remember the "three musts" and strive to write a glorious chapter in the new era-凯发k8天生赢家

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remember the "three musts" and strive to write a glorious chapter in the new era

in his report to the party's 20th national congress, the general secretary stressed, "all party members must remain true to their founding aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind. we must be modest and prudent, work hard, dare to fight and be good at fighting. we must strengthen our confidence in history, increase our historical initiative, and write a more splendid chapter of socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era." this important judgment is a new requirement for the whole party to take an examination quickly. it demonstrates the party's high awareness and strategic awareness in managing and governing the party on its new journey to revitalize and strengthen it. new journey, the party must keep in mind and practice the "three musts, always retain the unique advantages of marxism party shoulder the great historical mission in mind, make full of vigour, yong yi, to comprehensively build socialism modernization power, achieve the second goal in one hundred and united struggle.

we must remain true to our original aspiration and our mission, and remain a mainstay in our efforts to achieve the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation

we must remain true to our founding aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. this clearly reflects the fundamental problem that the entire party must bear in mind what the cpc is and what it is up to. it requires us to always be firm in our ideals and convictions, and bear in mind the party's founding aspiration and mission and its fundamental purpose. the original aspiration and mission of chinese communists is to seek happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation. this original aspiration and mission is the fundamental driving force that inspired generations of communists to continue their heroic struggle. the centennial history of the party is a history of fulfilling the original aspiration and mission of the party. the general secretary pointed out: "belief in marxism, faith in socialism and communism, is the political soul of communists, communists to withstand any test of spiritual support." in the past, now and in the future, we must always be firm in our belief in marxism, in our belief in socialism and communism, carry forward the great spirit of building the party, strengthen our confidence in history, and be firm believers and faithful practitioners of the great ideal of communism and the common ideal of socialism with chinese characteristics.

never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. in the new historical coordinates of our new journey to fully build a modern socialist country and march towards the second centenary goal, we stress that "we must remain true to our founding mission and remember our mission", which requires chinese communists to firmly and consciously bear in mind their founding mission of seeking happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation. at all times and under all circumstances, we must be firm in our ideals and convictions, unwavered, and maintain an unrelenting spirit and an indomitable attitude of struggle in rallying and leading the chinese people of all ethnic groups in comprehensively building a modern socialist country and advancing the great historical process of national rejuvenation. staying true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind is not a matter of a period of time, but a matter of a lifetime. every party member must constantly examine, analyze, and reflect on ideological and political issues, and constantly remove impurities, viruses, and pollution. "rivers and mountains are the people, and the people are rivers and mountains. to fight and guard rivers and mountains is to guard the hearts of the people." we must always bear in mind that the party's purpose is to serve the people wholeheartedly, that the cpc is a party that strives for the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, that the people come first, and that we share a common destiny with the people, and that our hearts and minds are connected. at this new historical juncture, we must always act with the spirit of driving a nail in the coffin, carry out the party's original mission, and constantly strengthen the historical initiative so that our party will always retain its vitality and vitality, and pool the great strength for comprehensively building a modern socialist country.

we must be modest, prudent, work hard and conscientiously carry forward the party's fine traditions and style of work

it contains a profound reference to the law of governing disorder in our thousands of years of history, a profound summary of our party's arduous struggle, a profound concern for the party's perpetual progressiveness and purity, and for the people's political power to be born soon. it also contains a profound understanding of the fundamental purpose of our party to serve the people wholeheartedly. it has important ideological significance and practical value. as the chinese revolution grew from a spark to a prairie fire, modesty, prudence and hard work have been important magic weapons for our party to achieve victory.

on the new journey of the new era, the general secretary issued a new call of "three musts" to the whole party, demonstrating the political wisdom and pragmatic political character of chinese communists who are self-motivated and self-motivated. the change from "two musts" to "three musts" is consistent and keeps pace with the times. it is the inheritance and development of the party's innovative theory and glorious tradition, and provides a strong spiritual impetus for the new journey. we are always on our way to the exam, and our ideological development is always on our way. the whole party must always remain calm and sober, be aware of danger in times of peace, and prepare for the major test of high winds and stormy waves.

both history and reality show that a nation without the spirit of hard work can hardly stand on its own two feet and improve itself. a country without the spirit of hard work can hardly achieve development and progress. a political party without the support of the spirit of hard work can hardly grow strong. hard work, modesty and prudence are the fine traditions of our party, the precious spiritual wealth of the chinese nation, and a strong spiritual driving force for the new journey. today, in the face of changes in the world, times and history, our party has taken on new missions and tasks, and is at an important historical juncture for the realization of the second centenary goal. the more important historical moments we face, the more complex risks and challenges we face, the more we need to draw wisdom and strength from history. on the road to the new examination, we must not be complacent or stop ahead. we still cannot lose our fine work style of modesty and prudence. we must not forget the party's true political character and fine traditions. only in this way can we remain sober and firm at all times and ensure that our party will never deteriorate, change color or become stale.

must dare to struggle, good at struggle, relying on struggle to create history and win the future

must dare to struggle, struggle, in one hundred the party full of vigour and upwards, yong yi go on strong will and determination to win. our party was born at a time when the country was in trouble at home and abroad, and when the nation was in danger. its courage to fight and to win has always been a strong spiritual strength of the party and the people. it is another important experience and principle put forward by the party central committee with comrades at its core in its profound review of the party's glorious journey, especially the great changes in the new era. it has scientifically revealed the source of our party's strength to remain invincible. in the past decade of the new era, there have been dangers, difficulties, and difficulties to overcome. under the firm leadership of the cpc central committee with comrades at its core, we have stood up to challenges and withstood risks from different aspects with firm confidence, and made historic achievements and changes in the cause of the party and the country. to propel our country on a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-around way.

on our new journey, we will face no fewer risks and tests than in the past. we must be prepared to fight against all problems and difficulties. only by confronting them with the heroic spirit of a brave man, daring to fight and being good at fighting, can we overcome difficulties and difficulties. the general secretary stressed, "we should strengthen the aspiration, backbone and confidence of the whole party and the people of all ethnic groups in china, be unconvinced, fear no ghosts or pressure, advance in the face of difficulties, coordinate development and security, do our best to overcome all difficulties and challenges on the road ahead, and open new horizons for our cause development through tenacious struggle." in the new journey, we must have the courage to fight and be good at fighting. in the face of any risks and challenges, we must always be ready to fight harder and harder, never waver or flinch, and practice our real skills and skills in fighting. with a strong will to "smooth the rough road into a road, fight off difficulties and start again", we will respond well to every major risk and challenge, and do a solid job in all aspects of reform, development and stability. only by daring to fight and being good at fighting can we win the advantage, the initiative and the future. only by daring to struggle and being good at it can the whole party and the people of all ethnic groups in china build up their strength for struggle, face problems headlong, push forward socialism with chinese characteristics with a more energetic spirit, and make new achievements worthy of the party, the people, and the times.

source: party construction network