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we will better translate institutional strengths into governance effectiveness

the remarkable advantages of the system of socialism with chinese characteristics have been repeatedly proved by practice. in the new journey, we must further make good use of this strategic favorable conditions, and better transform our institutional advantages into national governance performance.

the system of socialism with chinese characteristics has significant advantages

the system of socialism with chinese characteristics is a scientific institutional system developed by the party and the people through long-term practice and exploration. it has a number of distinct advantages. the fourth plenary session of the 19th central committee of the communist party of china summarized it as 13 significant advantages. these remarkable advantages not only contain the "secret" for us to create rapid economic development and long-term social stability, but also the key to become a strategic favorable condition for china's development.

value advantage. value orientation and the fundamental position contained therein is one of the important standards for people to judge whether a system has superiority. as a marxist political party, our party has always stood firm on the people's position and taken realizing, safeguarding and developing the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people as the purpose of institutional development. to uphold and improve the system of socialism with chinese characteristics, and to modernize china's system and capacity for governance, has been achieved through our party's long-term efforts to maintain close ties with and rely on the people. at the same time, our party has always taken improving people's well-being as the essential requirement of building the party for the public good and exercising power for the people, and has made respect for public opinion, pooling people's wisdom, pooling people's strength, and improving people's wellbeing an integral part of its governance work. it is for this reason that the system of socialism with chinese characteristics has won the support of the people and has significant value advantages.

organizational strengths. the system of socialism with chinese characteristics is a systematic, scientific, standardized and effective system. we have continued to improve the institutional framework, strengthen the fundamental system, improve the basic system, and make innovations in important institutions. under the centralized and unified leadership of the cpc central committee, all parties should fulfill their respective responsibilities and cooperate with each other. for example, we have a system under which the party leads people's congresses, governments, cppcc committees, supervisory, judicial and procuratorial organs, the armed forces, people's organizations, enterprises and public institutions, self-governing mass organizations at the grassroots level, and social organizations. we also have a specific system under which the party leads all undertakings. it is precisely because the leadership of the party is carried out throughout the whole process of the performance of functions and duties by all party and state institutions that coordinated actions and synergy are promoted and the system of socialism with chinese characteristics has a distinct organizational advantage.

advantages in operation. whether the system can operate effectively is not only the basic element to test whether the system has significant advantages, but also the key to whether the institutional advantages can be transformed into governance efficiency. major strategic achievements have been made in the fight against covid-19, fully demonstrating the remarkable advantages of the leadership of the communist party of china and china's socialist system. both the efficiency of decision making and the ability of implementation fully demonstrate our ability to mobilize and organize "to focus on major tasks" and the overall coordination ability of "one national chess game", which can maximize the protection of people's life and health and minimize the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development. this fully proves that the system of socialism with chinese characteristics has remarkable operational advantages.

we will promote the integration of institutions and systems and the synergy and efficiency of governance mechanisms

to our party to explore the theory of socialist modernization ceaseless and sublimation.

to make better use of the strategic advantages of the socialist system with chinese characteristics, we must have a deep understanding of the dialectical unity between china's governance system and its governance capacity. the state system is the fundamental basis of state governance. all work and activities of state governance are carried out in accordance with the state system. the national governance system and governance capability are the concentrated embodiment of the national system and its execution capability, and the basis for transforming the advantages of the national system into the efficiency of national governance. to uphold and improve the system of socialism with chinese characteristics and modernize china's system and capacity for governance is an organic and unified systematic project. this means that the national governance system and governance capacity complement each other and complement each other. through mutual progress, the national system will continue to improve and mature. only by making our system mature and durable can we improve governance capacity in all aspects and areas; only by building a complete national governance system and constantly improving national governance capacity can the national system be effectively implemented.

domestic and international practice shows that a system has the superiority, not only because of its system frame and the overall design scientific and reasonable, and because it can effectively run, can bring tangible benefits to the people and the country, can effectively improve governance capability, maintaining social order, dealing with public affairs governance problems. whether dealing with covid-19 or winning the battle against poverty; whether we are committed to comprehensively deepening reform, speeding up efforts to make breakthroughs in reform in important areas and key links, or focusing our efforts on solving prominent problems that are urgently needed for development and that the people are anxious about, all demonstrate the remarkable strengths and superiority of the system of socialism with chinese characteristics. we should not only realize the system of socialism with chinese characteristics is the basic system guarantee of development and progress in contemporary china, is a system of distinct chinese characteristics, the obvious advantage, strong self-improvement capacity of advanced system, also want to know to effectively enhance the executive force of the socialist system with chinese characteristics in the importance of promoting the modernization of national management system and management ability.

insist on and perfect our national system and national governance system

at present, the dawn of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation is ahead and the future is bright. however, the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation will not be achieved easily by beating drums and gongs. we are faced with both rare opportunities and severe challenges. must start with a strong historical sense of urgency, historical sense of responsibility and historic sense of mission, adhere to and improve the system of our country and national governance system, and promote our country system of significant advantages into real governance efficiency, in order to realize the second goal in one hundred, realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation the chinese dream.

uphold the party's overall leadership. the leadership of the party is the foundation and lifeblood of the party and the country, and the interests and destiny of the people of all ethnic groups in china are closely related. to promote the better transformation of chinese system advantages into governance efficiency, the first and foremost is to adhere to the party's overall leadership. we should be soberly aware that in the process of translating institutional strengths into governance effectiveness, we will face more complex tasks, more difficult problems to solve, and more serious risks and challenges to cope with. we must uphold the party's overall leadership and give full play to the party's role as the core of leadership in commanding the overall situation and coordinating all parties, so as to provide fundamental guarantees for upholding and improving the system of socialism with chinese characteristics and modernizing china's system and capacity for governance.

we will uphold the principal position of the people. the will they express, the experience they create, the rights they have and the role they play must be fully respected." the transformation of institutional advantages into governance effectiveness is a complex systematic project. we must adhere to the people's principal position, give play to their initiative, and rely on them to promote it. to persist in and improve the state system and national governance system of china, to promote the superiority of chinese system better into the state governance performance, we should persist in finding system mechanism malpractice from behind the people's universal attention, strong reflection, repeated problems, find out the point of focus and breakthrough; we always put the people's interests above all else and worked hard to solve problems of practical interest to the people. let the people judge our work, win the hearts and minds of the people, and make governance more effective and empowering.

adhere to integrity and innovation. today, the fundamental institutions underpinning the system of socialism with chinese characteristics are being consolidated, basic institutions are being improved, and important institutions are being innovated. "governance in china" is showing strong vitality. there is no end to practical development and institutional innovation. we should adhere to and improve china's national system and governance system, promote the transformation of china's institutional advantages into governance efficiency, adhere to the right innovation, and promote institutional innovation in light of changes in the situation. we will strengthen the awareness of problems, promote self-improvement of the system in solving practical problems, deepen reform and innovation of systems and mechanisms in all areas, strive to strengthen the foundation, strengthen strengths, strengthen weaknesses, and strengthen effective and systematic systems, and build a systematic, scientific, standard and effective system, so as to bring into full play our institutional strengths.

source: party building network