chinese modernization provides a choice for the national rejuvenation of the latecomer countries-凯发k8天生赢家

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chinese modernization provides a choice for the national rejuvenation of the latecomer countries

the report of the 20th national congress of the communist party of china points out that scientific socialism is full of new vitality in the 21st century china, and chinese modernization provides a new choice for mankind to realize modernization.

in the history of human civilization, capitalism started the historical process of modernization when the agricultural society entered the industrial society. in the communist manifesto, marx and engels spoke highly of the great historical achievements of capitalism in liberating the productive forces, but capitalist modernization was accompanied by aggression and plunder of colonial and semi-colonial countries. "just as it subordinated the countryside to the cities, it subordinated the uncivilized and semi-civilized states to the civilized states, the peasant nation to the bourgeois nation, and the east to the west." after a few capitalist countries have gradually realized modernization, the vast number of colonial and semi-colonial countries can only become capitalist countries' raw materials, handicraft products and cheap labor supply. even after the struggle to achieve national independence, the later developing countries still can not get rid of the status of the vassal of the capitalist countries. how the latecomer countries in asia, africa and latin america can break free from the chains and move toward modernization independently has become a historical problem to be solved in the history of human civilization. western countries regard modernization as their own patent, it asserts that the capitalist modernization road is the only modernization road, there is no other way. a number of later-developing countries have also proposed programmes to achieve national renewal, but without success. after a long period of hard exploration led by the communist party of china, the chinese modernization road created by the people first provided a scientific answer to this historic problem, thus providing an important choice for later developing countries to realize modernization, and breaking the western countries' monopoly on the modernization road in theory and practice.

the chinese path of modernization has absorbed the achievements and experience of capitalist modernization and abandoned all the drawbacks of capitalist modernization.  the western developed countries have developed in tandem, with industrialization, urbanization, agricultural modernization and information technology developing in sequence. it took more than 200 years to reach the current level of development. we need to catch up and recover the 'lost 200 years', which determines that china's development must be a' parallel 'process, with industrialization, it application, urbanization and agricultural modernization developing in tandem." history has proved that the china-style modernization path is more efficient and faster in progress. as the sun rises in the east, socialist china shows great vitality.

the road of chinese modernization has its own characteristics and has achieved historical transcendence. the report on the 20th national congress of the communist party of china fully reveals the essential characteristics of the chinese-style modernization road, and points out: "chinese-style modernization is a modernization with a huge population scale. the size of china's 1.4 billion people as a whole is larger than the combined population of the developed countries. the challenges and complexities are unprecedented, and the path of development and the way to advance it will certainly have their own characteristics." some latecomer countries have long followed the path of western modernization, but so far they have achieved little success. they have only realized modernization in big cities, while the vast rural areas are still extremely backward.

the report to the 20th national congress of the communist party of china pointed out: "the chinese-style modernization is the modernization of common prosperity for all the people. common prosperity is the essential requirement of socialism with chinese characteristics, and it is also a long-term historical process. we take the realization of the people's aspirations for a better life as the starting point and ultimate goal of our modernization drive, strive to safeguard and promote social equity and justice, strive to promote common prosperity for all people, and resolutely prevent polarization." this is in sharp contrast to capitalist modernization. capitalist modernization is centered on capital, but in fact it is centered on the interests of monopoly capital groups. polarization has become an inevitable consequence of capitalist modernization and an important source of cyclical economic crises in capitalist countries.

the report of the 20th national congress of the communist party of china pointed out: "chinese modernization is the modernization of material civilization and spiritual civilization in harmony. material prosperity and spiritual prosperity are the fundamental requirements of socialist modernization." the process of chinese modernization always adheres to the construction of material civilization and the construction of spiritual civilization. the struggle to realize the chinese dream reflects the dialectical unity of the two civilization construction.

the report of the 20th national congress of the communist party of china pointed out: "chinese modernization is the modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. man and nature are a community of life, and it is inevitable that nature will retaliate if he takes or even destroys nature without end." in the past modernization process due to the destruction of nature and the retaliatory cases of nature occurred repeatedly, causing serious damage to the ecological environment, the forest, water suffered ecological disaster. this is because in the early modernization, in order to achieve capital expansion, they were not afraid to destroy nature, and even transferred the evil consequences caused by the destruction of nature to other countries, especially backward countries. in the process of modernization, china attaches great importance to the protection of the natural environment. "lucidrivers and lush mountains are invaluable assets" has become a common understanding of the people and become a guideline for action. building a "beautiful china" has become an integral part of building a great modern socialist country in all respects.

the report to the 20th national congress of the communist party of china pointed out, "chinese modernization is a modernization that follows the path of peaceful development. china will not follow the old path of some countries in achieving modernization through war, colonization and plunder, which has brought untold suffering to the people of developing countries and is full of bloody crimes that benefit themselves at the expense of others. we stand firmly on the right side of history and on the side of human civilization and progress. we hold high the banner of peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit. we seek our own development while resolutely safeguarding world peace and development, and in turn better safeguard world peace and development through our own development." some countries follow the old path of modernization, full of bloody records of sword and fire. in modern world history, wars have been going on constantly, and there were even two world wars, which brought disasters to people all over the world. engels predicted as early as the 1880s that a major world war was inevitable. he predicted that the war would "eat the whole of europe clean, more than any grasshopper swarm has ever eaten." the course of the first world war fully confirmed engels's prediction. in these wars, the people of backward countries suffered the most, and the chinese people have a deep understanding of this. in the process of modernization, new china has always been committed to opposing aggressive wars, safeguarding national security and safeguarding world peace. the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind advocated by the communist party of china in the new era has been highly recognized by people all over the world, especially in later-developing countries, and has been written into un documents for many times. the achievements of chinese modernization have not only benefited the chinese people, but also people in the world. in particular, they have set an example for backward countries to realize national rejuvenation.

donald rushabwa, a zimbabwean scholar who worked in china for five years, spoke the voice of people in the later-emerging countries. he noted that: it is impossible for african countries to realize modernization by seizing colonial wealth like western countries. however, china has a similar background with many african countries and was once invaded by western powers. however, in just over 40 years, china has realized economic take-off and completed comprehensive modernization in science and technology, infrastructure and other fields without exploiting any other countries. this is an example for developing countries to follow.

the great achievements of chinese modernization are inseparable from the correct leadership of the communist party of china. the leadership of the communist party of china has played an important role in the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, which is recognized by the progressive public opinion of the world. "the communist party is the driving force behind china's rise," wrote fernando marcelino in a brazilian media article. "in any case, when people ask about the reason for china's economic miracle, the first answer must be the communist party of china." the rich experience gained by the communist party of china in promoting chinese-style modernization under its leadership will undoubtedly be of reference to other latecomer countries.

latecomer countries can learn many important lessons from the theory and experience of chinese-style modernization. for example, they must follow the path of independence and self-reliance, never completely rely on foreign aid, and never become a vassal of western countries. we must follow the path of opening to the outside world instead of shutting ourselves off from the development of the world. we must take the road of new industrialization and strive to combine industrialization with information; we must take the path of sustainable development and balance economic development with the ecological environment. we must not take the path of pollution first and treatment later. we should pay attention to social equity, coordinate interests, and guard against falling into the "middle-income trap". we will not mechanically copy foreign development models based on our national conditions. and so on. in short, only by choosing the right path of development can the latecomer countries gradually shake off their backwardness and move towards national rejuvenation. when it comes to the path of modernization, china will never import the model of other countries, nor will it export the chinese model, nor will it ask other countries to copy china's practice. china's experience is only a reference for other countries. each country should independently explore a modernization path suited to its own national conditions.

source: theory net