grasp the new era clean culture construction focus-凯发k8天生赢家

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grasp the new era clean culture construction focus

the culture of integrity is a cultural form integrating values, norms of behavior and social fashion. forging ahead on the new journey, we must grasp the focus of the construction of clean culture in the new era, give full play to the unique functions and advantages of clean culture, and effectively grasp the construction of clean culture as a whole to promote the basic project of not dare to corrupt, cannot corrupt and do not want to corrupt.

give play to the role of clean culture in nourishing morality and consolidating foundation. "culture and embellish its inside, cultivate virtue to solid its origin." it is the essential requirement and fundamental value orientation of the construction of a clean politics culture to cultivate morality with honesty, guide party members and cadres to strengthen their political ethics, consciously be enlightened, observe public morality and strictly observe private morality, consolidate the ideological and moral foundation of a clean politics with strong ideals and beliefs. "not cheap without raising morality", political morality is the basis of party members and cadres, the foundation of the government, the root of honesty. only by adhering to the morality of governance, holding firm to ideals and convictions, and tightening the "master switch" of world outlook, outlook on life and values, can we build a solid ideological defense line against corruption and degeneration. should education to guide the broad masses of party members and cadres to politicking as a required course, the class, often fixed to be loyal, party spirit, strong teacher, repair practice purpose, the benefit of the people's morality, fix impose discipline, self-denial respect personal morals, set up correct judgments, combination, authority, and they, do good foundation, good for lixin, good for vertical line, we will constantly strengthen our political determination to be honest in politics, and our determination to resist corruption with respect to morality and self-respect, and always maintain the political essence of honesty and integrity.

we will play the role of a culture of honesty and integrity. the construction of incorruptible culture is a strong and solid project of respecting honesty and rejecting corruption, as well as a "embellish the heart project" of purity and purifying the soul. as an important part of the political culture within the party, the culture of honesty and integrity has profound deposits and resource advantages of excellent traditional chinese culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture, from which we can draw nutrition and wisdom, dig and refine the values of honesty and integrity, so as to better infiltrate the heart and cultivate the moral integrity. to adhere to party's political culture as the leading of health, advancing with the times rich development honest culture connotation and era value, with chinese excellent traditional culture self-restraint self-denial devotion, the mental state of incorruptible self-controlled, selfless and dedicated commitment with the revolutionary cultural refinement of character, with an advanced socialist culture breeding place for the cultural soil of incorruptible and justice in unavailability. guide party members and cadres to cultivate a sense of awe that "those who are not self-respecting take shame, and those who are not self-fearful bring disaster", stick to the red line of law and discipline and the bottom line of morality, and never indulge, deviate, or exceed the rules under any circumstances; self-restraint of "no shame, loss of integrity, shameless, loss of virtue" shame heart, do know shame, shame, integrity and integrity, consciously resist vulgar, vulgar, kitsch; restrain "the section of integrity, stop the door of corruption competition" self-policing heart, do frugal, avoid extravagance, prevent small things, at any time to stabilize the mind, to control words and deeds, keep clean.

we will develop a culture of integrity to improve our performance. the culture of honesty contains the code of conduct that reflects the value idea, and is reflected in the whole process from the concept of honesty to the shaping and cultivation of honesty behavior. we should attach equal importance to education and norms, and combine self-discipline with heteronomy, so that honesty and self-discipline can be transformed into personal moral consciousness and action consciousness, which is directly related to the quality and effect of honesty and culture construction. to supervise the party members and cadres to strengthen the integrity of self cultivation, consciously demands as the officer to be the principles and the bottom line, correctly handle public and private, righteousness and benefit, and, with evil, the relationship between pain and joy, firmly resist corruption by decadent ideas, constantly temper willpower, perseverance, and self-control, make a heart for, a vital qi, spotless. to educate party members and cadres consciously use clean discipline to restrain themselves, always self-respect, self-introspection, self-encouragement, to do the beginning of the cautious cautious cautious friends, keep clean and refreshing comrade relations, the superior and subordinate relations, clean and clean political and business relations; the requirement of honesty should run through the daily education and management supervision of party members and cadres, emphasizing both their ability and their conduct, as well as their achievements and their political ethics, so that those with good moral character can be praised and used, and those with bad conduct can be warned and punished, so as to fight the initiative of resisting corruption and preventing degeneration.

play the role of a clean culture as a weathering person. the basic function of the construction of a clean culture is to cultivate a social fashion of respecting honesty and frugality, to create a social atmosphere of fighting corruption and advocating honesty, and to enhance the appeal and molding power of the people of decency. we should build a comprehensive and multi-level system for cultivating a clean culture for the whole party and society, with the people as the main body and party members and cadres as the focus, strive to form a virtuous circle of party conduct, political conduct, social conduct and civil conduct, and comprehensively promote the construction of a clean culture in the new era. we will guide party officials, especially leading officials at all levels, to take the lead in cultivating fresh air and promoting integrity, and consciously strive to be clean in politics, in exercising power, in self-cultivation, and in building a clean family, so as to form a "leading goose effect" and guide social fashion with a sound political environment featuring clean air and integrity. promote clean culture into communities, campuses, enterprises, rural areas and families, organize and carry out various forms and contents of clean education and practice activities, let the broad masses of people in daily production, work and life under the influence of clean culture, form a strong social atmosphere to advocate and promote clean culture. using new media and new technologies to innovate communication methods and approaches, constantly excavate and expand the resources of clean culture, enrich the supply of high-quality products and services of clean culture, and enhance the radiation power, attraction and appeal of clean culture.

source: party building network