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a scientific guide to the high-quality development of china's economy in the new era

system elaborated the fundamental guarantee of china's economic development, fundamental position, historical position, guiding principle, route choice, distinctive themes, institutional basis, strategic steps, the first force, the main focus, the important magic weapon, the important guarantee and methodology, and a series of significant theoretical and practical proposition, is the new era of high quality scientific guidance for the development of economy in our country.

the latest achievement of the sinicization of marxist political economy

it has made important original contribution to enrich and develop marxist political economy.

creatively put forward the important theoretical viewpoint of strengthening the party's overall leadership over economic work, enriched and developed the marxist political economy theory about the relationship between economy and politics. stressing the need to play a role of the party leadership in economic and social development of the core, is good at from the height of the political economic work, uphold and improve party leadership economic work systems and mechanisms, improve the level of the party leadership economic work scientific, under the rule of law and the professional ability, practical and the superiority of the party leadership economic work system into governance efficiency.

creatively put forward the idea of adhering to the people as the center of development, enriched and developed the theory of marxist political economy about the essence of socialist economy. emphasize centered on people's thought should reflect the development of each link in the economic and social development, we must persistently rely on the people, everything for the people, and all always put the people in the highest position in the heart, the people's yearning for a better life as the goal, ensuring and improving people's livelihood in the development, unswervingly following the path of common prosperity.

creatively put forward to set up and adhere to the new development concept, enriched and developed the theory of marxist political economy on the principle of economic development. emphasis on adhere to the new development concept is the relationship between a profound changes in china's development of the country, to carry out the new concept of development as a whole to the whole economic and social development process and in all areas, from the fundamental purpose, problem oriented, suffering consciousness to grasp the new development concept, to do advocate innovation, pay attention to coordination, advocate green, open, sharing.

creatively put forward that our economy has changed from high speed growth stage to high quality development stage, and enriched the theory of marxist political economy on economic development stage. it is emphasized that our economy is evolving to a stage with a more advanced form, a more complex division of labor and a more reasonable structure. we should understand the stage characteristics of our economic development accurately, promote high quality development based on the new development stage, and offer fundamental principles for scientifically grasping the historic bearing of our economic development in the new times.

creatively put forward the important thought of promoting and perfecting the socialist market economic system, enriched and developed the theory of market economy of marxist political economy. emphasized to give full play to the market in the allocation of resources and decisive role, better play a role of the government, and strive to resolve the market system is imperfect, excessive government intervention and supervision does not reach the designated position, we will actively yet prudently advance from the breadth and depth of marketization reform, change government function, innovate regulatory way, strengthen and optimize the public service, the construction of the people's satisfaction of a service-oriented government.

creatively put forward the major policy of supply-side structural reform, enriched and developed the theory of marxist political economy about the relationship between production and demand. emphasis on the economic development of our country's most prominent problem is the lack of effective supply of structural imbalances, to think of some way to from the supply side, structural reform, policy, by optimizing the element configuration and adjust the production structure to improve the quality of the supply system and efficiency, achieve from low level to high level of supply and demand balance between supply and demand balance jump.

creatively put forward the important strategy of constructing new development pattern, enriched and developed the theory of social reproduction of marxist political economy. emphasized to speed up the building to the domestic large cycle as the main body, domestic and international binary mutual promotion of the new development pattern, to build the new development pattern with the implementation of regional major strategy, regional coordinated development strategy, strategy of development priority zones, free trade area construction of organic link up, comprehensive shaping new advantages in our country participate in international cooperation and competition.

creatively put forward the important thought of promoting the healthy development of economic globalization, enriched and developed the theory of marxist political economy about the world economy. it stressed that, from the strategic perspective of building a community with a shared future for mankind, we should deeply participate in the process of economic globalization, advocate the concept of global economic governance featuring equality, openness, cooperation and sharing, and make economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all.

our country has entered a new development stage, implements new development ideas, constructs the new development pattern the strategic guidance

we will pursue innovation-driven development and address the driving force for development. innovation is the primary driving force for development and the strategic underpinning for building a modern economy. our country has carried out the strategy of innovation-driven development thoroughly and achieved remarkable results, but there are still some problems, such as weak original innovation ability, low overall efficiency of innovation, insufficient integration of scientific and technological innovation resources, and the distribution of scientific and technological innovation forces to be optimized. to pursue innovation-driven development, we must place innovation at the core of the country's overall development, promote self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology, strengthen the country's strategic scientific and technological strength, win the battle for key and core technologies, give greater prominence to the leading role of enterprises in technological innovation, and speed up the building of important global centers of human resources and innovation hubs.

we will pursue coordinated development and address the problem of unbalanced development. coordination is both a means and a goal of development, and at the same time a criterion and a yardstick for evaluating development. incongruity of development has been a long-standing problem, highlighting the relationship between regions, urban and rural areas, economy and society, material civilization and spiritual civilization. to promote coordinated development, we must adhere to the unification of the two-point theory and the key theory of development, the unification of balanced and unbalanced development, and the unification of weak points and potential of development, and strive to make development more integrated and coordinated.

we will pursue green development and solve the problem of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. to protect the ecological environment is to protect productive forces, and to improve the ecological environment is to develop productive forces. since the reform and opening up, china has made historic achievements in economic development and accumulated a large number of ecological and environmental problems. the broad masses of the people are eager to accelerate the improvement of ecological and environmental quality. to promote green development, we must adhere to the concept that clear waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, establish a sound economic system featuring green, low-carbon and circular development, promote comprehensive green transformation in economic and social development, and ensure that the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality is achieved.

we will pursue open development and solve the problem of internal and external linkages in development. opening up to the outside world is a basic state policy of china, which must not be shaken at any time. the key now is to improve the quality of opening up and the internal and external interactivity of development. adhere to the open development, it is necessary to set up global view, a comprehensive planning strategy for all-round opening to the outside world, with more positive attitude towards the world, adhere to the implementation of a broader, more wide field and further opening to the outside world, the construction of a new higher level of the open economy system, the open still wider to the outside world to stimulate innovation, promoting reform and promoting development.

we will pursue shared development and address issues of social equity and justice. the ultimate judge of the success of reform and development is whether the people share in the fruits of reform and development. china's economic development "cake" is constantly growing, but there are still imperfections in sharing the achievements of reform and development. to promote development for all, we must, in accordance with the requirement that everyone should participate, do their best, and benefit from it, adhere to the principle of sharing by all, all, jointly and gradually, and establish basic institutional arrangements for coordinating primary, redistribution, and tertiary distribution, so as to comprehensively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people in all areas.

we will promote high-quality economic development in the new era

era is the mother of thought, and practice is the source of theory.

we will accelerate the building of new development patterns. we should not only strengthen the leading role of the domestic great circulation in the double circulation, but also attach importance to improving the efficiency and level of the domestic great circulation with the international circulation, so as to promote the unimpeded economic circulation. we will accelerate the development of a unified national market, treat all types of market players equally, develop a unified market for factors of production and resources, and further regulate improper market competition and market interference. we will accelerate efforts to foster a complete domestic demand system, promote traditional consumption, and encourage the development of new models and forms of consumption. we will unblock and break points in the economic cycle, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial and supply chains, promote the combination of various factors of production in production, distribution, distribution and consumption, and achieve dynamic economic balance at a high level.

we will accelerate the improvement of the socialist market economy. we should give full play to the strengths of both the market economy and the socialist system to achieve a better combination of an efficient market and a competent government. we will accelerate the development of a high-standard market system, expand the market allocation of factors of production, improve the property rights protection system with equity as the core principle, and create a market-oriented and law-based international business environment. we will improve the macroeconomic governance system, strengthen the countercyclical regulation role of fiscal and monetary policies, and create a level playing field for all types of entities. standardize and guide the healthy development of capital in accordance with the law, set "traffic lights" for capital, comprehensively enhance the efficiency of capital management, promote the benign development of all kinds of capital, common development.

we will accelerate the building of a new system for an open economy at a higher level. to attract and gather international high-quality resources, and support enterprises to make full use of both international and domestic markets and resources. we will continue to bring in high-quality products, improve the management system of pre-establishment national treatment plus a negative list for foreign investment, improve the national security review system for foreign investment, and establish and improve a negative list management system for cross-border trade in services. we will go global at a high level, promote high-quality development along the belt and road, innovate ways to make overseas investment, and improve laws, policies and service systems for promoting and guaranteeing overseas investment. we will comprehensively upgrade the platform for opening up to the outside world, accelerate the development of the hainan free trade port, improve the layout of pilot free trade zones, and promote the integrated development of the network of high-standard free trade zones and pilot free trade zones.

source: party building network