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fighting corruption is the most complete self-revolution

the report of the party's 20th national congress stressed that "corruption is the biggest cancer that harms the party's vitality and combat effectiveness, and anti-corruption is the most thorough self-revolution. as long as there are conditions and conditions for corruption, the fight against corruption cannot stop for a moment and must always be trumpeted." as we embark on a new journey to build a modern socialist country in all respects, if our party is to break out of the historical cycle of chaos, rise and fall, it must always remain clear-headed and firm in solving the difficult problems unique to a major party, and ensure that the party will never deteriorate, change its color, or become stale. we must resolutely win the protracted battle against corruption with a thoroughly self-revolutionary spirit, so that the century-old party will continue to revitalize and remain the most reliable and strong backbone of the chinese people.

the communist party is determined by its party spirit to tolerate corruption

corruption is a common phenomenon in all countries in the world, and it is a persistent social disease. for a long time, the political parties of all countries have been emphasizing anti-corruption, but the phenomenon of corruption has not been eradicated. in particular, under the leadership of bourgeois political parties in some capitalist countries, long-accumulated contradictions have led to popular discontent, social unrest and the collapse of political power, among which corruption is a very important cause. in this regard, the general secretary once sounded the alarm to the whole party: "a large number of facts tell us that the worsening corruption problem will inevitably lead to the collapse of the party and the collapse of the country in the end! we must be alert!"

the party spirit is incompatible with corruption. as a marxist ruling party, the communist party of china has the essential attributes of populism, advanced nature and purity. this essential attribute has determined that our party has always represented the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, sharing weal and woe with them and relying on them for life and death. it does not have any special interests of its own, nor does it represent the interests of any interest group, any powerful group or any privileged class. it is determined that our party always insists on party management and strict governance, resolutely opposes corruption and promotes political integrity, thoroughly cures all diseases that impair the party's advanced nature and purity, and resolutely removes all malignant tumors that breed in the healthy body of the party. we will vigorously push forward the fight against corruption and keep the healthy body and youthful vitality of the party forever.

the fight against corruption in the new era has won the hearts and minds of the party

before the 18th cpc national congress, there were a series of long-standing and newly emerged prominent contradictions and problems within the party. the political beliefs of some party members and cadres were shaken, formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance were repeatedly banned in some localities and departments, and the thoughts and phenomena of privilege were relatively serious, especially some corruption problems.

"if we do not fight corruption, we will indeed destroy the party. if we fight corruption, we will not destroy the party. instead, we will strengthen the party's ability to purify, improve, innovate and improve itself, maintain its close ties with the people, and make the party stronger and more powerful." since the 18th national congress of the cpc, with a strong sense of historical responsibility, a deep sense of mission concern, and a strong will, our party has waged an unprecedented anti-corruption campaign from the perspective of life and death for both the party and the country. with the mission of "offending hundreds of people and fulfilling 1.4 billion", our party has taken on the task of eradicating chronic diseases and disorders, firmly fixing problems in our work style, and taking comprehensive measures for a long time. we have not feared, could not, and did not want to commit corruption. we have taken multiple steps to fight tigers, hunt flies, and hunt foxes. the fight against corruption has won an overwhelming victory and been comprehensively consolidated, eliminating serious hidden dangers within the party, the state, and the military, and ensuring that the power entrusted by the party and the people is always used for the people's well-being. the hearts of the party, the army and the people have been consolidated and strengthened in the resolute fight against corruption.

the future and fate of a political party or a political regime depends on popular support. we must resolutely guard against and combat whatever the people oppose or resent. public sentiment is the biggest politics. the people hate corruption the most, and if we don't offend hundreds or thousands of corrupt people, we must offend 1.4 billion people. this is a clear political bill, and people's hearts are against it.

we will win the tough and protracted battle against corruption with a thoroughly self-revolutionary spirit

corruption is the biggest threat facing the party, and resolutely preventing and controlling corruption is a major political task that the party must continue to undertake in its self-revolution. until corruption is solved, there will be no talk of the party's self-revolution. only by pulling rotten trees, digging rotten sores, catching moths, cutting off cancer, can we talk about bone scraping healing, strong man breaking his wrist, fierce medicine. the fight against corruption is a major political battle that we cannot afford to lose and must not lose. it must be won by a decisive battle. on the new journey, party building, especially party conduct, clean government and the fight against corruption, faces many persistent and multiple problems. the task of eradicating the breeding ground for corruption remains arduous, and the fight against corruption is far from complete. as long as the soil and conditions for corruption exist, the fight against corruption cannot stop for a moment and must always be trumpeted.

we will fight corruption and punish evil with zero tolerance. what is the purpose of our vigorous anti-corruption and zero-tolerance approach to corruption? to win the hearts and minds of the party. no exceptions should be made to party discipline and state laws. no matter how meritorious or how high a person's status is, if anyone violates party discipline and state laws, they must be dealt with strictly in accordance with the law, and no hiding place should be allowed for corrupt elements within the party. adhere to the case will be investigated, there will be punishment, adhere to the "tiger", "fly" together to fight, do zero tolerance attitude unchanged, fierce medicine to resolve not to reduce, scraping poison courage not release, severe punishment scale is not loose, found together to investigate together, how much to investigate how much, indefinite indicators, not on the top, all the rot will reverse, evil. no matter where the corrupt go to the ends of the earth, they will be brought to justice, and they will not be allowed to hide in the "safe haven" and go unpunished. we must maintain high pressure, do more to curb growth and eliminate excess stock. we must resolutely punish corruption where political and economic problems are intertwined, prevent leading officials from becoming spokespeople or agents of interest groups and powerful organizations, and prevent political and business collusion from undermining the political ecosystem and the environment for economic development.

resolutely targeted treatment, focus on the chronic disease of corruption and continue to exert efforts. it is necessary to effectively prevent and control corruption from the source, strengthen the analysis of typical cases, find out the regularity from them, and deepen the reform of the frequent areas and links of corruption. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), an overwhelming momentum has been formed in the fight against corruption. our party's confidence and determination to win an overwhelming victory in the fight against corruption remain as firm as a rock. however, in the face of the high pressure against corruption, corruption in some areas is still prone to occurance, multiple and high incidence. some corrupt elements are determined to go their own way, but still do not stop, do not restrain, and even get worse. their appetite is huge, the amount is huge, the time is long and the circumstances are appalling. in some places, "corruption" has even occurred. we need to deepen anti-corruption efforts in key areas and key links, and crack down on corruption in areas where power is concentrated, capital is intensive, and resources are rich. we need to pay close attention to entrenched problems in aspects such as personnel selection, examination and regulation, resource development, financial credit, bulk procurement, land transfer, real estate development, project bidding and bidding, and public expenditure. we will work to achieve greater results in the fight against corruption in key areas and links.

resolutely set up layers of defenses and lock power into an institutional cage. without a sound system, power is not related to the cage of the system, corruption can not be controlled. in essence, corruption is power derailment, deviance and abuse. many corruption problems are actually closely related to unscientific allocation of power, non-standard use and inadequate supervision. it is necessary to focus on the aspects of authorization, use of power and control power, improve the power allocation and operation restriction mechanism, reasonably determine the ownership of power, clear the boundaries of power, clarify the list of power, strengthen the control of power process, compress the space for discretion, eliminate all kinds of shady operations, put power operation under the supervision of party organizations and the people, and minimize the space for power rent-seeking. we need to seize key powers in policymaking, decision-making procedures, examination and approval, law enforcement and judiciary, strictly enforce responsibilities and powers, standardize working procedures, strengthen constraints on power, reduce undue interference by power in microeconomic activities, and fundamentally reduce opportunities for corruption. we need to move forward in our defense against corruption, strengthen areas of weakness and strengthen daily management and oversight, focus on tackling small problems early, prevent problems from creeping up, and set up defenses at various levels. we will improve the oversight system under the unified leadership of the party, with comprehensive coverage, authority and efficiency. we will improve the oversight system over power and the system for enforcing discipline and law, so as to make all kinds of oversight more standardized, effective, and effective.

resolutely rigid implementation, really let the iron ban force shengwei. once the anti-corruption legal system has been established, it is necessary to let the iron rules exert force, let the ban live, and ensure that the legal system takes root. in intraparty political activities, many irregularities, including corruption, extravagance, and alienation from the people, have occurred in some party members and officials. this is not because there are no rules and regulations within the party to follow and cannot be observed, nor is it because the rules and regulations formulated by the party are incorrect. rather, these rules and regulations are not enforced or are distorted in some party organizations and officials. or it's broken. the vitality of laws and regulations lies in their implementation. if they are not implemented, or if they are not implemented correctly, they will not be able to play their due role of normative guidance, control and restraint, warning and warning, punishment and deterrent. we need to strengthen institutional and rule-based governance of the party, strengthen the whole party's awareness of institutions and laws and regulations, strengthen the authority and enforcement of the anti-corruption and anti-corruption laws and regulations, and resolutely correct arbitrary flexibility, malicious circumvention, and disregard for the system. we need to put an end to the practice of making choices, being flexible and compromising, and leave no "secret door" or "skylight" in place. we will ensure that all party members conscientiously respect, strictly implement, and resolutely uphold institutions, so as to prevent the rigid constraints imposed by intra-party rules and regulations from becoming "rubber bands" or "long-term" becoming "ineffective".

source: party construction network