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common prosperity is an important dimension in understanding chinese modernization

the fourth volume of "on the governance of china" points out that common prosperity is the essential requirement of socialism and an important feature of chinese modernization. a deep understanding of common prosperity, an important dimension of chinese-style modernization, is of great significance for overcoming the ills of western modernization, adhering to the direction of socialist modernization and fostering the new form of human civilization.

promoting common prosperity is an important way to overcome the ills of western modernization. from the perspective of modern world history, western modernization is a capital-centered, polarization, materialism expansion, external expansion and plunder modernization. this mode of modernization leads to the unbalance of material civilization and the crisis of spiritual life in western society. on the one hand, the endless profit-seeking nature of capital has led to polarization and expansion of materialism, making the rich pay millions and the poor eat the dreg, which has led to serious class antagonism and social chaos. on the other hand, western modernization has always been accompanied by a serious spiritual crisis. under the pretence of freedom, equality, constitutionalism and human rights, money freedom has replaced human freedom, and formal equality has covered up substantive inequality. there is neither a one-size-fits-all model of modernization nor a universal standard of modernization. in order to overcome the disadvantages of western modernization, we must take our own path based on our own history and reality. common prosperity is an important feature of chinese modernization and a unique path to the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation. common prosperity, which is based on the basic economic system with public ownership as the main body and the co-development of various ownership economies, is a fundamental negation of the polarization in capitalist modernization. at the same time, common prosperity adheres to the unity of material and spiritual prosperity, constantly satisfies the people's needs for a better life with diverse, multi-level and multifaceted spiritual content, and provides value guidance, cultural cohesion and spiritual impetus for the development of socialist modernization. promoting common prosperity to achieve new results is an important manifestation of the superiority of chinese modernization over western modernization model.

to achieve common prosperity is our party's unswerving goal. since the founding of the people's republic of china, we have established a socialist economic system based on public ownership, laying a solid institutional foundation for achieving common prosperity for all the people. since the reform and opening up, the first rich, the second rich, constantly emancipated and developed the productive forces, to establish a solid material foundation for common prosperity. only by adhering to the leadership of the party and the grand strategy of "common prosperity" can we be consistent and draw a blueprint to the end. at present, the path of chinese modernization is getting wider and wider. we have achieved the first centenary goal, completed the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects on the land of china, and historically solved the problem of absolute poverty, thus further consolidating the material foundation for china's modernization. struggle in one hundred to the second goal of the new historical starting point, we must be holding the great banner of socialism with chinese characteristics, adhere to the era, the latest achievements in adapting marxism to chinese as the instruction, firm the socialist road with chinese characteristics theory system of self-confidence, self-confidence, self-confidence, and don't go closed rigid path, don't go to change the flag authorities from every evil way, that we will continue to put the development of the country and nation on the basis of our own strength, and hold the destiny of china's development and progress firmly in our own hands. we should adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, correctly grasp the changes in the principal contradiction facing chinese society, and continue to promote common prosperity along the chinese path of modernization, thus further demonstrating the unique charm of the chinese path of modernization.

promoting common prosperity is a key vehicle for fostering a new form of human civilization. common prosperity is an important feature of chinese modernization and an important content and symbol of the new form of human civilization. common prosperity in the process of "big cake" in the "cake", promote people's all-round development and all-round social progress, cure and prevent polarization and class, for the vast number of developing countries in the development of modernization as a whole development and security, efficiency and fairness, material prosperity and spiritual civilization provides a new choice. at present, to preserve the new form of human civilization with common prosperity, the key is to refine the gene of common prosperity contained in marxist scientific truth and chinese excellent traditional culture, and to gather the joint force of civilization between communist belief and chinese excellent traditional culture. on the one hand, common prosperity is the ultimate ideal of scientific socialism. we should thoroughly study the marxist thought of common prosperity, adhere to the problem-oriented approach, combine theory with practice, and use the "target" of marxism to target china in the new era, thus achieving a new leap forward in adapting marxism to china. on the other hand, common prosperity is rooted in the fine traditional chinese culture. we should be good at exploring the factors of common prosperity in china's fine traditional culture, make creative transformation and innovative development in light of the characteristics of the times, and build a solid spiritual foundation for common prosperity in contemporary china.

source: party building network