the triple logic of chinese modernization-凯发k8天生赢家

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the triple logic of chinese modernization

when the standing committee of the political bureau of the 20th cpc central committee met with chinese and foreign journalists, general secretary stressed, "chinese-style modernization is the result of long-term practice and exploration by the cpc and the chinese people. it is a great and arduous cause." an in-depth understanding of the theoretical logic, historical logic and practical logic of chinese-style modernization has both theoretical significance and practical value in encouraging us to work confidently and vigorously to commit ourselves to the new journey of fully building a modern socialist country.

chinese modernization inherits and develops the ideal pursuit of a better life

the theoretical origin of chinese modernization is multiple, the most important is the inheritance and development of marxist modernization theory, and the promotion and transcendence of chinese excellent traditional culture.

the social ideal of marxism points out the direction of chinese modernization. according to marxism, the productive forces are the most active and revolutionary elements in promoting social progress. the capitalist system, as a negation of the feudal system, once played a very revolutionary role in history. "during its class rule of less than a hundred years, the productive forces created by the capitalist system are more and greater than all the productive forces created by all the previous generations." but marx's and engels's studies of social development were never "only the theory of productive forces", but put the productive forces and relations of production, the economic base and superstructure together. under the capitalist system, the alienation of productive labor is "the rule of capitalists over workers, that is, the rule of things over people, the rule of dead labor over living labor, and the rule of products over producers". the result is the accumulation of wealth for capitalists and the accumulation of relative poverty for proletariat. capitalist private ownership is the root of labor alienation. only by overthrowing the capitalist system and creating the socialist system can the proletarian revolution "provide all people with healthy and useful work, provide all people with ample material life and leisure time, and provide all people with real and full freedom".

the rich social ideals of ancient china have provided beneficial nourishment for the chinese modernization. the "great harmony society" is an ideal society put forward by ancient chinese people. it is said that "the world should be pursued for the common good, merit and ability should be selected, faith and harmony should be fostered". "one should not kiss his relatives alone, nor only his son, so that the old will have a certain end, the strong will have a certain use, and the young will have a good point". force evil does not come from the body, do not have to be yourself ". the fine traditional chinese culture rejects and despises those social behaviors that harm others and benefit themselves, harm nature and reason, seek only profit for the rich, and promote and praise the ideological concepts of worshiping benevolence and love, valuing the people, keeping good faith, dialectic, harmony, and seeking common ground. although the concept of our ancestors is only a vision of the social landscape, it also provides important enlightenment for the theory of chinese modernization.

chinese modernization is the historical achievement of the communist party of china's endeavor and exploration

china's modern history has fully demonstrated the profound truth that "backwardness will be punished". when we use broadswords and spears to fight against the muskets and cannons of the foreign powers, when our agricultural civilization and almost blank modern industry are forced to fight against the mature industrial civilization and complete industrial system of the west, it can only be the result of defeat. in the face of hardship, the chinese people did not give in. instead, they stood up and fought. generations of people of insight began to explore the plan of national salvation and survival from "industrialization". the westernization movement aimed at the modernization of artifacts put forward the idea that "the master of the division and the yi should control the yi". as a result, the sino-japanese war of 1894-1895 ended the dream of the modernization of artifacts. in order to modernize the system for the purpose of the hundred days of reform, the implementation of the "new deal", the abolition of eight stocks, the new school, the results of the old school led by the empress dowager cixi merciless suppression died; the revolution of 1911 led by sun yat-sen overthrew china's feudal monarchy which had lasted for thousands of years and established a bourgeois democratic republic. however, the fruits of the victory were almost destroyed by yuan shikai's restoration of the monarchy. china's modern exploration for modernization fully demonstrates that "in a semi-colonial, semi-feudal and divided china, many people have dreamed of developing industry, building national defense, providing welfare to the people and making the country rich and strong, but they have always been disillusioned".

in the face of suffering in china, the primary historical task of the communist party of china is to create fundamental social conditions for china to move toward modernization. the birth of the communist party of china profoundly changed the direction and course of the development of the chinese nation in modern times, and profoundly changed the future and destiny of the chinese people and nation. during the arduous period of the new democratic revolution, the chinese communists fought tirelessly and indomitably to "transform the chinese nation into a great revolution", overthrow the three mountains overlying the chinese people, "transform the country from a semi-colonial state into a truly independent state" and "create the prerequisite for transforming the country from an agricultural state into an industrial state". and then build a "civilized and advanced china ruled by the new culture". this historical task is the political prerequisite for realizing modernization in china. the victory of the new democratic revolution put an end to the era of humiliation and bullying for the chinese nation forever, and ushered in the historical process of independent exploration toward modernization and national rejuvenation.

after the founding of new china, the primary task was to lay the fundamental political prerequisite and institutional foundation for modernization. under the new historical conditions, on the one hand, the communist party of china established and consolidated the state power of the people's democratic dictatorship, established the fundamental political system and the basic political system to ensure that the people are masters of the country, and established the socialist economic foundation through socialist transformation of agriculture, handicraft industry, capitalist industry and commerce. achieved the most extensive and profound social change in the history of the chinese nation; on the other hand, it began to explore the realization of modernization actively. based on the consensus of the world at that time, it put forward the modernization goal of "transforming an agricultural country into an industrial country". after a period of groping, the communist party of china formally proposed the task of "striving to build china gradually into a great socialist country with modern agriculture, modern industry, modern national defense and modern science and technology". china's modernization has entered a new historical stage.

theoretical innovation and successful practice in the new era of reform and opening up and socialist modernization have established the fundamental direction and main path of chinese modernization, and china's modernization process has shown a trend of accelerating development. during this period, the achievements of our party's exploration of modernization are mainly reflected in the following: we put forward that the socialist modernization drive is our biggest political issue at present, "because it represents the greatest and most fundamental interests of the people"; our modernization is aimed at developing the socialist economy. it is by no means a modernization in which only a few people get rich. under socialist conditions, the main driving force for modernization is reform and opening up. this is a key move that determines the fate of contemporary china and the success of its modernization drive. in order to achieve modernization of the chinese style, we must follow the path of civilized development featuring increased production, a prosperous life and a sound ecological environment, comprehensively promote socialist economic, political, cultural, social and ecological development, and strive to speed up the realization of scientific development that puts people first, is comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable.

the great practice of the decade for the new era has successfully advanced and expanded china-style modernization

since the 18th cpc national congress, socialism with chinese characteristics has entered a new era and chinese-style modernization has entered a new stage. under the strong leadership of the cpc central committee with comrade general secretary at its core and under the guidance of the thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, our party has kept to the right and made innovations in theory, and formed a more complete system of theories of chinese-style modernization. in practice, china has withstood the test of economic, political, ideological and natural risks and challenges, created a great achievement of socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, and made steady and rapid progress in the cause of modernization. the decade of the new era has provided a better institutional guarantee, a more solid material foundation, and a more active spiritual force for the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, and has successfully promoted and expanded the modernization of the chinese style. the grand blueprint of chinese modernization drawn by the 20th national congress of the communist party of china is a comprehensive summary of "deepening understanding, growing strategic maturity, and enriching practice" in the decade of the new era. it is also the fundamental path for chinese modernization to comprehensively promote the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation.

upholding the leadership of the communist party of china and socialism with chinese characteristics is an essential requirement of chinese-style modernization. the 100-year history of the communist party of china fully proves that without the communist party of china there would be no socialism, still less socialist modernization. to build the chinese style modernization is a great and arduous undertaking, and we must always be "ready to withstand the major test of high winds, sharp waves and even stormy waves". only by upholding and strengthening the overall leadership of the party can we ensure the right direction of our modernization drive, give all the people a reliable backbone when storms strike, and gather the majestic strength of unity to overcome difficulties together.

building modernization with chinese characteristics based on national conditions. the general secretary pointed out that "chinese-style modernization is socialist modernization under the leadership of the communist party of china. it has the common characteristics of the modernization of other countries, but also has chinese characteristics based on its own national conditions." the realization of chinese modernization will completely rewrite the map of modernization in the world, fully embodies the essential requirements of socialism with chinese characteristics, the vision of people-centered development in the new era, and the overall picture of all-round development and progress of socialism with chinese characteristics.

we must dare to struggle and rely on tenacious struggle to open a new world of chinese modernization. the general secretary warned the whole party to "never forget our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, be modest and prudent, work hard, dare to struggle and be good at it". but it is difficult, so great; but it is difficult, more glorious. to comprehensively advance the historical process of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation through chinese-style modernization is bound to be fraught with difficulties, obstacles, risks and challenges. to achieve chinese modernization, the whole party and the people of all ethnic groups in china must have a strong enough "ambition, backbone and confidence, be unafraid of evil spirits, ghosts and pressure, advance in spite of difficulties and meet them head-on", and open up new prospects for development with undauntless courage and tenacious struggle.

the construction and successful practice of the theoretical system of modernization of the chinese style have surpassed the western modernization model supported by liberalism, capital supremacy and western-centered theory. in practice, it has made epoch-making contributions by providing a chinese solution for human society, especially for developing countries, to explore a modernization path suited to their national conditions.

source: party building network