the rich connotation and practical requirements of "three musts"-凯发k8天生赢家

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the rich connotation and practical requirements of "three musts"

in his report to the party's 20th national congress, the general secretary said, "all party members must remain true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind. we must be modest and prudent, work hard, dare to fight and be good at fighting. we must strengthen our confidence in history, strengthen our historical initiative, and write a more splendid chapter of socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era." we should thoroughly study and understand the rich connotation and practical requirements of the "three musts", bear in mind and adhere to the "three musts", and consciously strive for the cause of the party and the people.

accurately grasp the rich connotation

the rich connotation of the "three musts" is not only historical accumulation and summary, but also innovation and development in the new era.

we must remain true to our original purpose and remember our mission. since its founding, the communist party of china, as a marxist political party, has taken the pursuit of happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation as its original aspiration and mission, and the struggle for communism and socialism as its program. the history of the cpc's centennial struggle is a glorious history of fulfilling its original mission. our party has united and led the people in achieving its own liberation and national independence, established new china, established the basic socialist system, advanced socialist construction, carried out reform and opening up, and created, upheld, defended and developed socialism with chinese characteristics, making brilliant achievements. over the past century, the communist party of china has been guided by marxism, put the people first, and upheld its ideals and convictions. it has worked tirelessly for the interests of the people, the country and the nation, for the dream of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, and for the common future and destiny of the world. having gone through many vicissitudes, the cpc has remained true to its original aspiration and has remained true to its true colors.

be modest and prudent and work hard. in the long period of complex and difficult revolutionary struggle, the communist party of china deeply realized the importance of fine work style to the survival and development of the party.  it calls on all party members to have a correct understanding of the situation of the world, the national conditions and the situation of the party, to be keenly aware of the arduousness of realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, to always be mindful of danger in times of peace, to be more aware of potential dangers, to forge ahead on a new journey, and to create new glory.

must be brave and good at fighting. the courage to fight and the courage to win is an invincible and powerful spiritual force for the party and the people. in addition to waging a desperate struggle against the enemy, the spirit of struggle is also reflected in overcoming all difficulties and obstacles, overcoming all difficulties, correcting erroneous lines and unhealthy tendencies within the party, and comprehensively promoting strict party governance. it can be said that the century-long history of the communist party of china is a history of daring to struggle and being good at it. as we embark on a new journey to fully build a modern socialist country, we must continue to carry forward the spirit of struggle, constantly improve our ability to fight, play a good game of chess, fight a good initiative, and overcome all foreseeable and unpredictable risks and challenges.

strictly implement the requirements of practice

the "three musts" is an important guide for the cpc to maintain its advanced nature and purity in the new era and on the new journey. all party members must, in light of the new tasks and requirements, identify the focal points for full implementation and implement the "three musts" in place.

we must remain true to our founding mission and keep our mission firmly in mind. we require the whole party to always adhere to the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, always put the people at the top of our minds, firmly foster a people-centered development philosophy, and continue to improve people's wellbeing and the quality of life of the people. we should ensure and improve people's wellbeing through development, safeguard and promote social equity and justice, fulfill people's aspirations for a better life, and promote common prosperity for all. we will comprehensively advance the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation and build a community with a shared future for mankind through chinese-style modernization.

we must be modest, prudent and work hard. we require the whole party to be soberly aware that china is in the primary stage of socialism and will remain so for a long time to come. china is the largest developing country in the world. we should uphold the principle that development is of paramount importance. at the same time, we should strike a balance between efficiency and equity, and between getting rich first and achieving common prosperity, and promote comprehensive, balanced and sustainable economic and social development. we should prepare for a rainy day, adhere to the bottom line thinking, and promptly resolve and respond to various risks and challenges. we must always remain clear-headed and firm in solving problems unique to the major party, and work tirelessly to improve performance and discipline.

we must have the courage to fight and be good at fighting. we require the whole party to develop an indomitable fighting spirit and maintain the high morale of "daring to teach the sun and the moon for a new heaven". we must assess the situation, maintain strategic resolve, and resolutely carry out the major struggle against separatism and interference. we must have the courage to turn the knife inward, scrape the bone and cure the poison, have the courage to revolutionize ourselves, fight against undesirable phenomena, and resolutely win a protracted battle against corruption. we must enhance our ability to fight, master the art of fighting, enrich our experience in fighting, unite all forces that can be united and mobilize all positive factors that can be mobilized, so as to ensure an overall victory.

source: party construction network