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we will promote common prosperity through chinese-style modernization

the realization of modernization has been the unremitting pursuit of the chinese people since modern times. from "modernization" to "chinese modernization", it seems similar, but in fact, there is a world of difference.

a century-old dream of chinese-style modernization

modernization began with western capitalist and industrial civilization from the 16th century to the 18th century, which "opened a new era in human history" and led to "various profound qualitative and quantitative changes in human society". in a long period of history, the success of western modernization makes the western model become the important or even the only version. western culture and system, accompanied by its advanced science, technology and military superiority, dominated the process of global modernization through colonial expansion and crazy plunder, and had a profound influence on the countries of the world. most countries, in turn, have been forced to embark on their own western-modelled modernisation. in this process, the chinese nation also suffered unprecedented disaster and crisis.

when we look back on the great journey of china's modernization, we have not only made great achievements, but also made many detours. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), the cpc central committee, standing at the height of world history, has creatively put forward a series of new concepts, new thoughts and new strategies on chinese-style modernization from a completely new perspective. it also accurately grasped the path of socialism with chinese characteristics. it also responded to many difficulties in today's world and provided theoretical guidance for china's modernization cause and the modernization of human society in the future.

while adhering to the fundamental requirements of socialist civilization, chinese modernization is a more autonomous path of socialist modernization that takes china's national conditions as the main body and other countries' experience in modernization as the reference. practice has proved that chinese modernization is not a reprint of the socialist practices of other countries, nor a copy of the modernization development of foreign countries. rather, by going its own way, it enriches and innovates the socialist modernization model and explores and innovates a new form of human civilization. to be specific, it is a modernization of huge population size, of common prosperity for all people, of harmony between material and spiritual civilization, of harmony between man and nature, and of peaceful development. more importantly, china's modernization has gradually got rid of the myth of "westernization" and become the result of long-term development, gradual improvement and endogenous evolution on the basis of china's historical inheritance, cultural tradition and economic and social development.

the value choice of common prosperity chinese style modernization

the road of western modernization, born from the tradition of "occidentalism" and "colonialism", is essentially capital centered and protects the interests of a few people. after hundreds of years of rapid development, while the accumulated a huge amount of wealth and capital, and at one point in the industrialization, marketization and urbanization, the respect such as the rule of law well, but its inherent insurmountable internal contradictions and institutional limitation gradually, its modernization process into the process of "alienation of man", the broad masses of working people a stepping stone on the road and fell victim to its modernization.

both the essential requirements of socialism and the history and reality of chinese society determine that we must develop a road that is different from and beyond the west, and this road is the chinese modernization road with common prosperity as the core. common prosperity enjoys a strong historical foundation and popular support in china. confucius, "we should not suffer from lack of wealth but not inequality, and we should not suffer from poverty but insecurity"; mencius, "we care for the old and the old and the young and the young of others"; the "great harmony society" in the book of rites, kang youwei's book of great harmony, and even sun yat-sen's "the world is for the common good" all embody the simple thought of common prosperity. lenin once stressed that only socialism can "make all workers live the best and happiest life". theory and practice have repeatedly proved that what we seek is prosperity not for a few, but for all. to achieve common prosperity for all people in a big country with a population of over 1.4 billion is an exciting and unprecedented undertaking. it has greatly enriched the meaning of human modernization, highlighted the socialist nature of chinese modernization, and contributed chinese wisdom and solutions to the plight of mankind.

we will promote common prosperity through chinese-style modernization

common prosperity is not only a kind of social ideal, but also an urgent topic being practiced at present. it is also a dynamic development process. to promote common prosperity through chinese-style modernization, we must unswervingly adopt a multi-pronged approach and work hard for a long time.

politically, we must adhere to the centralized and unified leadership of the party, which is the fundamental prerequisite for promoting common prosperity through chinese-style modernization. to give full play to the leadership of party, co-ordinate commanding the whole situation, resolutely eliminate the interference of any interest group cohesion strength and the will of the chinese people of all ethnic groups, adhere to the "chess", promote formation of upper and lower linkage, coordination, the pattern of the whole social forces are widely participation, lead the people toward common prosperity goal in the struggle.

economically, we should vigorously develop the productive forces, which is the material guarantee for common prosperity through chinese modernization. we should seek breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation, deepening reform and green development, achieve huge growth and development of productivity, and increase urban and rural incomes through multiple channels. in this new stage, we will adopt a new development philosophy to guide high-quality development, promote the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of industries in all aspects, protect legitimate enrichment, promote the sound development of all types of capital, fully flow all sources of strength conducive to the development of social productive forces, and strive to address the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development.

in terms of social mentality, we need to gather a wide range of main forces, which is the popular foundation for promoting common prosperity through chinese modernization. the fundamental position of putting the people first and always representing their interests is inherent in china's path of modernization. it also demonstrates the strength of the chinese people in pooling their resources to accomplish major tasks under the centralized and unified leadership of the party. we should adhere to the vision of people-centered development, respect the initiative of the people, give full play to their enthusiasm and initiative, realize, safeguard and develop their interests, take their aspirations for a better life as our goal, and ensure that the fruits of reform and development benefit all the people in a more equitable manner.

in institutional development, we must adhere to and reform the basic income distribution system, which is an important means to promote common prosperity in the chinese style of modernization. we should not only make the cake bigger and better, but also share it well. we need to strike a balance between efficiency and fairness, establish basic institutional arrangements for the coordination of primary distribution, redistribution and tertiary distribution, and form a rational distribution pattern with participation and benefits for all and an olive-shaped distribution structure with the largest in the middle and the smallest at both ends.

it is all the more meaningful for us to manage our own affairs well and blaze a new path of modernization of the chinese style that covers 1.4 billion people with all-round development and common prosperity. it is not only a new form of civilization in which the chinese civilization and the human civilization are integrated and interconnected, but also provides other countries with an alternative to western modernization in their institutional exploration.

source: party building network