder responsibilities, difficulties and risks, and carry hard burdens with iron shoulders. we will carry forward the spirit of struggle, have the courage to face up to and resolve to solve the bottlenecks that hinder high-quality development, and will never beat the drum to pass flowers or leave behind burdens. we will put in place an economic responsibility system, improve assessment and evaluation indicators, and better play the role of the "baton" to guide local governments to move firmly onto the track of promoting high-quality development.

we have always grasped the general trend and kept to innovation. the national major strategy and the advantages of sichuan better combination, focus on shaping the pattern, the foundation of the long-term event. we should have the courage to break the mindset, change our thinking completely, and remedy our knowledge, capabilities and experience weaknesses. we should be good at solving practical problems in a complex environment and under multiple constraints. we should be good at handling the important relationship between speed and quality, and between development and security.

always in the strict and practical and practical work to see actual results. we will adhere to the standards for testing practice, encourage investigation and research, and go to places where difficulties abound, public opinions are concentrated, and our work cannot get off the ground, so as to fully grasp the actual situation and find effective measures. adhere to the action is better than words, oppose empty slogans, mechanical implementation, passive response and other undesirable tendencies, as a doer, the decision of the central committee into the high quality development of sichuan province.

source: theory net