scientific answers to major questions continue to promote theoretical innovation-凯发k8天生赢家

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scientific answers to major questions continue to promote theoretical innovation

it is the valuable historical experience of the party's century-long struggle to persist in theoretical innovation and continuously promote the sinicization of marxism in the times. the problem is the starting point of theoretical innovation and the connecting point and focal point of combining the basic principles of marxism with china's reality and the characteristics of the times. therefore, to answer the important questions of theory and practice in depth is the inevitable requirement for writing a new chapter of marxism sinicization.

to advance the sinicization of marxism in the times, we must scientifically answer the major questions raised by practice

marxism was founded in the scientific answers to the major questions raised by the times, and it is also developing in the continuous answers to the new issues of the times. for chinese communists, marxism works precisely because it can correctly answer a series of major problems facing the party's cause in the process of combining with china's actual situation, form a scientific theory of marxism with chinese characteristics, and lead the party's struggle.

the course of the party's century-long struggle constantly promotes the sinicization of marxism and serves as a guide to practice. as the fundamental guiding ideology for building the party, building the country, strengthening the party and strengthening the party, marxism must be adapted to china before it can take root. in its century-long history, the party has consistently integrated the basic principles of marxism with china's actual conditions and with china's fine traditional culture, achieving a historic and new leap in adapting marxism to china, and providing scientific theoretical guidance for the party's struggle. the system of theories of socialism with chinese characteristics adheres to and develops marxism in light of new practices and the characteristics of the times, scientifically answers a series of basic questions in building socialism with chinese characteristics, and guides the cause of development with theoretical innovation.

scientific answer to the important questions raised by practice is the basic way to promote theoretical innovation. the problem lies in the contradiction and the key point of practice. only by timely answering the problems in practice can we continuously promote the sinicization of marxism and realize theoretical innovation. during the period of the new-democratic revolution, the party scientifically answered such major questions as the revolutionary road suited to china's national conditions, the principal domestic contradictions and general strategic principles during the war of resistance against japanese aggression, and the line, principles and policies for the establishment of a new democratic and new china. during the period of socialist revolution and construction, it has answered scientifically the transition from new democracy to socialism, the main contradictions and main tasks in china after socialist transformation are basically completed, the party construction under the conditions of ruling, the important relation of chinese socialist construction and so on. in the new era of reform and opening up and socialist modernization, we have scientifically answered the fundamental question of what socialism is and how to build it, the major questions of what kind of party to build and how to build it, and what kind of development to achieve in the new situation and how to develop it. in the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics, we have scientifically answered the question of what kind of socialism with chinese characteristics we should uphold and develop in the new era and how we should uphold and develop it, what kind of great modern socialist country we should build and how we should build it. what kind of long-term ruling marxist party to build, how to build a long-term ruling marxist party and other major issues of the times. in the process of scientifically answering the important questions concerning the rise and fall of the party's cause in different historical periods, marxism has been successfully adapted to the times.

marxism has maintained its vitality and strengthened its persuasiveness in answering and solving major problems. marxism is an open theory of development. it constantly explores the new issues raised by the development of the times and responds to the new challenges faced by human society, thus maintaining its vigorous vitality and strong persuasiveness forever. in different historical periods for the communist party of china to meet the complicated situation, to solve the major issue, is a lot of classical writers of marxism have not give answers, for generations of the communist party people insisted that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, answer the question of good times and practice, to write "china post" of upholding and developing marxism. for our party, even if the existing ideological and theoretical achievements in adapting marxism to chinese, also can't end to the problems of china's exploration, all can't give all the answers for the future of china, still want to be in succession on the basis of innovation and development, to promote marxism new leap forward, so as to ensure the party's guiding ideology always full of vitality, constantly development forward. the course of adapting marxism to the times in china tells us that rigid thinking cannot adapt to the changes of the world, and theoretical stagnation will hinder the development of practice. the courage to put forward important questions is an important sign of emancipating the mind, and scientific answer to important questions is a prominent feature of theoretical innovation.

we will use the "arrow" of marxism to target the "reality" of china in the new era, and scientifically answer the questions of china, the world, the people and the times

contemporary china is experiencing the most ambitious and unique practical innovation in human history, which raises a large number of theoretical and practical issues that need to be answered urgently. the depth, complexity and systematicness of the problem are rare in the world, so the need and opportunity for theoretical innovation are opportune. the questions of china, the world, the people and the times are the rich dimensions of this most grand and unique practical innovation.

systematic answers to the major issues of the new era. a series of major theoretical and practical issues concerning china in the new era are embodied in the major issues of the times. to uphold and develop socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era is a major task of the times. it requires a good answer of how to draw on past achievements and build on past achievements, establish a new historical juncture in china's development, create a new era of socialism with chinese characteristics, and make progress towards the grand goal of realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation. the major task of building a great modern socialist country calls for a good answer to the question of how to win a decisive victory in finishing building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and then build a great modern socialist country in all respects, successfully embark on the path of chinese modernization, and create a new form of human civilization. to build a marxist political party that has long been in power requires a proper answer to the question of how our party, with its long history, size and long rule, can rely on self-revolution to break out of the historical cycle of chaos, rise and fall, and find a path to success. these strategic and innovative ideas are major achievements in theoretical innovation in the new era and have guided the cause of the party and the country to historic achievements and changes.

accurately grasp the global trend of profound changes in the past century. the world today is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. these changes are not limited to a single event, one country or one region. they are profound changes of the times. mankind has not yet emerged from the shadow of the pandemic and is now faced with new traditional security risks. the global economic recovery remains fragile and weak, compounded by a widening gap in development. governance deficits such as climate change have yet to be filled, and new issues such as digital governance are before us." this is a major issue of common concern to people all over the world. it is also an urgent and major issue that must be answered by chinese communists who seek progress for mankind and great unity for the world. building a community with a shared future for mankind has become a clear banner that guides the trend of the times and the direction of mankind. century after the epidemic, launched in china since the founding of the largest global emergency humanitarian operations, with the rest of the world to strengthen international cooperation in resistance to disease, and actively carry out drug research and development cooperation, altogether builds multiple disease resistance line, speed up the construction of human health and healthy community, show the image of a responsible big country, international influence, charisma, shaping force significantly increased. any attempt to stir up confrontation by forming a "clique" or drawing ideological lines will never work. the communist party of china (cpc) has contributed chinese wisdom, chinese solutions and chinese strength to answering the world's questions, solving major human problems and building a better world.

we will continue to meet the people's ever-growing needs for a better life. the people's will is the most important political issue, and the people's desire for a better life is the party's goal. the needs of the people for a better life in the new era are growing. they not only have higher demands on material and cultural life, but also have growing demands on democracy, the rule of law, fairness, justice, security and the environment. the problem of absolute poverty has been historically solved, the people are now living a moderately prosperous life in all respects, and more substantial progress in achieving common prosperity has become a new need for a better life. the people need both material and spiritual prosperity. the people's demand for democratic life and democratic rights is expanding, including unimpeded expression of interest demands, extensive participation rights and complete participation practices. to adhere to the vision of people-centered development and answer the people's questions, we must take meeting their ever-growing needs for a better life as our fundamental purpose.

understand the development and prospect of scientific socialism deeply. in the present era, the historical evolution and competition between the two ideologies and the two social systems of socialism and capitalism in the world have undergone a major transformation in favor of socialism. why marxism and scientific socialism have strong vitality, this is the question of the era when world socialism from suffering twists and turns to renaissance. the great practice of upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era is the most convincing textbook for our firm belief in marxism, the great ideal of communism, and the common ideal of socialism with chinese characteristics. the organization and implementation of the largest and strongest war against poverty in the history of mankind created a miracle in the history of poverty reduction. it is precisely the political advantage of china's socialist system that enables it to concentrate resources to accomplish major tasks, and the formation of a common will and joint action to combat poverty. in the face of the sudden outbreak of covid - 19, insist on people first, life is supreme, the implementation for the strength of his whole life on an unprecedented scale big relief, maximum protection for people's life safety and body health, it is because of the fundamental purpose is to serve the people heart and soul of the communist party of china, our country is the socialist countries in which people became their own masters. epidemic prevention and control is the best comparison and test of different countries' systems, governance capabilities and values.

emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, keep correct innovation, and continue to write a new chapter of marxism localization in china

the thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era is a theoretical achievement that scientifically answers the questions of china, the world, the people, and the times. it is the ideological crystallization of theoretical innovation. it continues to write a new chapter in adapting marxism to the chinese context for the times, and provides correct ideological guidance for the new journey in the new era.

carry forward the theoretical character of contemporary chinese marxism and 21st century marxism. this thought insists on emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, being honest and innovative, thus showing the essence of marxism, inheriting the ideological line of the party, deepening the spiritual essence of marxism in china, and condensing the theoretical character of contemporary chinese marxism and marxism in the 21st century. emancipating the mind, mainly reflected in insisting that marxism as to know the world, grasp the powerful ideological weapon, the pursuit of truth, and the world, at the same time, never rut, the marxist theory as a doctrine, is not a simple to use the template of marxist classic writers imagined, but require to listen to people's feelings, the response to the real need, with the change of practice and the development of marxism, constantly open up a new realm of marxism. seeking truth from facts is mainly reflected in proceeding from reality, keenly aware of the voice of the times, persisting in combining the basic principles of marxism with china's realities and the characteristics of the times, promptly asking and correctly answering questions in development, and paying attention to the application of marxism in practice. keep positive innovation, mainly reflected in the better to stick to marxist and developing marxism unify, keep insisting on marxism stand point method is new original contribution and development of marxism, history on theoretical innovation on the firm confidence, enhance historical initiative, as well the new age people's historical mission of the communist party of china.

promote the two-way transformation of theoretical innovation and practical innovation. questions come from practice. science answers important questions and promotes theoretical innovation. the achievements of theoretical innovation should also be used to guide practice, deeply solve major problems, lead practical innovation, and give full play to the practical function of scientific theories. to demonstrate the power of truth as we embark on a new journey towards the second centenary goal. there is no end to the development of practice, no end to the raising and answering of questions, and no end to the task of theoretical innovation. the understanding of many basic and major issues will not be completed all at once. we need to deepen our understanding in new practices to enrich and improve our existing understanding. the world is rapidly developing and changing, and new things, new phenomena and new problems are emerging in large numbers. it is necessary to take marxism as a guide to scientifically answer major new questions, and take this as an opportunity to continue to develop contemporary chinese marxism and 21st century marxism. realization of "two" one hundred goals, especially with a rich and powerful democratic civilization harmonious beautiful socialist modernization power, is the great innovation of scientific socialism, is a new era of socialism with chinese characteristics into a new history, has very important significance in world history, asked to write the "new era" of scientific socialism. to develop contemporary chinese marxism and 21st century marxism, develop socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, and better carry forward the chinese culture and spirit is the innovative task of chinese communists in the new era, which requires a "new era chapter" that combines the two. to stand on the right side of history and on the side of human progress, promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind and push the wheel of history toward a bright future. it is necessary to write a "new era" that contributes wisdom and strength to the progress of human civilization.

continue to produce excellent results in the new road to the examination. over the past 100 years, the party has delivered an outstanding performance to the people and history. this excellent answer sheet has been written by the great leaps and bounds of the chinese nation, and under the guidance of the historic and new leaps and bounds of the sinicization of marxism. the great achievements of practical innovation and the great achievements of theoretical innovation reflect each other. now, the party has united and led the chinese people on a new road to realizing the second centenary goal. to build china into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful in all respects and realize the chinese dream of great national renewal is another outstanding achievement the party will continue to deliver. in the new journey to write this new answer paper, cannot do without the guidance of scientific theory.

source: party building network